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Saturday, June 30, 2007
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:45 AM --- Post#8461217785367139577

"Your will be sent to Exercise Wallaby?"
We looed at each other, "Err...not sure."
"No no, i mean, your WILL be sent to Wallaby, so be mentally prepared."

The moment it struck me, i felt like the sky fell.

Staying in is bad enough, now they want send me to some Aussie jungle and sleep there for a month. Remembering Mohawk's field camp for a month...it sucks. I cant even carry field pack, dun say field pack lah, everyday i carry my washed coverall to camp is enough to make my right shoulder tense and ache like a old man in the night, I wonder if my shoulder is still "serviceable" after NS.

"Oh ya, next year Feb during chinese new year, your wil go india! Prepare to eat curry everyday."

This another piece of bad news came fast enough. But no effect on me liao cos by then im already devastated. Lots of things went through my mind. Why i so suay. Its suay enough i keep being posted here and there, suay even more i tio a stay in Kranji Camp out of so many other possibilities. And even more suay so fast i got to out feed kangaroos for a month. Suay suay need eat curry for another month or so during CNY. WHat is this?

I dunno, but the feeling i got was like i kena some terminal disease. I think if i get some terminal cancer i still happier, at least i know i get to die. Ya..i want to die. A long wish of mine ever since AJC times.

When i got to OETI, i was so damn optimistic, "optimistic zombie" is never something all my good friends knew of me. But i was really very delighted with life then. I was like planning all the projects and events i could undertake for the rest of my two years. Things like helping AJC do up their AJIBAS, or maybe I will tell boss when im permanently stay out and get more free lance poster design. Or maybe i will succeed for my cmoy amp prototype, with the help of my dad, may be able to sell pocket amps which isnt well known now in the market. Then i will go back to VS and ask my DnT teacher, mr chan gimme materials and i will make the casing, so that it resembles some iPod accessories, every nite there. OR maybe i will make more wallpapers, and add on to my portfolio for NAFA. Or maybe i will take nite classes on..dunno what lah. Or maybe i will learn driving.


Bad luck had followed me since i step into AJC. Its either bad luck or some problem with me. But i think the latter is more possible. Somehow i feel damn betrayed. At first i tot i can have my time to do my own productive stuff at home every night. Now everything is dashed. Happy?

My good buddies, december and kiat all down also. December was hospitalized cos his back prob got worst and his hand is trembling like some stroke patient, all cos his nervous system got some problem, now in hospital under observation, under neuro department. He is a combat engineer.

Wei Kiat cannot tahan the stress, as a combat engineer also, in 30SCE Jurong camp. Things like 30 min admin time and 5 min hp usage a day killed him. He told his PC and went MO and got att c for depression. Luckily the MO and PC understand him, and planning to get counciling and stuff.

Yesterday whole day i in a state of shock. Keep crying and crying. For myself, for my friends, for my family. For my cursed life also.

Maybe its time to take out my penknife once again. I want to kill myself.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Why i dun want to stay in
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:21 PM --- Post#7609100032504542756

The last time i actually closed myself in the toilet and cry was during BMT. Things always dun run out smooth for me.

The day I went to Gedong, i tot im dead for sure. Im terribly worried for the lives that follow. Then during last friday, i was then told i will be re-posted from 13FMD to 12FMD. Both unit in Gedong, so i never thought how 12 will be better than 13.

My life changed (for some moment) when i arrived at 12FMD on monday. Proper buildings, nice rest room, clean toilet, shady workshop, not-guai-lan seniors over there. Everything was perfectly fine. I was half adapted to there, much faster than i thought. Lots of things to learn as well, the day bypass very quickly.

On Tuesday, i finally went to the MO to tell him about my shoulder and my flat foot. without hesitation, he just scribbled down lots of things on some paper. When i finished telling him bout my shoulder prob, going into "part two" of my flat foot story, he see also never see just say "flat foot ah? U go CGH then see together w your shoulder lor. Meanwhile dun run lor." There liddat i got my 50days excuse RMJ and heavy load till August 14, my medical appointment.

I was like damn happy. Finally i no need run. My flat foot should had been declared long freaking time ago before i enlist, yet the ppl at CMPB dint care. I shouldn't have gone to suffer three months in Mohawk!? Also i can now finally produce BnW when ppl ask me for my excuse letter. Previously i have to tell them long story on why i dint get my letters and stuff.

Just as i was about to be dismiss. My PC grabbed me and a bunch of ppl and ya, brought us to his comp with this email showing. I dint noe what the email is about, but I saw my name there in the last column. I knew something bad is coming...

"I receive this like a minute ago, the siz of your will be posted out. Posted to KRANJI camp". The word "kranji" instantly link up to "stay in" in my mind. The place where they need turret mech most is 12FMD and perhaps 13FMD in Gedong. Or maybe even 91FMB in Ayer Rajah Camp. The only two camp that stays in is Kranji and another one i forgot. The chances of tio this two camp is quite slim.

But im just so suay so suay so suay im posted there. Not only that. Thursday i went 13FMD, Monday i went 12FMD and now today i went 41AMP. HOW MANY UNIT MUST THEY CHANGE?! They change 3 units within a week?! WTF this is absurd lor. I noe i damn poor in remembering names, faces and direction. I alway take damn long to noe how to navigate to one place, also damn long to know new ppl. Now i settle down liao, STILL CHANGE MY UNIT?

Change nevermind, why STAY IN?! SOMEONE keep telling me not to keep asking if stay in or out, he say i very irritating. Never ask how noe? Never ask we still dunno OJE is stay out one? Sorry but i dun resign to fate, i dun believe its fated for me to stay in. I will fight my way out of this mess.

To other ppl, staying in maybe a way of saving money. But not to me. Becos i simply want freedom more than money. Ya i know got nights out? Whats the use? NO FUCKING USE?


I want go home and be with my family, take control of PC to blog, forum, chat, do my graphic design, do my programming, try out new software, use my IEM and D2 (which cannot and i definitely will not risk bringing to camp)sit one corner of my room listen to music and relax. I want to go online and skype Pinger and ask her how i can help to do some business for the nite. I want chat w jas or lily or kiat thru the nite about various stuff, arguing and sharing views. I want to read SPUG and refresh every 5 minutes see got new replies or not, then post smthing and get flame and flame back. I want to download and share music while maintaining my FTP server and looking out for new codecs worth trying. I want to read online and learn from wen yan bout electronics and buld my own cmoy camp. I want listen to kiat talk about this IR filer and how it works to make your campera see thru clothes. I want dissuade tsun lam from using iPod and listen to his experience with this MiniBox D amp. I want to hear kiat talking nonsense about some desktop styling software than makes your icons pop out of the screen. I want chat to kuen ho and aks hows life in korea. I want to do graphic designing and build my port folio for NAFA, which takes LONG TIME.

I want sit beside my mom and listen to her talk about her experience with all the aunties. I want to listen to my dad telling me he want to buy me a macro lens. I want hear my sis's review on the latest RPG on NDS. I want sit on my own chair and watch Channel U and 8. I want to feel of love from my family that i dun get anywhere.

Not only that, i want do all these simultaneously and together if possible. All these are MY HOBBIES, MY INTEREST, MY LIFE. Fine u want say i no life, i geek or whatever. But THIS IS MY LIFE. I need the time at home to do things I LIKE. Thats why I DO NOT WANT TO STAY IN! Yes my house got LOTS OF GOLD, that i must stay at home so long to guard it. THE GOLD IS MY COMP and MY FAMILY. GET IT?!

Complete Missions:
1. Skip most of the PT and able to graduate from BMTC - COMPLETE, except for important events like field camp, sit test, 24km, range, BAC, grenade live throw, the rest all on Att B and excuses.

2. Get out out from combat vocation - COMPLETE, see doc and refer to MO about shoulder problem, signed Recommendation to Non-combat Vocation form in tekong.

3. Get to be excused long term from PT - COMPLETE, got my long term 50days excuse till medical appointment

On Going Missions:
3. Downgrade PES/Permanent Excuse - INCOMPLETE, will need to wait for medical appointment

4. Change Vocation - INCOMPLETE, will need to wait for MO to certify im unfit for combat vocation and technician, hope to get clerk.

5. Permanent Stay Out - INCOMPLETE, will need to stay in after 2 months OJE, limited time to complete this mission.

Miracle really happen when the MO at tekong actually let me see specialist.
Miracle happen a second time when the recommendation to service vocation really work and got to stay out in OETI, making me one of the few PES B and Mohawks that get to service vocation.
Miracle happen again when Gedong MO never ask much and just give me my excuses.

Miracle happened so many times. I please please pray pray it happens again, so i no need stay in. I suay for so long since i entered AJC, can please let miracle happen once more. PLEASE?!

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Saturday, June 23, 2007
How i got my Cowon - An Untrue Story
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:45 PM --- Post#3688806975573280304

Yup it got grand prize at UCC Contest!

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Friday, June 22, 2007
how to kill 小強
[TL] ranted at 7:25 PM --- Post#713858130279644322

轉自gaf SUPER BUS 的留言







美味的貓、狗罐頭,如果再加上油炸蟑螂, 就更對寵物的胃口啦!做法:將蟑螂去腳, 沾些炸雞粉後下鍋,炸成金黃色時撈起, 再依個人喜好,沾些豐年果糖,就可以給你們家的咪咪或汪汪加菜啦!


抓到蟑螂後,把他關到冷凍庫先讓他冷靜幾天,大約3~4天吧,這期間,用保力龍版+小紙版+些阿哩不達的東西,製作成你想要的飛機造型(切忌不要太大),然後自備快乾膠,將蟑螂自冷凍庫取出(他還沒死,他沒這麼弱,不動是因為他在跟你裝死),趁他意識沒清醒的時候,在他腳塗上快乾膠(你要塗在他肚子上也行...),然後在你的小飛機上綁一條線,當一切準備就緒以後,在蟑螂身上 哈一口氣(你要幫他做CPR我也不反對...),然後等他展翅欲飛的時候,你只要輕輕的拉線控制他,就成了輕巧又好玩的小飛機了!比風箏還好玩喔!














把蟑螂放到果汁機裡.. 按下開關..... 阿~~蟑螂汁!!好了!!

interesting... u can do anything, but just dun get caught


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Thursday, June 21, 2007
Sungei Gedong
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:54 PM --- Post#6974621320029676542

My heart pumps as Staff Stella tells us to go into the room. Bringing our bag into the room, my heart was like pok pok flying around the cage.

"Errr...your come back at 11am ba.." WTF? 11am? The posting suppose to come out at 8am lor. Haiz. So we went for our last tea break in OETI, played two round of Munckins and headed back to the HQ.

The clerk took some paper and then asked few questions before reading out six names. they were according to NRIC number. "These ppl will go to 12 FMD, which is in Sungei Gedong". I was like HENG AH...not me to gedong.

Then the clerk read out another 6 names, which include mine. "These six to 13 FMB, which is ALSO AT SUNGEI GEDONG! And the remaining three of your will go 91FMB, which is in Ayer Rajah Camp, so basically your stay here"

WHAT THE FUCK?! I could see the same expression on JQ's face. Die liao..Nightmare coming, to Gedong le!

So me and JQ made our way, Bus 33 to RedHill MRT, and see how long it takes to goto Gedong. It was still ok, then we took bus 975. The bus trip was about 30 minutes, and ya, it went from Chua Chu Kang MRT to some foresty area, then the place got more and more primitive and deserted.

First there was this sign post to Qian Hu Fish Farm, then i saw this bus to Farm Mart. Then we saw some AirBase, then the cemetery came to sight, follow by the fruit and vegetable plantation and the goat milk farm.

Its after so many turns and twist before we reach Gedong camp. Walking in, we followed CB they all, but they 13FMB one, so we broke off half way. The camp inside is very humid and hot, and it look abit like tekong. After getting instructions from David they all, we managed to find our way to the Company Line.

The sight that came into our eyes wasnt the most pleasant. The place look like some 1960's building, either that or some aircraft had bombed this place. The bunk is beside the Company Line, it resembles the Hong Kong squarter area, while the hanging of uniform all over outside at the window and corridor reminds me of the Bangala quarters near construction sites. The wooden door's paint had came out completely and the wood were chipped off and rotten. The building's outcoat seemed to be bleached and scrubbed like hell before. The verticals of the building dun seem very straight to me. Around there, in between buildings are smaller buildings and they kinda seem abandoned. Construction work could be seen everywhere. The tank shed looks like a total junk yard where scrap metals are collected. There is no proper fencing or walls, just some few sticks poke to the ground as markings. To add on, the weather here extreme hot and humid.

Those guys who think of staying in all changed their mind on this sight.

But fortunately the rest of the day turn out nice and smooth. I think i know the platoon commander, seemed to be from VS one. The sergeants there quite nice also. We get to book in in civilian clothing, means we can dun touch our no. 4 for quite long time. Tea break is still the same, one at 10am and another at 3pm.

At 5.30pm, they fall us out. We took the 6.15 shutter bus(cos we change camp pass, cannot make ir for the 5.45pm bus) and went to Boon Lay MRT within 15 minutes. And the long dreadful journey home from Boon Lay to Eunos MRT.

So i guess thats the life in Gedong. Haiz.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Tribute to OETI
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:34 PM --- Post#8401529420918015639

Begin as a technician...
FLASH! Three months passed just liddat. I still remembered when i first got my posting two weeks after BMT, i got this "ARMT-TECH TURRET" as my vocation and "OETI" as my unit and "Ayer Rajah Camp" as my camp. Then i dint know the meaning of "stay out", i though "stay out" means "staying out field". But it says that i do not have to bring anything issued during BMT except my PT Kit. So i was puzzled, and refused to even think about "stay out" meaning a 9-5 job, probably because i believe Im never that lucky in my life.

First Day

On the first day, its drizzling, as i entered the Camp, some mad sergeant was shouting at us on not wearing our jockey cap. As i blur blur brought to the OETI building, i saw this large poster "We Train Our Technicians To Be Machine Masters". I was kind of inspired (though now i dun really like being a techy). We were brought to the LCNC (small auditorium, then WTF? I saw Kevin, Sherman, Eric, Hamilton there. They used to be slaves from Mohawk like me. I remb all of them did had some injury in tekong, and prolly sign the "Recommendation to Non-Combat Vocation", but dint expect them to be sent here. I was glad to see Kevin, cos i want to ask him about the tekong Specialist Letter.

Down there, ranks like Staff Sergeant and Warrant flooded the area, which kind shocked me, and i realised 3SG is actually damn small. Later on, we were asked to go out class by class to fall in in the the training shack. My class was smaller than i expected. Only like 15 ppl.

The Wing SM, not CSM as we are divided into Wings rather than companies, came out and lectured us. He came to a point saying "OETI is not just Only Eat Talk and Idle...your better follow instructions...", i bursted out laughing, cos the previous nite, i surfing net then came across a blog which says exactly the same thing, OETI means "Only Eat Talk and Idle". Ya and i was the first one to drop 10 for that.

Anyway, the instructors soon brought us to our classroom. I was a bit astonished the Instructors so nice, as compared to Mohawk commanders. Also i was WAHHH by the air con classroom, not only that the tables were those nice nice ones, all these were like damn rare (or non existence) in AJC.

We were then brought to the workshop, where its really an eye opener, all the tanks and sutff, i never see so many tanks b4 nia.

The first day ended quite fast, and soon i knew i love OETI. And i cant believe i can actually go home everyday. A 9 to 5 vocation in army is what i always wanted since young.

Life in OETI
Honestly, the three months in OETI is quite relaxed and free from depression and trouble, as compared to life in AJ and tekong. Its also quite an opportunity to learn about the cool turrets stuff lah, though its very sian everyday, but i appreciate the fact i get to go home daily.

Go home everyday gt lots of advantage, like i can chat or skype till damn late, do my graphics design, enjoy my games, blog, forums, torrent. Lots of things to do at hom which makes me happy.

The welfare in OETI is much appreciated. From ample break time, being reasonable and understanding, having friendly instructors, willing to listen us out, giving us off to relax ourselves...all these are really nice. All these actually make me like OETI more, cos i noe i will be insured of my rights and welfare here. Thus in return, i polish my boots, do my drills and stuff properly.

Also there is nothing much to worry about there, thus i also not depress like last time. Come home means totally relax liao, no hw or what fuck shit.

Strange Things in OETI
Dildo Tree
There is this dead tree outside OETI, we always see this dead tree, botak, no leaves. Some say look like cock, some say look like dildo. Cos it really stands out among the whole row of trees mah. So we just call it the Dildo Tree lor. But few weeks b4, the CO say dangerous, then pulled out liao.

Strange names
There is this small parade square, only for the OETI ppl, which is like 1/4 to half a soccer field big. They call it the "Monologue", i dunno if its even the correct spelling.But why they call it "monologue"? Other names like "Hydraulic Room" or "Electric Room" very weird also, cos there is no hydraulics system nor electrical stuff inside. Electric Room is just a store room. Hydraulic Room is a classroom. I never knew what 'LCNC' stands for, its a small audi

Class Radio
The class radio really damn nice, the Radio IC will play music everyday after lunch. I dint noe 88.3 plays both chinese and english music before that, which is quite a good idea for ppl who likes pop music from both languages.

There is this transexual guy call Cheryl, which made quite a woo haa in OETI. Also first time in my life, i see a real transexual in Singapore.

Today is End of Course le. We got buffet, presentation, nice words from instructor. Also Staff Stella gave us this damn cool size 10mm Spanner, lol its well forged and cute. Then SISPEC got Golden Bayonet, we got Golden Spanner for Best Trainee! Lol.

I will definitely miss OETI de lah. New unit tml, Stay in or out? Near or far? Nobody noes. Haiz. Wish me luck man.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007
[havoc] ranted at 6:09 PM --- Post#1768357359067063457

Haha, isnt it ironic tt one will begin to cherish after one has lost smth precious? Hmm, wad in the world m I talking abt? I haf no idea either..

Anyway, I went on a zoo excursion not too long ago, wif my pltn mates. Experience was terrific. We had so much joy and fun under the sun.. Some fotos to illustrate my pt..

How I wish I was as carefree as them

Their dung stink, 2nd to pigs

My pltn mates

Oh well, tt mostly sums up my zoo excursion. Hope this exp will stay in my memory forever, longer den the painful incident I dread recalling..

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Monday, June 18, 2007
it hit me
[Jungle Paw] ranted at 10:35 PM --- Post#8168512674340505778

It hit me. I was doing my usual stuff, checking my email, chatting on msn, looking at chiobu pics on friendst...I mean, checking Cygig's blog for new entries, when it hit me. That I am part of this help-Cygig-to-blog-team. For those who don't know, checking Cygig's blog has become quite a routine for me whenever I turn on the computer. I'm not gay or anything but his blog.. wow. It gets me reading, know what I mean? :)

So. I can't remember when I last helped him to blog, or when I last blogged for that matter.

It's been very, very fast. 2 months of BMT just wooshed by. I'm not quite sure if I ever got used to army life, as there was hardly any time to think. It's also been very, very slow. I try to recall how I felt on enlistment day. I can't. It seems so distant. But a sense of pain and misery overwhelms me whenever I think about my company, the things me and my companions were made to do, everything.

It seems weird that everything turns out fair, at the end of the day. Everything. A person who experienced a slack life in his BMT would be glad his commanders were not unreasonable. Someone else who experienced a tough BMT life would be glad he's now more well-trained than the people around him.

Having passed out from BMT is a relief. Some people have told me that the days in BMT would be the best days in my whole army life. I know better. The people who said that knew nothing about the varying degrees of toughness among different companies. Having failed my FFI (medical examination for command school), I now am very sure, the days of BMT would have been the toughest I would ever experience, probably in my life.

Do I have any memories from BMT? Yes. Are they good memories? Maybe a few good ones. Would I want to relive the days of BMT?


Signing off,

Private Paw

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Saturday, June 16, 2007
My one and only love..
[havoc] ranted at 4:57 PM --- Post#4460557467119915755

I think this is one of the most confusing post I haf written..

The year was 2005. Yes, as I solemnly remb. It was my 1st day in AJC. I was new to the odd surroundings, and of cos, to the new unfamiliar faces ard me. Having spent my 4 years in an unisex sch, I was quite excited to see so many girls flocking ard me, for the 1st time in my 4 years. Perhaps flocking isnt the rite word to describe it, but who cares?

Anyway as I was saying, GIRLS. They can really make yr day or upset it, depending on the scenario. Well, as eager as I was to meet these new and sophisicated creatures, I was also reluctant to introduce myself to them. Ironic, isnt it?

The following text had been BlogLocked. Select all, copy and paste into BlogLock and decrypt with the correct password.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007
My Choice...
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:21 PM --- Post#8183077864725314931

What to do?
Instructor A tell me that if i declare flat foot and shoulder strain, I can get PES C9. Which means -5years off reservice, plus EX Heavy Load, EX Lower Limb and EX IPPT. But after i downgrade PES, most likely i wun be technician anymore. Its unclear where i will goto, might be even worst. If i go clerk, its said that clerks often get fucked and very boring whole day long.

Instructor B tell me to stay on as technician, cos only peak period got work to do, other time is slacking all away, and its more interesting than clerks. Also its very troublesome to declare flatfoot now.

What to do neh? Haiz..


It seems like i most likely posted to Gedong for my OJE, which sucks. Anyway i planned liao:
- Gedong to Chua Chu Kang MRT: 40 min
- Chua Chu Kang to Bishan MRT: 25min
-Bishan MRT take 59 to home: 25min
Total: 90minutes or 1.5hr

Guess that will be the shortest time for now.

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Sunday, June 10, 2007
[havoc] ranted at 5:03 PM --- Post#1583791391011444683

In a matter of 3 days, I will b out of Tekong. Finally.

I m looking forward to it. Spending my days wif total freedom once again during my block leave. The past wk was a torturous one for me. Having 2 out of 3 GP rehearsals under the blazing hot sun had left a hideous sunburnt mark in my arms.. I was seriously dehydrated. My body aching, my feet filled wif blisters, all thx to 24km route march on tues. The 24km route march rigged all the excess energy I haf left in my body...

Will b returning back to Tekong for the last time.. My last bk in! WOW! I nv imagined myself having already spent 3 mths there. Well, time really flies. Looking forward to POP this coming weds!

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007
I miss home
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:08 PM --- Post#2127795137823113952

Its...complicated. How i feel now is very complicated.

So SEXY, so BIMBO, something not my type
Saturday with WK and Lam, we went PC show. And GUESS who we saw? M.K.! Woo. Many guys (including my army class) go gaga for her. Electrifying eyes, soul-hooking voice and the amiable cute face, luring away most guy's nimble heart for young ladies. WoW.

As we came out from the PC show, i saw her among the rest. And almost immediately her face was lost among the crowd. I quickly informed WK, (while Lam was busy imagining himself to be in the center of the crowd of bubble blowing angles just beside), and he told me he saw her as well.

I guess its sort of...promoter or sales girl job. Very common among the camera or printer companies. U walk near their booth and a crowd of mei mei walk towards you, and use their company's camera to shoot a photo of you "having fun" among some soft parts of the girls. Then use their super duber printer to print it out. And the gals will pull your shirt and whisper into your ears, like some spell, and ask u buy the products.

She was wearing red sleeveless top with heavy make up. She seem to recognize us, a bit stunned to see us. For those who know who im talking about, time to let your imagination run WILD.

How pocket amplifer affect my life
After PC show, we head on to SLS to look for headphone amp. So we walk walk walk and entered this shop.

"unker, your got sell headphone amplifier?"

"Errr...Which kind?"

"Portable ones, use battery one"

"And what do your need it for?"

"Orh, we want to use if for our earphones, so that our mp3 players can drive higher impedence headphones, make it louder and sound warmer..."

"I dun understand why would your need that for? Amplifying it means making the noise and distortion louder and stuff."

"... Errr"

"I dun understnd your youngers nowadays. You noe on the MRT, its SOOO inconsiderate. Your like to play your music so loud, have your been thinking about the other passengers? Your should actually look at Japan! They dun even use handphones on the MRT! I dun understand, young people now getting more and more irritating. Why your need so loud for? You will go deaf?"

"But we using IEM's, its isolating. Not so much noise gets in, and not much music gets out"

"(dun seem to understand 'IEM') Ya, unless your get the higher ends one, Shure or something, else for normal listening, i still dun get why you need your amp for, any earphones or players will do. No need for the amp.Normally amp is used for...."

"Er, ya, our earphones are that kind, ya in ears"

"(still not getting our point) Isit for project? If its for project then its alright, else i dun see why your need the amplifier for. Why want to buld yourself? Want to sell? You must look at the market what, how to package, how to promote..."

(I dun remember saying anything about making ourselves and want to sell to tt unker. At this point of time, im slowly moving towards to exit of the shop...)

"Yaya, we understand...thanks unker!" and WOOOOOSH we ran out. LAm and WK followed behind me. Fucking waste my time. Does he even understand what we want before hurling so much stuff? Idiot.

OCS's trauma
I met sher hern on monday, we met together to collect cert. Nevermind about the bad weather and i goto wet myself when running into AJC. For the first time, sher hern was late.

First thing i notice is his hand, filled with black stains. He explained that to be from the half gloves given by SAF, and the rain had washed the colour off to his hands while riding the bike.

Anyway, i find him much quieter now. He was quiet. Now even more quiet. More like he very shagged liddat. Sher hern so fit, how to get shag? Maybe OCS is the reason. First time i hear him complaining about some weird reason of punishments in OCS and stuff, and how xiong its like inside. Well thinking now, im so much more lucky to be a technician.

He told me his pay is $1000. A lot rite? But he also said that he almost never spend those money, cos he got no time. Looking at his state, i reckon he will resting during his weekends ba.

I miss home
I dunno why, maybe its the long holidays. But yesterday while having guard duty, i suddenly miss home badly. Out of a sudden, i feel that im in a very insecure place. To add on, i was having flu once again, the sneezing, coughing and feeling dizzy is nothing. What that bothers me the most is my block nose, which GREATLY impairs my breathing.

Luckily my guard com was nice person, he brought me warm water to make me feel comforty. Thanks! My DO was also very concerned. She is a lady in her 40's, and caring like any mother would be to their sons. "Dun drink so much coke, pepsi, sprite. Drink more plain water and you will feel water, its free also. Water is the best."

Its only a one night guard duty, and i felt that i wasnt home for like a month or something. I start to miss my room, my TV, my parents, pokpok...Then i just realised how much my home mean to me.

My own room especially. Its the place where i created a lot of my productions. In this room held something call a computer, this is where i grew up. I grew up liking this machine. I blog on in, I have heart-to-heart talks to a lot of ppl thru it. I drew my artworks on it. I have fun with games on it. I rip my music CD from it, and music is like another pulse of energy in my life.

Next to my comp is my bed. When i read my book, listen music and rest there. Nothing is nicer to sleep on than my own bed. My own pungent "aroma", my scent marks my territory.

Basically my room is my HQ.

The living room is where i have dinner with my family ever nite. Where i watch Channel 8 and U with my parents. Where family communication starts, where i can enjoy my parent's untimate cooking. Though their food not very nice, but its LOTS on amount, enuff to satisfy the makan monster here.

Thinking about my home all day long. Thinking about what i haven settle all day long. I began to feel like crying...crying crying...Suddenly I start to retract from reality. Hide within myself. Dun wanna tok. Minimise social communication can ease pain.

Why? Whats wrong with me?

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Sunday, June 03, 2007
[havoc] ranted at 3:23 PM --- Post#6237558983348824952

In less den 1 hrs time, I will b returning to tt fateful place. The place tt was nv meant for me to b in.

The gd thing is: I m gg to pop lor, in 2 wks time! Nv will I set foot once again on tt accursed land. YES! Juz dreaming abt this makes my life more joyful and relaxed. YES!

Nth much happened to me these past 4 days. Went to some temple to pray wif my mum on Vesak. After tt, I accompanied my mum on her shopping spree, which rigged away most of my precious time. Finally, I had some freedom. Freedom in the sense tt I was not accompanying my mum anymore. Instead I was wif my friends at Marina South, eating Cheng Huat Seafood and playing arcade.

Perhaps I had an overdose of vodka tt day, my whole body started to itch and swell. Gross. The infected area became red, damn red. I dont even dare to glance at it, fearing tt I will puke once I catch sight of those hideous red marks. Because of this, I wasnt able to acc Cygig n Robert on the nx day. FUCK! I spent part of my day at polyclinic, waiting for doc's consultation. He offered me cream, which I found was useless and ineffective. ARGH!

Scratch and scratch, my 3rd and 4th days of my holidays were dedicated to it. Come to think of it, I forgot to ask the polyclinic doc for an MC! SHIT! DAMN!!!!

Oh well, I think I'll pay a visit to the MO later when I get back there.

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