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Sunday, July 01, 2007
A long-winded entry
[havoc] ranted at 11:54 AM --- Post#7152847587793888026

As the title suggests and I will not care to elaborate..

First and foremost, I haven been to this place which I called sanctuary for a long time.. ever since the start of this wk. Partly bcos I was bz wif my admin stuff since I entered air force sch. For a period of 5 days, spanning frm mon to fri, I haf been devoting (wasting to b more exact) my precious time, sitting ard in an air-conditioned audi, wif a bunch of low-cultured poly brats, juz listening to tonnes of boring lectures. FUCK IT!

Air Force Sch surely wastes my time and energy when I was there for tt 5 days. Listening to its propaganda and slides to show how almighty it is to the SAF, I was bored to tears. 5 days mostly spent in audi slping due to boring lectures, wif little time for our games day on thurs and a ccb CCWO who strikes terror in everyone.. I was telling myself, y i was here in the 1st place.

As I slowly wake up frm my dream, I realised I m a AFV driver. A proud owner of a v200 and possibly a civilian license (if I can clock 7000km). YES! This is wad I always wanted. A driving license.

Finally on Fri, I knew wad was expected of this vocation. A 5.5 day work week (wtf), stayin at semb camp, driving course at Kaki Bukit, bkin in fieldpack and duffle bag. Well, kinda expected it was stay in. But the 5.5 day work wk is too much. Oh well, since the pros outweigh the cons, I shdnt complain so much.

Everyday to AFS was a torture, having to wake up at 0545 and rushing to catch the 0610 train to Toa Payoh, and rushing to catch the 0650 bus there... My life is pretty hectic, in a way. Gd thing is, I get to see my wonderful parents everyday. They r my revitalisers after a hectic & boring day at AFS..

Unlike weikiat, who had to stay in at 30th SCE (the most siong combat engineer unit), without getting to see his loved ones everyday and endure arduous regimentation training everyday. This was saddening for him. Wad was more shocking was tt HE was only given 5 mins of ADMIN TIME everynite.. and the atrocious act of his sgts confiscating all CE's fones during the day, I was like WTF? If it was me, I wd die in there. Staying in already means I cant see my family often.. but ripping me the hope of verbal communication wif them during my free time after lunch wd kill me!!! This is not army, this is hell. Hope wk can cont to live his life no matter where he goes. And hope tt I wont face such ridiculous situations in my new base.

Poor Cygig. HAHA! Posted to overseas may not b a bad thing after all. At least u get to exp smth extraodinary out there.. This is the 1st time I ever heard of techs being posted overseas. Oh well, take care lah bro. Yr case is less severe den weikiat's, so I wont say much. If yr shoulder cant take it, den juz sound out. Hope u make a wise decision on whether u want to oot..

To vaineo.. my pai-ka friend in sispec. I suggest u see MO once u get back. Get excused for training for a few days. Hope its juz some muscle strains and not anything else. I still wanna c u in one piece. See how yr leg goes these few days. If there is no improvement, go see MO again and fuck him for his lousy treatment. Juz kidding. HAHA! OOT is an option, but I dun think u shd go for it. 10 more wks to cpl. Endure. Pain is temp, pride is forever. Note this only applies once yr leg has recovered. Dont endure if pain starts to build up on yr leg. I dun wanna c u in wheelchair nx time we meet up. HAHA! As for yr money, cab fare was $16.60, will return u remainder once u r free frm yr sufferings.

I haf to thx my family, esp my mum. It was her who woke me up at 0545 without fail everyday. Having to slp less den 6 hrs everyday during my 5 days at AFS, I hate to see her in tt state. Not able to see her once I bkin again, I only wish tt time wd juz stop right there, and help her out in every way possible.

For myself, hope my section there r no smokers or some odd-balls in my bunk. I hate the former more though. They pollute the place wif their smoke and their ugly face. I dun wanna die due to lung cancer when I m in army.

"Its not wad u left bhind, its wad u gained in the days ahead." Sounds familiar? Its so untrue, IMO. I think my exp back in hawk coy was more delightful den my life now. Ironically, I missed those tough days in hawk, but at least I spent those days wif a gd pltn. A pltn tt left tonnes of gd memories behind in my memory. Sad to say, I haf not gained anything once I stepped out of bmtc.

Lastly, this is dedicated to my one and only, whom I cant seem to forget after BMTC.

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