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Monday, July 02, 2007
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:09 PM --- Post#5298503726010204019

I made a good friend angry today. I was wishing her happy belated birthday on the phone, when i talk talk talk about my series of unfortunate events. I start to complain and whine as usual. She was like "U already very lucky...other ppl stay out all the way...", then i said "no...its not liddat, u never been in army how u noe?" I dint mean anything but just like a normal discussion.

She hung up. She said she was trying to cheer me and advise me while i keep talking back and arguing.

Actually i never have any intention on arguing back. Maybe its my bad cos i always argue back by nature. But i really dun have any intention of doing it. Its just like any other discussion lor. I complain a lot, yes i know. I also know by complaining and whining so much NOTHING will be change. Facts are facts, end of the day i still got to face it.

But what i want is just a channel to voice out my feelings. Vent a bit my anger and release the pressure. Thats why i always look for ppl to complain to. Cos i feel much better when i say it out. Also consoles from my friends boost my morale also. So i will just rant and rant...then i feel better...then i will think of ways to solve the problem myself.

Maybe she took me too seriously, as in she really wanted to help me, while me on this end just want to let everything out. Thus i offended her in that way. But really, i mean no harm, and i regret my doing.

Im someone who got no friends in real life, all my good friend are reachable only in digital transmission means. Ie Instant Messaging, SMS or phone talk. Thus i value each and every sms and MSN chat session. I value each session on phone as well. Common practise is ppl only reply to important messages, thus when i message someone and he/she dun reply, i get upset. Its not the other's party fault also, no one's job to entertain me, but cos i rely too much on indirect message transmission, i feel like the other party is daoing me or hating me.

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