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Thursday, May 31, 2007
Free Smoking Day
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:31 PM --- Post#5171777181503069404

Smoke Free day in OETI is more or less like some Aces Day in school. Just that the workout and LifeRun cancelled due to CAT 1.

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I went home after that to change up and wash up, rang up Tomato and ask her meet me at Eunos MRT. Soon enough, after some gossiping and cock talking on the train, we arrived at City Hall and slowly walked our way to Marina Square. Down one level to first storey and to Swensen.

We spend like…damn long decided what ice cream to eat lah. Simi guai lan ice cream on fire, what Banana Shit, Neh Neh 5…I seldom eat ice cream in Swensen, I always eat their main course main only. Weird rite… So we ordered two Gold Rush and I want an extra Curry Chicken Baked Rice.

Then we went into cock toking session again. Tomato was telling me that NYJC has one of the better facilities among the other JC, bigger in space also. Then I got to know that they dun have Auditorium. I was like WTF? No Audi? Then she told me her four Lecture Theaters each sitting capacity is about 800 to 1000. WAH! My Lt sitting capacity is I think only 200 leh! Each class 20 ppl, then one lecture 10 classes, about 200 lor! I think AJ’s audi sitting capacity is only about 1000 lor, which is the same as one of their LT! No wonder they no need Auditorium, cos their one LT is as big as our Audi liao sia!

So I told her in AJ, sometimes the teacher got to call and ask the other teacher in another LT, which has the same on going lesson, where they teach until, so as to keep in pace. Cos since there is no one LT/Audi tt can put everyone of the same course together, the same lesson is split into different venues (example got 1000 math student, they put 200 in LT and another 800 in audi to teach the same math topic). Then totmato was like “Ah? Need liddat one meh? My school got this video relay, meaning they video the lesson from one LT, and stream the video to the others, so the rest just sit in LT watch the screen, need only one teacher teach all the LTs.”

Suddenly I (re) realized how backward AJC is.

“I dun understand what’s so good about AJC, so torn and tattered and small and muggish” she said.

“Mugging in AJC is considered a good trait lor!....Then u noe our canteen is as big as our primary school one (we both from Maha Bodhi), plus summore MBS is stalls on one side, AJ is stalls on both side, meaning EVEN smaller sitting capacity…not to mention all those bird shit…”

“Oh…I that time go the VS forum see got one thread asking whats your target L1R5 and what school u wanna go. Then got one guy put L1R5 6 and go AJC nia!”

That guy is restarted. Then I ask Tomato why the hell did I chose to stay in AJC after 1st three months? She stared at me.

“How I noe? Oh I remembered le…”

At that point in time, I also recalled why I stayed in AJC. But its not something nice to be mentioned.

Anyway, we spent one hour plus toking and eating. And we looked at the Info board, trying to find a place to play pool. I saw this arcade…and we two took some big big detour and wrong routes to find it.

“Super Cue
Members – $8.50/hr
Non Member - $9.90/hr
Please produce your IC at the counter. No children under age of 16 is allowed”

“How old are you ah?”
“UNCLE, I one year younger that you lah!”
I think army really made me even more stupid.

Tomato never play pool before mah, so I think she gia gia. I need to choke her neck and grab her like grabbing some criminal and drag her all the way to the counter. Luckily she was still alive when we reached the counter.

We got our balls and tray and proceeded over to table 31. nice cozy table at the corner, not bad ah. So I need teach from from scratch. I showed her how to arrange the balls into the triangle first, then strike a few balls to demo. When its her turn to try, she got problem holding the cue cos her hand DAMN SHORT. How she play piano and guitar one? I hold the cue about like 5 to 10cm away from the end, she held it like 20 to 30 cm, where the thick and heavy part of the cue is behind her, thus making the cue tending to tilt upwards from the front. Cos her hand holding the cue is the pivot, and the heavy end of the cue is the load, and the front part of the cue is no enuff to counter the weight of the end part of the cue. So when she strike, the cue is instable and tend to wobble about.

For the left hand, I need to grab her palm and manipulate (like shaping plastercine) into the shape to guide the cue. Cos her palm damn small, its not enuff to form a gap to guide the cue along, so the cue anyhow slide around.

But after like half an hour of teaching, she managed to strike, though she cannot exert force as her hands too short to hold the cue stably. But her aiming for noob is damn accurate lah. I can exert lots of force, making the white ball re bounce all over the table, but never manage to get the colour ball in. While she can softly tap the white ball, and it hits gently at 90 degrees on the colour ball and JUST enuff strength to make it fall into the hole nicely, just before it comes to halt, with a soft tap.

And summore I lost to her in 2 games. First game my black ball re bounce and tyco enter the opposite hole. Second game I accidentally wack in a lot of her balls. SIAN. I fuck noob, lost to a noob.

Farnie, we always walk round the table while we play…walk walk walk until I sweat like fuck liao…then my cue…anyhow sway and wave, then I hit the light how many times liao…BANNGGG!!! Then the light starts to shake about and flicker flicker, like anything going to drop and explode liddat.

After 2 games, Tomato moved a side and picked up a call, saying she need meet her friends for farewell part le, so must start moving out now. We paid the $9.90 (damn exp) and walked out. On the way I bought one lollipop for myself. How old liao zombie?! Still eat lollipop! (Imagine wearing smart four and eat lollipop in public? Can get charged?)

We went to this Asics shop. Then she sat down at the shoe testing area, guess tired le. My feet also CMI (must psyco myself my feel damn pain becos of flatfoot then will really be pain), so we both sat there and rest. Then I asked asked and see see the shoes…pretend discussing which shoe nice with her. After resting for 15 minutes, I whispered into her hears “hahaha shoes very nice, but I no money! Zhao lor!”

Outside the Creative shop, I trying to pull out the stick from my lollipop, then pull pull pull, the whole candy FLEW OUT from my mouth and fired off at the speed of light towards the wall of Creative shop. BOOM! The round exploded. My dear candy broke into halve! KNN CCB! MY SWEEET! FIFTY CENT LEH! Then I picked it up and threw inside the flower pot beside..OOPS!

Walked into Wallet Shop. I tot someone told me Wallet Shop die liao. Haven leh..still a lot of ppl inside. Tomato still using the wallet that she bought with me last time, she saw my wallet given my my class ppl last year on my birthday, then bought a similar design. Myuk brand (how pronounce?) ah? I think so ba.

We stroll to the food court to hydrate and cool off…We wanted to order Watever or Anything. Then tomato told me not to.

“That time I ask my friend if she got see the Whatever and Anything ad, then she say got, so we go out then ask the drink stall aunty got Whatever or Anything. Wah lao then the aunty take out Coke ah, Lemon tea ah, Sprite ah… They really really dunno what it is lor”. So I decided to take on Ice Cream Soda instead.

Back to City Link…she was rattling non stop about S.H.E…how they name their panties…how they arrive at their names (“Selina”, “Hebe” and “Ella” are short forms of greek names), how Selina got 1st in some singing compy and how Ella got TEEHHHH then lasted with smoke in the same competition. Then what they damn proud when ppl Photoshop their face onto nude gals, making S.H.E. porn (I cant seem to find it online leh). Lots of S.H.E. stuff lah…she crazy liao.

Back to Eunos MRT, I walked home as she forged ahead to Marine Parade meet her friends.

That’s all. So much for Smoke Free Day.

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