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Sunday, April 15, 2007
[havoc] ranted at 10:15 AM --- Post#1527262454245299966

While Cygig is enjoying his well-deserved welfare at OETI, I on the other hand was fighting to stay alive in Tekong. The word, or rather phrase, to pay close attention to is "fighting to stay alive".

As I had injured my shoulder during one of my chinup regimes, I was excused upper limb x 5. Oh well, I tot I cd rest to get my shoulders healed in time for the nx battle in my life during these 5 days. Hohoho, reality really showed me how naive I was.

These 5 days were like hmm, hell. I was not given ample rest. I was ordered by COS to help out in the daily chores in the coy. To put it bluntly, I was treated as cheap labour and ordered to help out in the sai gang. Sai gang came in the forms of cleaning the area ard the coy, removing water puddles in the track, and helping other coys wif their furniture moving.

There was once I was ordered to move cupboards from A coy training shed to its smoking point. WTF. Only those who r excused for heavy load r excused for this duty. ME? I excused upper limb, so still muz help out. WTF! The cupboard was like 100kg. 6 men were required to barely lift it frm the ground. Damn. Imagine the burden built up in the injured shoulder. No words can b used to express the excruciating pain in my shoulders during the transport of those 15 cupboards.

Well 5 days were more of a torture rather den a relief. FUCK.

Sgt Ken is another fucking cb who made the whole pltn days miserable. While there r those who found him motivating, which IMO he is fucking irritating and a pain in my ass, some of us juz hoped he wd get posted away soon. Save us frm the misery, OMG. There was once he asked the whole pltn to close our eyes, and he did a survey on all the sgts' popularity.

" Who hates me, raise yr hand," he asked. Surprisingly, only a minority raised their hands. (according to pimp) Mainly bcos nobody wants to be engulfed in his wrath. Sgt Ken is a petty character when it comes to all these. In order to appease him, most of them who hated him decided not to get themselves into some deep shit, they had to go against their free will. Sad.

And to hell wif Sgt Alex. He's a lazy piece of shit. The thing tt made us all happy, ironically, was his absence in coy. He wd only slp in his bunk and get up when his stomach starts growling. When he is DI, he wd den appear wif his bad hair day and screw us all upside down. The relieving thing was he only showed himself once a wk.

Oh nx wk is IFC. Looks like I will b confined for 2 wks again. Another torture awaits. T-T

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