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Friday, August 10, 2007
earWax Story
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:39 PM --- Post#8284748110500927602

Its a long time since i properly blog.

31 July 2007

I went to MO,cos my left ear cannot hear anything. Its nothing new actually, everytime water enter my ear, it will be clotted. Clotted with water or ear wax or half dissolved ear wax, that one i dunno. But this time it was clotted for quite long le, so i decided to see the MO. Really irritating, my hearing already fucked up liao, clotted le cant hear a shit.

"I use waxsol, then the liquid went in never come out, become worst"

"Hmm cannot be leh..." Use some instrument poke into my year, "wah lao, ear wax so much?"

"My mom help me dig out the ear wax is wet de leh"

"hmm, i dunno, my best guess is too much earwax stuck. I give u this olive oil, this one you must make sure it goes right deep in, then after an hour or so, it will dry up itself, no need for u to suck it out or anything Also i will give u this referral letter to SGH just in case. "

"oh ok, thank you sir!"

I walked out of the room, being damn happy that now i got OLIVE oil! Yeah! I got the bottle of oil, it says for smoothing hair and moisturizing skin. BUT NEVER SAY PUT EAR LEH!!!

So nvm, i was given a syringe and pump up the Olive oil and WOOSH, send all of them right into my ear, following the instructions to reach the deepest of my ear. Since he say both ear got also too much wax, i pump in the oil into both ears.

Hong KanS!!!

Cant hear! How u expect to hear anything with your ear filled with oil? But nvm, mo say wait a hour or so then will dry. I waited ONE WHOLE DAY!!! Never dry! The whole day like deaf liddat sia!

But nvm, i continued...

For the Next few Days..

Ya, i was fucking deaf for that few days. Whole ear olive oil, and i remb damn clearly he told me must reach the deepest of my ear to soften all wax. After some days i gave up, the olive oil just made me too deaf.

At the end of the week, my left ear (initially the one w problem) ok liao! No more oil inside finally! But then my right ear (initially alright) still clotted!!! Fuck?! And my referral letter to SGH neh? Never come! They promise say withing few days will call me up or my unit! where isit?

10 Aug 2007

I fed up le. Right ear still clotted. I called the medical center ask for my referral letter. No have! they cant find! I told my sergeant..and he told me to go and report sick again. I went to the medical center at 2...and rotted for two hours till 4pm then got to see the MO. This time its a different one. He searched the database and found my referral letter, he previous MO did wrote it but the medic did not execute (send to SGH and process)! Ya...so i bai bai waited for a week?! If not i go ask then maybe i will never get! Second time liao! last time my shoulder also liddat! Wah thanks!

HE ask if i got dig my ear. I say yes. He say dig more, more wax, now too late. Nothing to do. No cure till i see SGH ENT specialist. I keep telling him its a horror to work when my one ear cant hear properly, ppl talk to me i need to "huh? louder!" b4 i can get the message. What if got smthing dangerous then ppl shout to warn me i cant hear? What if got some important message i miss out? Its damn dangerous and inconvinent! Yet he cant gimme an answer. Just say not serious, ask me dun dig and KEEP APPLYING OLIVE OIL. He say i should not put the whole ear...one drop will do. Wah lao, previous MO say de mah, fill until must reach the deeeep inside.

By the time i go back to workshop, ppl falling out le. Everyone looking at me. My turret friend see like i trying to slack away dun do work. My IC and officer keep asking lots of question, somehow i feel they damn irritated and not happy with so many problems going on with me. Somehow i think the whole workshop loking at me with tinted vision.

good lor. Fantastic medical service. I go deaf they happy lor. No more audiophile.

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