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Thursday, May 10, 2007
Cherish I Will
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:30 AM --- Post#5229898477326140850

Every now and then, i hear ppl complaining about OETI,

1. "Sergeant/Staff/Warrant XXXXX damn du lan...always tekan us...loser.."
2. "Why other wing got LMS day we dun have?"
3. "Why 5 minutes late liao still haven fall us out?!?!?"
4. "Sian...need change to cover all..can dun change not?"
5. "Huh? Water parade?"
6. "Eeee...so much jiao sai (birdshit)"
7. "wah just now kena down ten"
8. "20 minutes where got time eat?"
9. "Camp so far from my house..take so long go back"
10. "Sick of canteen food liao.."

But...as everyone noes, i like complaining and whining a lot. But seriously...i dun find anything to complain about now? Life is good!

1. Seriously i find that OETI authorities very very nice ppl lor. As compared to Tekong, give us that fuck face then screw us...make everyone scared scared. Look at AJC teachers, bunch of uncaring freaks, use politics and sarcasm to fuck us up and tekan us. Here is like almost no tekan lor..

2. Back in AJ...we were "given day off". But our day off always eaten back by our dong fang billy. Can stay out good enuff liao...

3. I think OETI dismiss us quite on time lor. Comparing to AJC, they last minute can call u stay back do some stupid admin work or remedial lesson. Going to school gate liao teacher can ask u come back all the way. Knn... In tekong...we always miss our fast craft one...

4. In tekong...i change dunno how many times a day...now only change one time to cover all then end of day change back. Coverall not say uncomfortable mah, i quite like the feel of the cloth.

5. Water parade is good! Not like AJC...never give us time water parade, keep rushing us...run run damn thristy cannot drink water...cos need to take body weight...drink water liao not accurate...then teacher take own time. In tekong..every small thing also water parade, they come check one by one and make sure we all drink...i remb got once i drink until vomit. OETI one day water parade once is ok mah.

6. No jiao sai can be compared to AJC canteen. We like eating our food while swimming in pools of warm bird shit, where the aroma slowly induce into our food.

7. Ten is little compared to tekong...anyhow also give like 20 or 30. One day tio pump lots lots of time.

8. 20 minutes is what we have in tekong. Thanks to the "good" organization and planning. 20 minutes is what we get in AJ sometimes also...in total is 45minutes, but 25 minutes gone to queuing and waiting for seats thanks to the mini cutey AJ canteen. In OETI our lunch and tea break easily exceed my break time in AJC.

9. Going to AJ is much further than going to camp.

10. AJC got 10+ stores...but only about 2 or 3 edible. Im toking about "edible", not "damn nice food". Comparatively. OETI canteen food is much much nicer.

Please...stop complaining liao. Compared to Tekong and AJC...life in OETI is quite heavenly. No have all the bullshit stress and mugging and fucking authorities and depression and lots of ppl i hate and who hate me in AJC. No have all the inhumane and "fuck u understand? Three words: Dun argue!" in tekong.

Now i only damn scared i have to stay in in future. Honestly...i want my family time everynite. Its actually damn nice to see pokpok, my comp, parents, sista every nite...feels like..wahhh my own comfort zone! After experiencing shit in tekong...i fucking dunwan stay in...

Yes...i am cherishing every moment now of my life. And i hope that after so much shit i had gone thru in AJ and Tekong..life will be kinder to me....I haven got lucky for like...damn freaking few years..

Posted to OETI is lucky of me. Cherish i will. Peace :)

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