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Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Tribute to OETI
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:34 PM --- Post#8401529420918015639

Begin as a technician...
FLASH! Three months passed just liddat. I still remembered when i first got my posting two weeks after BMT, i got this "ARMT-TECH TURRET" as my vocation and "OETI" as my unit and "Ayer Rajah Camp" as my camp. Then i dint know the meaning of "stay out", i though "stay out" means "staying out field". But it says that i do not have to bring anything issued during BMT except my PT Kit. So i was puzzled, and refused to even think about "stay out" meaning a 9-5 job, probably because i believe Im never that lucky in my life.

First Day

On the first day, its drizzling, as i entered the Camp, some mad sergeant was shouting at us on not wearing our jockey cap. As i blur blur brought to the OETI building, i saw this large poster "We Train Our Technicians To Be Machine Masters". I was kind of inspired (though now i dun really like being a techy). We were brought to the LCNC (small auditorium, then WTF? I saw Kevin, Sherman, Eric, Hamilton there. They used to be slaves from Mohawk like me. I remb all of them did had some injury in tekong, and prolly sign the "Recommendation to Non-Combat Vocation", but dint expect them to be sent here. I was glad to see Kevin, cos i want to ask him about the tekong Specialist Letter.

Down there, ranks like Staff Sergeant and Warrant flooded the area, which kind shocked me, and i realised 3SG is actually damn small. Later on, we were asked to go out class by class to fall in in the the training shack. My class was smaller than i expected. Only like 15 ppl.

The Wing SM, not CSM as we are divided into Wings rather than companies, came out and lectured us. He came to a point saying "OETI is not just Only Eat Talk and Idle...your better follow instructions...", i bursted out laughing, cos the previous nite, i surfing net then came across a blog which says exactly the same thing, OETI means "Only Eat Talk and Idle". Ya and i was the first one to drop 10 for that.

Anyway, the instructors soon brought us to our classroom. I was a bit astonished the Instructors so nice, as compared to Mohawk commanders. Also i was WAHHH by the air con classroom, not only that the tables were those nice nice ones, all these were like damn rare (or non existence) in AJC.

We were then brought to the workshop, where its really an eye opener, all the tanks and sutff, i never see so many tanks b4 nia.

The first day ended quite fast, and soon i knew i love OETI. And i cant believe i can actually go home everyday. A 9 to 5 vocation in army is what i always wanted since young.

Life in OETI
Honestly, the three months in OETI is quite relaxed and free from depression and trouble, as compared to life in AJ and tekong. Its also quite an opportunity to learn about the cool turrets stuff lah, though its very sian everyday, but i appreciate the fact i get to go home daily.

Go home everyday gt lots of advantage, like i can chat or skype till damn late, do my graphics design, enjoy my games, blog, forums, torrent. Lots of things to do at hom which makes me happy.

The welfare in OETI is much appreciated. From ample break time, being reasonable and understanding, having friendly instructors, willing to listen us out, giving us off to relax ourselves...all these are really nice. All these actually make me like OETI more, cos i noe i will be insured of my rights and welfare here. Thus in return, i polish my boots, do my drills and stuff properly.

Also there is nothing much to worry about there, thus i also not depress like last time. Come home means totally relax liao, no hw or what fuck shit.

Strange Things in OETI
Dildo Tree
There is this dead tree outside OETI, we always see this dead tree, botak, no leaves. Some say look like cock, some say look like dildo. Cos it really stands out among the whole row of trees mah. So we just call it the Dildo Tree lor. But few weeks b4, the CO say dangerous, then pulled out liao.

Strange names
There is this small parade square, only for the OETI ppl, which is like 1/4 to half a soccer field big. They call it the "Monologue", i dunno if its even the correct spelling.But why they call it "monologue"? Other names like "Hydraulic Room" or "Electric Room" very weird also, cos there is no hydraulics system nor electrical stuff inside. Electric Room is just a store room. Hydraulic Room is a classroom. I never knew what 'LCNC' stands for, its a small audi

Class Radio
The class radio really damn nice, the Radio IC will play music everyday after lunch. I dint noe 88.3 plays both chinese and english music before that, which is quite a good idea for ppl who likes pop music from both languages.

There is this transexual guy call Cheryl, which made quite a woo haa in OETI. Also first time in my life, i see a real transexual in Singapore.

Today is End of Course le. We got buffet, presentation, nice words from instructor. Also Staff Stella gave us this damn cool size 10mm Spanner, lol its well forged and cute. Then SISPEC got Golden Bayonet, we got Golden Spanner for Best Trainee! Lol.

I will definitely miss OETI de lah. New unit tml, Stay in or out? Near or far? Nobody noes. Haiz. Wish me luck man.

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