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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Why i dun want to stay in
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:21 PM --- Post#7609100032504542756

The last time i actually closed myself in the toilet and cry was during BMT. Things always dun run out smooth for me.

The day I went to Gedong, i tot im dead for sure. Im terribly worried for the lives that follow. Then during last friday, i was then told i will be re-posted from 13FMD to 12FMD. Both unit in Gedong, so i never thought how 12 will be better than 13.

My life changed (for some moment) when i arrived at 12FMD on monday. Proper buildings, nice rest room, clean toilet, shady workshop, not-guai-lan seniors over there. Everything was perfectly fine. I was half adapted to there, much faster than i thought. Lots of things to learn as well, the day bypass very quickly.

On Tuesday, i finally went to the MO to tell him about my shoulder and my flat foot. without hesitation, he just scribbled down lots of things on some paper. When i finished telling him bout my shoulder prob, going into "part two" of my flat foot story, he see also never see just say "flat foot ah? U go CGH then see together w your shoulder lor. Meanwhile dun run lor." There liddat i got my 50days excuse RMJ and heavy load till August 14, my medical appointment.

I was like damn happy. Finally i no need run. My flat foot should had been declared long freaking time ago before i enlist, yet the ppl at CMPB dint care. I shouldn't have gone to suffer three months in Mohawk!? Also i can now finally produce BnW when ppl ask me for my excuse letter. Previously i have to tell them long story on why i dint get my letters and stuff.

Just as i was about to be dismiss. My PC grabbed me and a bunch of ppl and ya, brought us to his comp with this email showing. I dint noe what the email is about, but I saw my name there in the last column. I knew something bad is coming...

"I receive this like a minute ago, the siz of your will be posted out. Posted to KRANJI camp". The word "kranji" instantly link up to "stay in" in my mind. The place where they need turret mech most is 12FMD and perhaps 13FMD in Gedong. Or maybe even 91FMB in Ayer Rajah Camp. The only two camp that stays in is Kranji and another one i forgot. The chances of tio this two camp is quite slim.

But im just so suay so suay so suay im posted there. Not only that. Thursday i went 13FMD, Monday i went 12FMD and now today i went 41AMP. HOW MANY UNIT MUST THEY CHANGE?! They change 3 units within a week?! WTF this is absurd lor. I noe i damn poor in remembering names, faces and direction. I alway take damn long to noe how to navigate to one place, also damn long to know new ppl. Now i settle down liao, STILL CHANGE MY UNIT?

Change nevermind, why STAY IN?! SOMEONE keep telling me not to keep asking if stay in or out, he say i very irritating. Never ask how noe? Never ask we still dunno OJE is stay out one? Sorry but i dun resign to fate, i dun believe its fated for me to stay in. I will fight my way out of this mess.

To other ppl, staying in maybe a way of saving money. But not to me. Becos i simply want freedom more than money. Ya i know got nights out? Whats the use? NO FUCKING USE?


I want go home and be with my family, take control of PC to blog, forum, chat, do my graphic design, do my programming, try out new software, use my IEM and D2 (which cannot and i definitely will not risk bringing to camp)sit one corner of my room listen to music and relax. I want to go online and skype Pinger and ask her how i can help to do some business for the nite. I want chat w jas or lily or kiat thru the nite about various stuff, arguing and sharing views. I want to read SPUG and refresh every 5 minutes see got new replies or not, then post smthing and get flame and flame back. I want to download and share music while maintaining my FTP server and looking out for new codecs worth trying. I want to read online and learn from wen yan bout electronics and buld my own cmoy camp. I want listen to kiat talk about this IR filer and how it works to make your campera see thru clothes. I want dissuade tsun lam from using iPod and listen to his experience with this MiniBox D amp. I want to hear kiat talking nonsense about some desktop styling software than makes your icons pop out of the screen. I want chat to kuen ho and aks hows life in korea. I want to do graphic designing and build my port folio for NAFA, which takes LONG TIME.

I want sit beside my mom and listen to her talk about her experience with all the aunties. I want to listen to my dad telling me he want to buy me a macro lens. I want hear my sis's review on the latest RPG on NDS. I want sit on my own chair and watch Channel U and 8. I want to feel of love from my family that i dun get anywhere.

Not only that, i want do all these simultaneously and together if possible. All these are MY HOBBIES, MY INTEREST, MY LIFE. Fine u want say i no life, i geek or whatever. But THIS IS MY LIFE. I need the time at home to do things I LIKE. Thats why I DO NOT WANT TO STAY IN! Yes my house got LOTS OF GOLD, that i must stay at home so long to guard it. THE GOLD IS MY COMP and MY FAMILY. GET IT?!

Complete Missions:
1. Skip most of the PT and able to graduate from BMTC - COMPLETE, except for important events like field camp, sit test, 24km, range, BAC, grenade live throw, the rest all on Att B and excuses.

2. Get out out from combat vocation - COMPLETE, see doc and refer to MO about shoulder problem, signed Recommendation to Non-combat Vocation form in tekong.

3. Get to be excused long term from PT - COMPLETE, got my long term 50days excuse till medical appointment

On Going Missions:
3. Downgrade PES/Permanent Excuse - INCOMPLETE, will need to wait for medical appointment

4. Change Vocation - INCOMPLETE, will need to wait for MO to certify im unfit for combat vocation and technician, hope to get clerk.

5. Permanent Stay Out - INCOMPLETE, will need to stay in after 2 months OJE, limited time to complete this mission.

Miracle really happen when the MO at tekong actually let me see specialist.
Miracle happen a second time when the recommendation to service vocation really work and got to stay out in OETI, making me one of the few PES B and Mohawks that get to service vocation.
Miracle happen again when Gedong MO never ask much and just give me my excuses.

Miracle happened so many times. I please please pray pray it happens again, so i no need stay in. I suay for so long since i entered AJC, can please let miracle happen once more. PLEASE?!

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