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Tuesday, August 28, 2007
Oh great
[havoc] ranted at 8:13 PM --- Post#5502444500510492594

Yes, oh great!

Juz when u r thinking tt yr life is starting to change for the better, things juz start to go nasty and haywire. Oh great!

As wad I had mentioned last time, I had this MSG whom I wd say, is v particular of the regimentation in AFS. If I forgot to mention tt previously, my bad den! I juz pen down the 1st thing tt popped up in my head, so I cant recall much on wad I had written.

Anyway, regimentation. An asset to the AFS. A part and parcel in the eyes of trainees. Dun think of escaping tt when yr ass is in AFS. Yr life/ass is hanging on a single thin thread. A SINGLE THIN THREAD. So fragile and delicate tt it snaps easily. Too easily. Once u r caught by ppl who think they r big fucks, ( in actual case they r small fry who make up the AFS community) u r in for a BIG time.

Oh well, wad happened today was really unfortunate. We were juz gg down the stairs, heading for our well-deserved lunch, tt had been held up by some arsehole. As we r making our way down, a sissy by the rank of CPT, saw us and approached one of my friends. After disseminating the info he had retrieved frm my friend, tt's where the drama began.

"U all r the new batch of trainees undergg the v200A course, right? A v gd afternoon to u."

Juz when u r thinking this cpt was probably concerned abt our welfare, think again.

"FUCK U! I m yr CQ officer. Who's yr course commander? See me nv pay compliments/salute me? FUCK U ALL! Not marching in steps somemore. Trying to test the system, is it? Go back to yr classroom and march out again!"

Wow! A clear distinction of the diff in rank. How nice of him to highlight tt to us! Shd I thx him for tt? Well the ans to tt: FUCK U!

Seriously, I shd clarify tt when we were walking down the stairs, he was making his way down behind me. I juz turned ard. Since there was nth on his sleeves, (wc suggest he isnt a specialist) so the nx thing to look out for was his shoulder. As it was raining, and the sky was overcast, the whole AFS was pitch dark. I only saw a lump of black shit at his shoulder, I cant really tell whether he was a warrant or an officer. B4 I cd decipher further, we were fucked. Upside down.

The worst thing was: This whole scene was captured by my beloved Chong. Upon seeing tt, he gave us a dressing down. There was a detestable smirk in his face, which seemed as if he was gloating to himself abt our misfortune. Wad can I say? Tt's my beloved.

I was like thinking to myself as I finally settled dwn for lunch. If we were to pay compliments to every enciks/officers we see, we wd haf to stop every 10 steps during our marching to the ckhse. The whole place was flooding wif them. I cant really help by wondering, did our parents pay these NS regulars juz to get salutes frm us? Or r they here for more impt business?Certainly, if a CPT or other lower ranking officers juz popped up and u were unable to react in time, I thought we cd b excused frm saluting. I always tot the officers wd understand. Of cos, if u haf fast reflexes, by all means pay compliments to them.

Anyway, the atmosphere sux. I dread the days I spent in AFS.

To Guest: Glad tt u pt tt out! I noe tt we cd ask our superior for transport fees. However, after wad I had seen frm my course commander's actions yest, I cd safely conclude tt he's not the kinda of guy who wd tend to yr fucking needs. He was so lazy tt he wanted all of us to either stay in or stay out, so tt he wont nid to handle extra clerical work if there r some ppl who decide to stay in.

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