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Tuesday, August 21, 2007
Ah Ting [VR-Zone Essay Competition]
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:35 PM --- Post#7685700684350652251

Pardon me for my bad English, im trying my very best to improve on it. Here is my essay and hope you guys like it. Certain parts of the story are based on real life incidents, while some others are purely dramatic.

To play safe, all characters, organization, events and location in the story are fictitious and if found relevant to real life, it’s purely coincidental.

Chapter 1: The new beginning
Folding down the laptop with eyes focused on the couple, I couldn’t help but keep staring at the girl. Nope, not because she was hot and sexy, but rather she look like someone who I will never forget, for deep cuts in my heart are hard to heal and the scar shows forever.

I’m yet another Singaporean, living in this boring and dull country, with my future path all set nicely for me. Parents call this “planning”, but I rather see it as restriction. So like a lot of other students, I took the Junior College path after my secondary school. Base on my L1R5, I blindly choose a college close to it.

Before I knew it, I stepped into this whole new world – Andersen Junior College. I was from a boy school, the presence of girls in the college simply amazed me. This new breed of human has long hair and chirpy voice, with an acute sense for cuteness and strange mentality, like always expecting the guys to give way to them, which I thought to be very wrong. Maybe that’s why I’m one of the weirdo.

Orientation in school was not as exciting as I though, it’s filled with the plain old and boring ice breaking games that I had played umpteen times in life. All I could say is that it’s more like laming around and wasting time. One hokkien word described the day – “sian”. For the first time I got to interact closely with girls, but honestly speaking, I cannot understand why some guys will go gaga over them. Perhaps I would after some time?

Chapter 2: Ah Ting
After a week’s time, everything more or less settled down. I found a spot in canteen where I could take a nap before morning assembly, all thanks to my morning blues. I could not remember the date and day, but that morning I was as usual resting my lumpy body on the canteen bench … until a voice broke my dream and woke up up.

“Ya, that one must use Photoshop one…you come my blog see lor..”

I was like, “woo, sounds like a tech babe to me!” and sat up. That was how I met Ah Ting. Yeah, I know what you are thinking, but no, Ah Ting is not one of those chilly bimbos with big boobs and curvy figures. I would not call her ugly as well, perhaps due to my poor taste, but I though she looked alright, just that she never bother much about accessories or make up like other girls. Her face looked a bit the long and her skin is mid-tan, her hair was tied into a cutie pony tail that I often played with, swirling the chunk of hair in circles and waiting to see her pissed off face. Hehe. Ah Ting was definitely quite short, for the fact I’m already very “ka-tek”, she was one head shorter than me! Ah Ting got big eyes! A bit like those you would see in anime and cartoon, and a delicate nose below and ever chattering lips above her round chin.

We started as good friends, reason being very simple – both of us like imaging. The passion of photography and graphic design flowed through our heart. We were stuck to each other like how we were stuck to Adobe Photoshop. But we remained as just good friends for a long time.

Chapter3: The Messenger
Our communications were done mainly over the internet, as both of us were very IT reliant people, perhaps due to our interest in imaging. Through the bits and bytes that flowed through the cables, our feelings and souls were sent at lightning speed between our usual chat client – MSN messenger, or perhaps sometimes Pidgin if we felt like it. At a key stroke of “Enter”, my port would be open for her. Just for her.

I enjoy all our chat session, in fact even better than the usual chats we had in college. This was simply because over the messenger we could express our feelings for each other more daringly and strongly. Our usual chat topics were more than geek talks, a lot of time I ask her how was it like to be a girl, how she found herself, how she looked at other girls, how she would dress herself up… I had 101 questions to ask, and for every question she replied me patiently.

She never hid her feelings from me, I knew exactly when she is feeling low.

“You ok anot? Cheer up can? Promise me dun think too much le k? No matter how, I just want you to stay happy. ” I would message. The next day in college she would come up to me with her sunny big smile and whisper to me under her breath, “Thank you, I ok liao..”

Once, I told her that if she is feeling sad, she should find a friend who is willing to listen to her and tell this friend about your entire problem, after saying out, she will feel much better. She busted into tears and wrapped her arms around me. After wetting my uniform for five minutes, she finally looked up, straight into my eyes and said, “Aint you already the one willing to listen to me all the while?” Isn’t Ah Ting cute?

It’s about half a year after we knew each other, when one day she suddenly popped a question to me, “Hmm, you so nice to me hor. Can you be my sis?” Can I be not shock? Why would she want be to be her sister when I am a guy? Naturally I questioned her.

“Orh, because I never have a sister in my family mah, since you so nice to me, why not be my sister?”

Oh well, I could not find a reason not to play along, could I? Strange enough, she really treated me like her sister, she had secrets with me, we did homework together, we Skype each other every night gossiping about others in college, we even went Sim Lim Square for shopping together. All these were just like what girls and girls will do in school, from what I observed. But of course, I’m no way getting gay or any sexual disorientation.

Chapter4: Sabotage
Thinking back, I could still remember that time when I was sabotaged by my classmate. It was a creepy girl who back stabbed me, she kept spreading rumors and talking behind my back, saying im a freak, im not normal and other stuff to dirty my name, and so my friends would start leaving me, all just because I quarreled with her good friends over some small matters. I was called to the Principal’s office and was interrogated for what actually happened, and that block head actually believed her words and reprimanded me for creating trouble.

After the session of vocal bombardment from my Principal, I hid myself in a corner of my empty CCA room and my tears were almost rolling down. Perhaps it’s fate, Ah Ting came in to use the computers in the CCA room and found me and my depression there. I thought she may had already heard about what happened, therefore never asked a single question. Ting rushed to me and came to my side, using her small and cute hands and held my arm tightly. Then she gently put her palms onto my face and brought it to her direction, as she knew I did not feel like facing her.
“Its ok de…she is a bitch and I know it. Don’t think too much hao mah?”

“Im alright…” I replied, with my tears at the edge of my eyes.

She looked deep into my eyes and stretched her arms to hold me close to her warm body. I could feel some kind of special feeling she passed to me, and all of a sudden I felt so brave and courageous, powered with confidence. She withdrew her arms and took something out from her purse. It’s a little plaster.

“Nah give this to you!” She stuffed the plaster into my palm, closing it. “I give you this Elastic Plaster, if you feel sad neh, you just apply on your heart, then there will be no more pain le…”

Of course I cannot really apply the plaster onto my heart, and I don’t know how she got that kind of idea from. But what I know was her care and concern could really ease the pain in my heart. I was back to my normal self after a few days. And as to what happen to that creepy girl later on, I do not wish to elaborate on.

Chapter5: New Love
Examinations are the hell part of Junior College life. These strenuous activities totally drain your mana and gobble up your health points. What to do? “Mug lor!” is the common answer. I was burying myself in this whole pile of physics reference books, tutorials, lecture notes and Ten Years Series in the afternoon, some months before JC 2 midyear. I was all alone in the deserted classroom that not much people know of on the fourth floor of Block 13.

All of a suddenly, a huge force acted on my shoulders as Ah Ting levered herself up on my shoulders.

“Eh sis pain lah!” I yelled. She giggled. Then she sat down beside me.

I was expecting her to either take out her own notes to study, or borrow my materials. But nope, she just sat there and stared at me. Her crystal like pupils wandered over me, as she leaned forward and look at me. I was busy on my studies and did not bother to find out what she was doing.

The silence finally broke. “Eh, who do you think I like?” Hmmm…what kind of question is that? Although I know the answer is me sub consciously, I replied saying that I did not know what she was talking about.

“Guess lah! Guess guess leh!”
I pretended to think for a long time, and just as I was about to say “I seriously don’t know”, she put her finger over my lips.

“Shhh…you don’t’ need to answer me, I know u have an answer in your heart le. Kekeke”. She paused, and with that crafty eyes of hers scanning my baffled expression, she continued. “Your answer in your heart is correct wor!”

Oh god! Holy! I did not have a mirror, but I could feel hot blood running up my cheeks. Ah Ting lean even closer to me, and drew her face near mine. She pecked me on my forehead. She grabbed the physics notes I was holding on to and threw them rudely on the table, so that she could have my left hand. She opened up my palm and held hers tightly onto mine.

“I think I like you.” She spoke softly, with earnest.

I did not say a thing, simply placed my other palm on top of hers, and reached my head for her lips. I love her lips, the lips that spoke so much to me for the past times were mine then. I could feel her tongue colliding with mine and her saliva oozing into my mouth. The sense of love was ultimate.

I embraced her with my arms, sliding down to feel her tender waist line. From there I secured my hug and she locked herself into me. I could feel energy exchange between us, I could feel passion, I could feel warmth and I could feel everything in her. I think she was feeling the same thing as I was.

I love her.

Chapter6: Deep Cut
It was nearing J2 prelims, both of us were mugging at a food center near college. Ah Ting was happily eating her Ba Chor Mee, while I’m more like wolfing down last minute knowledge from my math formulae sheet. The more I tried to for in, the more mental block I get. I read from my watch 15 minutes from exam, and hastily cleared the table off my studying materials and gulp down my noodles within minutes.

“No time liao no time liao!” I yelled, as the both of us packed our bags are preparing to go back to college, hoping that I could remember something of out of my formulae sheet. I held her hand and dashed across the road with my notes on the other hand, constantly referring to it while on the go. That was how desperate I was. My results were worst than poor, and I doubt myself having any chance of going to University, thus I got to hope that all these last minute studying would actually help, though I knew it wouldn’t.

The wind was strong and the sky was dark, it was going to rain in some minutes’ time. I hurried to keep my notes, but was too shagged to concentrate and dropped all of them instead. I didn’t say a word, both of us started squatting down to pick up my damned lecture notes, in hope the wind would not blow them away.

“Oh shit! Where is my calculator?” I exclaimed, while stuffing my notes into my bag and searching for my math machine at the same time.

“Aiya you surely left it on the table! Never mind I help you get, you faster rush back to college first!” She ordered, and handed me the remaining stack of notes she collected from the ground.

I could not think much but to set my pace fast against time and ran in the direction of the school. It was just about a minute before I hear a devastating screech and an ear piercing horn. Noticing that something was amiss, I ran back to the kerb of the road and found a scene of disaster.

My darling was lying on the road, and her limbs were twisted in an unnatural way, blood could be seen running profusely from a deep cut on her forehead. More blood stains were splattered on the road and one of her shoes was right at the other side of the road near the kerb.

The lorry which caused all these mess stopped a few meters from my girl. The driver seemed daze and disoriented. He tried to pick up his phone to make a call but his hand could not even coordinate to hold the device up properly. He yelled and screamed like girl and used his hands to cover his head.

I did not know how to react. I rushed to her body and fell to my knees. I tried shaking her but she laid still and my hands were full of her blood. I wiped away her blood on my uniform but they were still there! I could see a crowd gathering around…and I thought I saw police officers rushing to the scene. Someone pushed me aside as they carried my girl away onto the stretcher. I ran up to follow, but was pulled away and brought into another ambulance.

I seriously cannot accept the truth. As I sat down onto the ambulance, I felt something hard in my pockets. My bloodied palm reached in to take it out – a calculator, and my name was written big and clear on it.

Blood dripped onto the calculator and the drop found its way out of the maze of buttons and landed on my lap.

The End

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