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Sunday, July 01, 2007
Artwork: Loved VS The Hated
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 4:28 PM --- Post#457501255941218999

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
[Full Size]

The most eye catching object in this piece is the bomb. Its those kinda of drop off bomb from planes and jets. If u look a little longer, u will pay attention to the couple in front. Yup, the big war and fights are often highlighted, but the small small lovely couple is just simply missed out. As the bomb is reaching the ground, the couple held hands and await doom. The chances of survival is very slim, but yet being able to die under the warmth of of love is much better than dying alone. Notice the girl is holding the guy's hand, in which the norm should be the other way round. Cos i believe neither the guy nor gal should sacrifice more for each other, rather it should be mutual. The gal should protect and calm the guy when the time comes.

Yes, i do believe in hatred and revenge, but alot of times the power of love can rival with the power of hatred. Even if Love do not win Hatred, Love is noble enough to protect and stay by one another even when the world ends.

I had seen a lot of cases where guys got hurt (mentally or physically) during NS, and it devastated their families and friends as well. Also there are lots of cases where during the torment period, there isnt even anybody by his side to take care of him.

Love from a couple can be greater than any 1000mm round SAF can buy. National Service really drains a lot from any NSF, how sinful. The big big war everyone can see. The small small love no body cares.

Hatred is powerful. Love is noble.

Technical Details:
Software - Adobe Photoshop CS 3, Adobe Illustrator CS 3
Time taken - About a month
Canvas Size - 4000x3000px

The bomb, guy and girl are drawn in Illustrator, the usual way of shaping the objects like tablets, Pen tool and preset shapes. I used light desaturated colours this time, instead of my usual dark desaturated schemes. Im trying to mimic the cartoon style from Kawaii Not, noticing that the artist use a lot of light and eye smoothing colours. Although he goes about drawing borderless, i stick to having thick outline on my cartoon figures as well as some slight shading.

The polluted sky and smokes are make using the usual round brush. But what i did was to introduce some scattering, opacity jitter, size jitter, softness, spacing them out, mix between grey and dark grey... Then brushing them in circles to look like smoke or clouds, and finally applying blur. Gaussian blur to smokes and motion blur to the polluted sky. Duplicating the layers will make the effect stands out more.

The fire is done similarly to the smoke/clouds, but using a course bristle brush to simulate the flares coming from fire. Colours include yellow and dark orange. I notice that the outer side of the fire is often daker in colour than the inside. And fire is not red, its orange and yellow most of the time. Shadowing and inner glows and duplicating the same layers are used to make things more fiery.

The buildings in the bg is just simple rectangles with grunge brushes painted on, and duplicated many many times and manually varying its sizes and rotation.

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