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Sunday, May 06, 2007
[havoc] ranted at 3:25 PM --- Post#4886732898939671599

So much sorrow.

Yes. Life in tekong is filled wif it. Sorrow everywhere. Every bk outs taught me a lesson. A lesson tt cannot b taught elsewhere. Certainly not in schs juz by listening attentively to yr teachers. Only when u r out of tekong, will u realise it: time is precious. Precious in the sense tt every bloody sec counts. AND u wont want to waste tt fucking sec.

B4 anyone burst into tears and ponder wad is this mad guy trying to say here, I wd only say this. Its only when u been thru bmtc, will u realise tt time is everything on this world. Certainly not money. The world does not revolve itself ard money, but time for tt matter.

Y m I feeling sorrow? Partly bcos of the lack of time I had wif my family. I only get to see them for less den 48 hrs and I muz hurry to get back to camp. T-T... I miss my comfort zone, a place where I spent my last 18 yrs in. I miss the care and concern my parents showered me wif whenever I m back home. And most imptly, I miss my personal stuff, like camera hp and com.

Fuck. This past week was a physical torture to us all. Though its only 4 days in camp, it feels like eternity. SOC for 3 consecutive days was fuck.. PLUS the ist and agr tt soon follow b4 and after SOC, one wd wonder when is this gg to end.. I still suffered frm the side effects of ist and agr. And guess wad. I m only given less den 48 hrs to recover. How sweet..

Will b back in camp in 4 hrs time. Time is short. How to make full use of this time is a crucial matter.. haiz. Sadly, I dun haf an ans for tt.

Nx wk, I will begin my SIT test. Heard tt its quite physically demanding. It can also spell doom to ppl.. Hope it will come and go quickly and easily. Its retarded for me to think tt way.

Nx wk is also a significant wk for all the mothers. Yet this unfilial son over here is not doing anything for her on tt special day. Simply bcos I will only b back on Sat nite and there is not enuff time to plan anything for her. Haiz, my thoughts washed wif sorrow once again..

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