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Sunday, August 12, 2007
Fucked up test
[havoc] ranted at 2:13 PM --- Post#8343668103967254737

This is a true incident, but language altered to produce dramatic effect.

So much for screwing up my TP test on Fri, now I have to wait for a retest on this coming tues. While the rest r bz wif their island wide driving yest, I was bz mourning for my so-called blunder in my test.

Out of the 8 who went for the test, only 3 failed. So coincidentally, I was one of the trio. I wasnt nervous at all tt day. Okay, mayb I was abit nervous. However, tt didnt contribute to my major downfall of the test.

I remb I was at the slip road at CCK waiting for the right moment to cut into lane 2 (straight gg lane), bcos the outermost left lane is an exclusive left turning lane. So there I was, waiting. Waiting for the perfect opportunity. No doubt traffic was medium, the chance to move finally appeared. I ensured tt the taxi tt was turning right had stopped at the yellow box, b4 I brought my vehicle out of the slip road and into the 2nd lane.

It was a success. When almost 3/4 of my vehicle was in the 2nd lane, my tester demanded me to peer at my right mirror. I acknowledged. There I saw the taxi turning into the same lane as me, behind my vehicle. And so comes the quarrel of the century.

"DID U CHECK yr right mirror AND CFM tt there WAS NO MORE VEHICLES turning right, or cfm tt the vehicles turning right came to a STOP at tt junction?"

"I DID. I CFM THE TAXI STOPPED at the yellow box, b4 I moved the vehicle out of the slip road."

"Then how come the taxi is now behind u, slowing down to gif way to u, when yr vehicle is still halfway into the 2nd lane?"

"But I ensured the taxi stopped. At the yellow box. U saw tt I stopped at the slip road to gif way to traffic turning right. If u saw me moving off at the same time as the taxi, u wd haf pulled my handbrake and fail me on the spot."

Seeing tt he was on the verge of losing his pt in this argument, the tester bitched..

"U shd noe better tt yr vehicle is slow moving. U shd gif way to the taxi, even if U saw it stop at the yellow box. The taxi is faster den u in terms of their pickup speeds."

Oh well, since he wanna put it tt way, I reluctantly accepted my defeat. Its pointless to argue wif him. Though I m not wrong to move my vehicle at tt point in time, he was also not wrong in pointing out tt my vehicle wd cause some form of obstruction, shd the taxi turned into the lane when I m halfway into it.

It all depends on luck, as wad my DI wd say. He had shown recognition in the way I handled the 3 tonner wif utmost care for other road users. He had also praised me of my driving skills, having mastered the handling of the 3 ton in less den 3 wks.

Having flunked my TP test, I sat down at the training shed, alone. Feeling thirsty, I went over to the water cooler to refresh myself.

I used to find cold water frm the water cooler refreshing like morning dew. However, the water frm the water cooler on Fri suddenly tasted so different. It was so.. so salty.

Soon I discovered its not water I m drinking. The source: colourless solution produced by my eyes.

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