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Sunday, May 13, 2007
Random entry
[havoc] ranted at 12:25 PM --- Post#3789728141793227053

This is yet another random entry abt my life in army.

During the course of 10 - 12 May, I had the long awaited SIT test. While many ppl were bz training, the entire hawk coy was bz doing the 12 km route march under the scorching sun wif FBO attire. 12 km. If the event took place under a cool weather, perhaps I wdnt b here complaining. WELL, tt event rigged away most of my energy and replaced them wif tonnes of muscle aches throughout my whole body.

After tt horrifying event, the 1st day was brought to a close wif some ropes tying and lashing. Oh well, wad a great time to doze off to recover my energy.. How thoughtful of them! And I did exactly tt.

On wif the 2nd day of SIT test, my suffering was nv brought to a close. Though the activities held at each individual stations were fun and mentally challenging, the movement betw each stations was physically demanding. WIF leopard crawls and arti drills and fake casualties during the movements, one can basically shag out and collapse on the grd. Juz hope tt the casualty isnt someone wif a big body outline, or else u will most likely become a real casualty after carrying him ard.

The day juz didnt end there. The day, or shd I say evening, was brought to the climax by someone's foolish behaviour of not digging a proper shit hole and covering it up. In addition, the shit was found in the middle of the footpath. This foolish action was brought it up by pltn 3 pc. He roared at us and demanded the culprit to own up. In normal cases, this kind of scenario wont end up to b pleasant. And I hit the jackpot. Sadly spking, tt guy who did tt had no fucking guts to admit his mistake. As a result, everybody was pumped, crunches, butterfly kicks.. Still, after these tortures, tt guy still dun give a bloody fuck abt the matter. We were ordered fiercely to leopard crawl to the shit site. We did so, and stared blankly into tt shit tt was covered by tonnes of hseflies. Tt pc gave e culprit a final chance to own up. As he slowly counted dwn to the last sec, someone frm pltn 1 owned up. Apparently, he didnt do it and trying to b a hero, trying to save all our asses. FUCK HIM.

So wad's nx? We were ordered to fetch ( yes fetch ) our entrenching tools and dig a shithole.. Everyone did one shithole tt was an ankle deep, and was asked later to cover it up. I juz hope tt the culprit learnt his lesson, coz if I c him nx time, I wont let him off. And this is serious.

3rd day of sit test. 2km fast march shagged most of us out. I was carrying a stretcher in addition to my sbo attire. Imagine how shagged out I was after tt fast, v fast march. I simply cant catch my breath. Only heaven noes. Day 3 was similar to Day 2, if u cut away the part abt digging the shithole. Phew, and juz when u tot u can go back coyline after the whole test by tonner, the commanders apparently prepared a warmup session for a route march back to coyline. WTF? YES! WTF.. This response was ringing in everybody's head when we heard this awful news.

While everybody was crying during the preparation of the route march lineup, I examined the situation. And apparently I found some loopholes which gave the game away. 1stly, the coy flags were transported back to camp. Without those, we cant march. 2ndly, some of the commanders were not properly dressed. Some were dressed in vest slack attire. 3rdly, we were ordered to carry the field packs of the att C personals during the march, which I found it quite ridiculous..

Of cos, tonners soon arrived and ppl rejoiced at the sight of them.

In reply to Cygig's recent entry, I can really c a distinctive trait betw AJC and Tekong and OETI. Only when U r in tekong, will one realise tt time is the determining factor betw life and death. Once u r late, it wd mean half left dwn for all of us. There is no such thing as early in army. Either u r on time or u r late. Short and sweet. In AJC, due to the half fucked timetable planned by the mindless ppl of the timetabling comm, u will not haf enugh time for everything. At least while in tekong, ppl will b released when nth is on. So u can say time is flexible. But not in AJC.

On this day, I wish all the mothers a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY

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