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Sunday, May 27, 2007
A dedication
[havoc] ranted at 4:12 PM --- Post#1120851063819966415

This is a non-Cygig related post. Read at yr own risk.

The wk was quite an unpleasant one. I was unknowingly appointed as pltn IC. Oh fuck it. There was little I can do but to quietly accept this fate.

The days of pltn IC was not a smooth gg one. I had to account for the str of my pltn. Who's here and who's not.. Who's on status or went to the MO? Who's participating in the training? I had to noe wad time to fall in, so tt I wont b fucked upside dwn by my commanders. Army life demands discipline. So if u r late for training, be prepared to get fucked.

Of cos, wif such a co-operative pltn, how cd my life as pltn IC b gd? Wif guys like ONG HUI DONG, who questions the actions of the IC everytime, how cd I maintain the discipline of the whole pltn? Luckily, wif the help frm my section, I was able to put up wif the nonsense ONG had put forward. Sometimes, I feel like fucking him. Fucking in the sense of knocking him down.. KNOCKING HIM DOWN HARD UNTIL HIS ARMS FEEL MY WRATH!!!

Simple things like daily water parades b4 breakfast, wif ONG ard, one can imagine how hard it was to gulp down tt half bottle of water. HE wd question the motive of gulping down tt half bottle b4 breakfast.. And the reason I gave was simple and straight in his face: CAN U BLOODY HELL DRINK UP TT HALF BOTTLE? EVERYBODY IS DOING THEIR PART OF HYDRATING THEMSELVES FOR THE STRENUOUS ACTIVITIES LATER (AFTER BREAKFAST). IF U JOLLY WELL DUN DRINK, I WONT FORCE U! JUZ DUN MAKE MY LIFE DIFFICULT LATER IF U HAPPEN TO FAINT DUE TO HEAT CRAMPS..

Wif tt, he wd shut his mouth to avoid any others forms of verbal onslaught.

OF COS, the nonsense wdnt end there. During daily marches to the ckhse, he wd laugh at every stupid things the IC had done, for example IC giving wrong commands etc. Of cos, I was not the IC back den. So, he didnt haf a chance to laugh at me. Seeing him laugh at other ICs made me wanna punch him.. STRAIGHT IN HIS FACE. But I didnt. I respected the IC's decision of not pursuing the matter.

HE got his retribution at last. Once I berhanti when I saw it was flag raising. Once the flag raising finished, I was abt to issue command: DARI KIRI CEPAT JIA LAN.. which means to march off. DEN out pop ONG wif his version of MAHJU! LMFAO! EVERYONE noes mahju is given after hentak taki is given and not berhanti.. Of cos, when he suggested tt, he got shot in his ass. AND tt ended his tyranny.

I gonna fuck him tonite if he nv ceased to make my life difficult!!!

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