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Wednesday, May 02, 2007
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:50 PM --- Post#3112163981521100669

Hearing Loss
When i woke up this morning...i got this weird feeling in my right ear...as in a uber big ear wax was stuck inside. I can feel it nia...some stuff stuck in my ear...what could it be? I press press dig dig...no ear wax...no ear shit..I cover my nose and blow to release pressure...no use.

But as time goes by the feeling gets no so obvious...and at times the blockage will clear. But when i press into my ear..the blockage will cover my entire ear hole..and i cannot hear a shit totally thru my right year. Ppl tok to me i cant listen nia.

At times got ringing summore.

whats wrong with me? I think i going deaf le. I wait few more days i go see doctor

Leg Loss
Today i was climbing out of the M113 tank. As i pressed my palm on the side of the driver hatch to push myself up to the top of the tank, i lifted my legs out from the tank and found a support spot behind me so i can stand up.

Who noes for some reason i was actually stepping on air...and i dint realise, my whole right leg crashed down as my left leg was halfway out. My right shin rubbed and knocked against the edge of the 20+ tons metal machine.

I grabbed some handles on the tank so i wun slip down...and slowly pulled myself up to the top of the tank. At first i tot alright...bt i felt some pain in my right shin.

I tot "aiya...blue black" and pulled up my trousers. KNN CCB! One fucking big bump there...i think its a diameter 6cm semi-sphere. My whole shin looks like damn distorted and deformed...

My classmate see liao all freaked out. Still i managed to walk lah...just that march tt time must bang lightly.. Sergeant ask me go see MO...but i tot waste time lah...i use hand rub rub then now the swelling goes down le.

Yeah...friday got excuse for PT lor!!!!

Friend Loss
Today in canteen, as usual i will gorge myself with food. This time its fried satay. So me and my classmates found this side high bench and sat down. Like AJC, the tables there were gracefully decorated with jiao sai (bird shit). Wow...there was one big white creamy piece of shit dipped in thick bird urine right in front of me. So naturally i sat away from it. While my classmate sat on the other end, cos the center of the table all shit.

Nothing wrong rite? Of course nothing wrong. I was sitting away cos there were shit between me and my classmates. I still talked to my classmates while eating. Well for the very least i can enjoy my meal.

But this particular scene reminds me of smthing common in AJC.

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