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Thursday, June 21, 2007
Sungei Gedong
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:54 PM --- Post#6974621320029676542

My heart pumps as Staff Stella tells us to go into the room. Bringing our bag into the room, my heart was like pok pok flying around the cage.

"Errr...your come back at 11am ba.." WTF? 11am? The posting suppose to come out at 8am lor. Haiz. So we went for our last tea break in OETI, played two round of Munckins and headed back to the HQ.

The clerk took some paper and then asked few questions before reading out six names. they were according to NRIC number. "These ppl will go to 12 FMD, which is in Sungei Gedong". I was like HENG AH...not me to gedong.

Then the clerk read out another 6 names, which include mine. "These six to 13 FMB, which is ALSO AT SUNGEI GEDONG! And the remaining three of your will go 91FMB, which is in Ayer Rajah Camp, so basically your stay here"

WHAT THE FUCK?! I could see the same expression on JQ's face. Die liao..Nightmare coming, to Gedong le!

So me and JQ made our way, Bus 33 to RedHill MRT, and see how long it takes to goto Gedong. It was still ok, then we took bus 975. The bus trip was about 30 minutes, and ya, it went from Chua Chu Kang MRT to some foresty area, then the place got more and more primitive and deserted.

First there was this sign post to Qian Hu Fish Farm, then i saw this bus to Farm Mart. Then we saw some AirBase, then the cemetery came to sight, follow by the fruit and vegetable plantation and the goat milk farm.

Its after so many turns and twist before we reach Gedong camp. Walking in, we followed CB they all, but they 13FMB one, so we broke off half way. The camp inside is very humid and hot, and it look abit like tekong. After getting instructions from David they all, we managed to find our way to the Company Line.

The sight that came into our eyes wasnt the most pleasant. The place look like some 1960's building, either that or some aircraft had bombed this place. The bunk is beside the Company Line, it resembles the Hong Kong squarter area, while the hanging of uniform all over outside at the window and corridor reminds me of the Bangala quarters near construction sites. The wooden door's paint had came out completely and the wood were chipped off and rotten. The building's outcoat seemed to be bleached and scrubbed like hell before. The verticals of the building dun seem very straight to me. Around there, in between buildings are smaller buildings and they kinda seem abandoned. Construction work could be seen everywhere. The tank shed looks like a total junk yard where scrap metals are collected. There is no proper fencing or walls, just some few sticks poke to the ground as markings. To add on, the weather here extreme hot and humid.

Those guys who think of staying in all changed their mind on this sight.

But fortunately the rest of the day turn out nice and smooth. I think i know the platoon commander, seemed to be from VS one. The sergeants there quite nice also. We get to book in in civilian clothing, means we can dun touch our no. 4 for quite long time. Tea break is still the same, one at 10am and another at 3pm.

At 5.30pm, they fall us out. We took the 6.15 shutter bus(cos we change camp pass, cannot make ir for the 5.45pm bus) and went to Boon Lay MRT within 15 minutes. And the long dreadful journey home from Boon Lay to Eunos MRT.

So i guess thats the life in Gedong. Haiz.

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