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Wednesday, June 06, 2007
I miss home
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:08 PM --- Post#2127795137823113952

Its...complicated. How i feel now is very complicated.

So SEXY, so BIMBO, something not my type
Saturday with WK and Lam, we went PC show. And GUESS who we saw? M.K.! Woo. Many guys (including my army class) go gaga for her. Electrifying eyes, soul-hooking voice and the amiable cute face, luring away most guy's nimble heart for young ladies. WoW.

As we came out from the PC show, i saw her among the rest. And almost immediately her face was lost among the crowd. I quickly informed WK, (while Lam was busy imagining himself to be in the center of the crowd of bubble blowing angles just beside), and he told me he saw her as well.

I guess its sort of...promoter or sales girl job. Very common among the camera or printer companies. U walk near their booth and a crowd of mei mei walk towards you, and use their company's camera to shoot a photo of you "having fun" among some soft parts of the girls. Then use their super duber printer to print it out. And the gals will pull your shirt and whisper into your ears, like some spell, and ask u buy the products.

She was wearing red sleeveless top with heavy make up. She seem to recognize us, a bit stunned to see us. For those who know who im talking about, time to let your imagination run WILD.

How pocket amplifer affect my life
After PC show, we head on to SLS to look for headphone amp. So we walk walk walk and entered this shop.

"unker, your got sell headphone amplifier?"

"Errr...Which kind?"

"Portable ones, use battery one"

"And what do your need it for?"

"Orh, we want to use if for our earphones, so that our mp3 players can drive higher impedence headphones, make it louder and sound warmer..."

"I dun understand why would your need that for? Amplifying it means making the noise and distortion louder and stuff."

"... Errr"

"I dun understnd your youngers nowadays. You noe on the MRT, its SOOO inconsiderate. Your like to play your music so loud, have your been thinking about the other passengers? Your should actually look at Japan! They dun even use handphones on the MRT! I dun understand, young people now getting more and more irritating. Why your need so loud for? You will go deaf?"

"But we using IEM's, its isolating. Not so much noise gets in, and not much music gets out"

"(dun seem to understand 'IEM') Ya, unless your get the higher ends one, Shure or something, else for normal listening, i still dun get why you need your amp for, any earphones or players will do. No need for the amp.Normally amp is used for...."

"Er, ya, our earphones are that kind, ya in ears"

"(still not getting our point) Isit for project? If its for project then its alright, else i dun see why your need the amplifier for. Why want to buld yourself? Want to sell? You must look at the market what, how to package, how to promote..."

(I dun remember saying anything about making ourselves and want to sell to tt unker. At this point of time, im slowly moving towards to exit of the shop...)

"Yaya, we understand...thanks unker!" and WOOOOOSH we ran out. LAm and WK followed behind me. Fucking waste my time. Does he even understand what we want before hurling so much stuff? Idiot.

OCS's trauma
I met sher hern on monday, we met together to collect cert. Nevermind about the bad weather and i goto wet myself when running into AJC. For the first time, sher hern was late.

First thing i notice is his hand, filled with black stains. He explained that to be from the half gloves given by SAF, and the rain had washed the colour off to his hands while riding the bike.

Anyway, i find him much quieter now. He was quiet. Now even more quiet. More like he very shagged liddat. Sher hern so fit, how to get shag? Maybe OCS is the reason. First time i hear him complaining about some weird reason of punishments in OCS and stuff, and how xiong its like inside. Well thinking now, im so much more lucky to be a technician.

He told me his pay is $1000. A lot rite? But he also said that he almost never spend those money, cos he got no time. Looking at his state, i reckon he will resting during his weekends ba.

I miss home
I dunno why, maybe its the long holidays. But yesterday while having guard duty, i suddenly miss home badly. Out of a sudden, i feel that im in a very insecure place. To add on, i was having flu once again, the sneezing, coughing and feeling dizzy is nothing. What that bothers me the most is my block nose, which GREATLY impairs my breathing.

Luckily my guard com was nice person, he brought me warm water to make me feel comforty. Thanks! My DO was also very concerned. She is a lady in her 40's, and caring like any mother would be to their sons. "Dun drink so much coke, pepsi, sprite. Drink more plain water and you will feel water, its free also. Water is the best."

Its only a one night guard duty, and i felt that i wasnt home for like a month or something. I start to miss my room, my TV, my parents, pokpok...Then i just realised how much my home mean to me.

My own room especially. Its the place where i created a lot of my productions. In this room held something call a computer, this is where i grew up. I grew up liking this machine. I blog on in, I have heart-to-heart talks to a lot of ppl thru it. I drew my artworks on it. I have fun with games on it. I rip my music CD from it, and music is like another pulse of energy in my life.

Next to my comp is my bed. When i read my book, listen music and rest there. Nothing is nicer to sleep on than my own bed. My own pungent "aroma", my scent marks my territory.

Basically my room is my HQ.

The living room is where i have dinner with my family ever nite. Where i watch Channel 8 and U with my parents. Where family communication starts, where i can enjoy my parent's untimate cooking. Though their food not very nice, but its LOTS on amount, enuff to satisfy the makan monster here.

Thinking about my home all day long. Thinking about what i haven settle all day long. I began to feel like crying...crying crying...Suddenly I start to retract from reality. Hide within myself. Dun wanna tok. Minimise social communication can ease pain.

Why? Whats wrong with me?

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