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Monday, May 28, 2007
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:57 PM --- Post#7325029721986605801

I was dismissed from Khatib camp, after a day of deceiving myself that my support had greatly affected the Athlete's Meet results.

After twirling one big round the camp, we finally found ourselves at Khatib MRT. And there i decided to take a familiar route home - MRT to Toa Payoh (15min), then bus 59(10min) to my house. I was calling Tomato on the train regarding my big day (pizza day) on wed...and then was chatting with Teng Leong and peepz.

"Toa Payoh................Toa Payoh" The dumbass MRT voice yelled.

There I alighted. This place is so damn familiar. Why? Cos i come home from AJ everyday thru here mah. I walked past the yellowish MRT station, then out and turn left, on the wall there will be this poster of some mando artiste and two speaker mounted on top of the poster playing the music from the album.

Air con flowed in as the escalator reached top floor. There in front are several cart stores, selling rings, jewelries, food and stuff. Walking out, i can see Bread Talk, then further more is a Kodak and following by FairPrice. If i turn my head back, there will be this big LED panel (i dun think its an LCD panel, since i can see the big big bulbs from far away), with lots of dead pixels. Below that panel is Burger King and McDonal's. Right in front is Old Chungkee, where i have the urge to buy a stick of fried sotong head and seafood fried dumplings. But i dint this time cos im rushing home for dinner.

I took the escalator to second floor, where Bangawan Solo popped into my view. To my left will be KouFu, but i never eat from there before throughout my stay in AJ. I doubled over to CD Rama at the back. Rushing in, i scanned my eyes on the racks of audio cds. I looking for Kenji's EP - Lao Zhi Shuo. But cannot find leh, i only realised this time the staff organised the CDs according to artiste. I saw this whole side of the rack filled with all the S.H.E. albums, even got the Qi Huan Lu Chen damn old one.

I came back to first floor and exited the main compound to the open space. There will be CD shop, clothes shop, food shop, chinese herbs shop, all kinda shops on the left, and to the right is the Ya Kun Kaya Toast, with this big big flashing sign board of red, yellow, green, white colours, sitting in front of the HDB building.

This walkway is often very busy, always got ppl come here film make show or do some dancing or audition. I remember this walkway is often strolled by me with my earphones on, but this time my earphones are no where to be found on me. Strange leh.

Before crossing the mini road (leading to car park), there will be this AXS machine that my PW group meddled with for our fucked up project, which later on got an undeserving score, either that or the one mentoring our project is screwed up. After the road is this specs and shades stall, which also sells handphone covers. Then Watson and KFC will come to view. I remember last time i always patronize this KFc outlet whenever i got craving from fried chicken (which is like every week). Came with Bunny, and Robber b4. That time nearing end of J1, Robber met his CJC friends there, asking how his A's, which he dint take cos he still J1 (cos he retain one year).

Right in front is this coffee shop where i once came with wei kiat after our A's to eat. Still cannot forget this old man insisting that Fried Dry Hor Fan == Char Kway Teow, and keep questioning me why i waste money, cos Fried Dry Hor Fan cost like $4 and Kway Teow only $2.50.

Taking a kekanan pusing (right turn), will be this damn congested rows of shops. Mainly selling bags. In the middle used to have two shops - Bubble Tea and CD shop. I drank one cup of bubble tea everyday, esp like the mint n choc with extra pearl (1.30+0.30 xtra pearl). That flavor got name one, i think call Qin You Du Zhong (Only Love). Then got one time i not enuff sleep (as usual) that i dropped the whole tea onto the ground immediately after i bought it, fucking paiseh, faster run away.

The bubble tea shop got lots of mando pop poster inside, which were from the neighbour shop, the CD shop. There inside got sell posters. Lots of cheap posters at like $4 to $10. I bought one damn nice vinyl SHE SuperStar poster for Tomato for her birthday last time. Now these two shops closed down liao...now selling durian...

When the rows of shop ends. I will either turn left or go straight. If i turn left, i will hit Comics Connection, where i will spend a lot of time looking at the figurines, cards, keychains inside. Then go next door, Yu Ren Shen to buy their herbal egg. I ONLY eat Yu Ren Shen's herbal egg...cos most xiang one...

If i continue straight, then i hit Courts, where i go in enjoy aircon and play play with their Nintendo DS display set (b4 i got mine). But tonite i never went in, cos in front is Pasar Malam. I inched my way through the crowd and bought some stuff to munch on, cos its like 7:45pm liao, damn hungry. I looking for Ramily Burger, but no have leh. After walking round for like 20 minutes, i went ahead to the bus stop in front.

Sitting at the Bus Stop, i stared at the Toa Payoh Sports Complex in front, across the road. Last time AJC the basketball and Volley ball game played there, where later on Dong Fang Billy failed to give us our half day. Sec 4 that time, Taekwando Grading also held there...always kena tekan by that brutal instructor.

Bus 59 came, and i bought the bus...and slept on my way home. Reached home at 8+pm, where i quickly go for my bathe. I looked at myself in the mirror...strange...for the moment i tot i was wearing blue and grey shirt and pants...But why the hell am i in green? I snaped back to reality...and realised i just entered a dejavu time warp.

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