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Sunday, July 29, 2007
Shd or shdnt I?
[havoc] ranted at 12:52 PM --- Post#2429673794250870979

Shd I or shdnt?

This is the qn I haf been thinking to myself, over and over again after reading Low Kay Hwa's "I Believe U". Well, I m not in a hurry or desperate to find the ans to tt now, unlike the main character in the story. Time will tell me everything I nid to noe. Its no use brooding over smth tt is yet to happen, though I may regret if tt time really comes.

I m a happy-go-lucky person. But the recent events in camp really made my blood boil. They say boys change in army. I used to agree otherwise. Time really tells the difference. How to adopt a happy-go-lucky attitude when so many unpleasant things happen on u in juz a short period?

Well, for once I muz really thx god for relieving my agony towards smokers smoking blatantly in my bunk. They r cutting down on their cigarette intakes in my bunk. Phew! Looks like the idea of buying a gas mask has to b set aside for the time being. HAHA!

Of cos, amongst all these pleasant stuff tt r starting to take place, there r ppl who r still as fucked up as b4, ruining the rosy pic I long wanted to paint of my life in camp. BALVINDER AND SADISH r still clinging on to their 1st position on my top 10 hate list.

Nx comes a guy called MD RIZZWAN. Another blatant smoker who has a wtf attitude. MUTHAFUCKER is his name, and mocking at others is his game. In my eyes, he is a SHATEC student reject.

My grp IC has also made his way up my top hated list. FUCKER. I still remb on Fri's RO, the BOS told us tt our breakfast timing was 0625. 0625 is a magical number, bcos normally our breakfast timing is b4 0600.. I still remb the latest timing was ard 0550. The number "6" in 0625 was so magical tt I almost wanted to ring up my dad and asked him to cast his bets on the "winning" number 0625.. Of cos, I didnt since I m not a hardcore gambler.

Apparently, when everyone heard this piece of gd news, everyone was taken by surprised. The Surprise was soon overwhelmed by a sense of happiness tt hadnt occured since we began our stay-in at semb camp. All except our IC. After we left frm RO back to our bunk, everyone was delighted. Of cos, all gd things come an end. I wd say for my case, an ABRUPT one. After we reached our bunk and settled on our cozy beds, the IC came shortly after, breaking yet another news tt took us by shock. It seemed tt there was a change in timing to 0500!!! WtF? This wd mean we had to wake up by 0430 to prepare our wash up? This was a shock, bcos our ever latest fall-in timing had changed to the earliest fall-in timing we ever had!

When I heard tt the IC was the one responsible to bring abt this downfall, I angrily questioned his motive.. This was part of the god-damned excuse to cover up his fucked up ass:

"Hey, juz look at the facts here, wd u? Does it make any sense tt u fall in for breakfast at 0625 when the bus to KBC arrives at 0630? Even if u decide to fall in at 0625 for breakfast, and decide to reach KBC at a later time, how wd u account tt to our ACOE (the instructor in charge of our pltn)? Obviously, I had the welfare of the pltn in mind when I proposed to the BOS abt this. I dun want MYSELF to b kenna fucked upside dwn for such a simple matter. Rather than the whole grp kenna fucked by ACOE, I ll be the fucker this time to ask him to change the time to an earlier one, so tt no one wd b fucked!"

"So it juz boils down to yrself, u as an individual? Is it abt saving yr puny ass so tt u wont be fucked?" I tot to myself. Obviously disgusted by this reply of his, even though part of it made sense, I was wondering if the IC had any welfare of the pltn in mind. If he did, he wd bloody hell ask for an extension in the fall-in timing. And he didnt.

Since its RO, its pre-planned. I tot to myself, y make so much nuisance over the fall-in timing? If its 0625, there muz b a reason for it to b so. Our "beloved" IC juz had to stick his fucking leg into this matter. Another muthafucker.

Hope I wd haf an ez wk frm now on. I haf height and lashing test and parking assessment tmr. Another great hurdle b4 the great TP test. Oh GOD, come to my aid.

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