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Monday, June 18, 2007
it hit me
[Jungle Paw] ranted at 10:35 PM --- Post#8168512674340505778

It hit me. I was doing my usual stuff, checking my email, chatting on msn, looking at chiobu pics on friendst...I mean, checking Cygig's blog for new entries, when it hit me. That I am part of this help-Cygig-to-blog-team. For those who don't know, checking Cygig's blog has become quite a routine for me whenever I turn on the computer. I'm not gay or anything but his blog.. wow. It gets me reading, know what I mean? :)

So. I can't remember when I last helped him to blog, or when I last blogged for that matter.

It's been very, very fast. 2 months of BMT just wooshed by. I'm not quite sure if I ever got used to army life, as there was hardly any time to think. It's also been very, very slow. I try to recall how I felt on enlistment day. I can't. It seems so distant. But a sense of pain and misery overwhelms me whenever I think about my company, the things me and my companions were made to do, everything.

It seems weird that everything turns out fair, at the end of the day. Everything. A person who experienced a slack life in his BMT would be glad his commanders were not unreasonable. Someone else who experienced a tough BMT life would be glad he's now more well-trained than the people around him.

Having passed out from BMT is a relief. Some people have told me that the days in BMT would be the best days in my whole army life. I know better. The people who said that knew nothing about the varying degrees of toughness among different companies. Having failed my FFI (medical examination for command school), I now am very sure, the days of BMT would have been the toughest I would ever experience, probably in my life.

Do I have any memories from BMT? Yes. Are they good memories? Maybe a few good ones. Would I want to relive the days of BMT?


Signing off,

Private Paw

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