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Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Nothing to do
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:27 PM --- Post#2214466400170332205

Army Technician = Sleeping
Not only today..for the past few days we kept sleeping. We call it "disappear". There is really no work for turret technician to do mah...so slack lor. We cant stay inside the office to blow air for too long, else other ppl will keep asking why we no work to do.

For today really zero work to do. We took the key to rest room and hide there and sleep the whole day. So little work still want us stay in. Nonsense.

I went to MO this morning, cos my tummy sibei pain. MO say its gastric flu...must be i eat too much raw salmon liao da...MO so giam siap, gastric flu only give one day ATT B. I got slight fever and diarrhea lor..must give Att C de!

41 FMP Logo
They ask me design a logo for 41 Forward Maintenance Platoon (thats my unit in Kranji, in case u sitll dunno). I mean i hate that place. Hate as in i hate the fact need to stay in, need to go Exercise Wallaby and go India. The ppl and amenities there are fine. Well, if they ask me, i will do the logo for them.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

They gonna print on some mini-tee for those going to ORD soon. Outside liddat design one at least i charge $200 to $300 liao lor. Then come here they dun even know its i do the logo de. Stupid army. I hope will get some days off for my effort.

Project Tee Launching
I was asking Jas that day if she got design her own tee before. She told me her aunt is do print tee de. So can help. Well this struck me in trying to print my own tee. Tomato seem interested in it cos i told her pics of tomato will definitely be in. Wei kiat wants a tee for The Wicked. At least now got some ppl interested, i will come out w some tee design, and ask Jas help me go get it print.

Say one tee is $20 cost price. Then each person take 5. say got 3 or 4 ppl getting. Total is about 15 to 20. Then one keep, the rest 4 tee go give away or sell. Sounds ok to me. Cos need to make the numbers for bulk purchase. Each tee can sell $30, earn $10.

Actually less about selling, what i want is to wear my ownself designed tee lah. Hai...stupid army need me stay in and stuff..else i will be able to fulfill my dream easily.

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