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Monday, August 20, 2007
PC Repair Experiences
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:46 AM --- Post#760989988349024374

Projects Projects
I'm taking time off now to blog. Though really, I dunno what to talk about. Every day now is about racing against time, to finish my projects asap. Ya ppl over at 41 keep thinking I no live, whole day stay at home dunno do what. But I got my own plans and stuff to do. I got a list here.

Short term project:
- Complete Jaben Tee shirt design
- Complete Noise "We create Noise not clothes" tee shirt design
- Complete "Water Lily" art work
- Complete ZOMBiE Studios logo design
- Brainstorm of "Abstract Thorns" design
- OCR and make a little summarized guide book for Shining Tribe Tarot deck
- DIY/buy casing for Shining Tribe Tarot deck
- DIY foam for CK7 IEM

Mid Term Projects:
- Complete AJC AJIABAS Online catalogue
- Rapid experience gain from various PC repair work
- Research more on PC hardware in order to build my own machine

Long Term Projects:
- Take up a course from SAE, be it Animation or Audio Engineering
- Take up driving course
- Prepare, gather ppl and money to set up mini office to do PC repair work and graphic design
- Build own machine, subsequently provide service to help ppl assembly PC

PC Repair Experiences

Recently I got a few PC repair cases up for me, great for experiences. I learnt that doing PC repair and services is far more than just knowledge and experience, things like how to make customer happy and how to get info of problems through MSN/SMS/Phone is important.

I charge $30 for helping a guy remove a porn pop-up (simply using MS config to stop it from popping out on boot then delete it manually). Somehow I feel that is not enuff, so I went a step more to install Spy Bot to clear off most spywares, and found lots of "free" software he had are spywares. Also emptied off all unnecessary start up apps to make windows boot faster, and then informed him to use Firefox instead of IE to reduce cases of infecting with all these nonsense adverts. Then told him that a lot of so call Free Software are not really free, comes with baddies scripts. At first I feel guilty of taking $30 from him, but not now, cos I go the extra mile to make him a very contented customer. (Actually its $50, my dad koped $20, I refused to give him $20, in the end negotiate he took only $10. But $30 is what I should actually get, as its outside market price. The $10 is considered dad give to me de.)

Then I helped him upped the RAM. Bought from SLS Active Photo for $60+, help install in. Then also Windows got some connection problem with Ethernet and wireless, such that despite me manually adjusting the IP and stuff, it still dun work. Windows simply cannot acquire any IP address and network connection over ANY access point or router. I live booted to Linux SLAX and everything is fine. That time I was very tried cos camp got lots of Over Time, and since his data is very little, he agreed to re-format to make things snappy. Reformatted and as usual, I loaded it up with my power freeware such as IRFan View, jetAudio, SpyBot, Avast!, MSN Plus, VLC and MPC Player…. Also configured to write Chinese words for him. Went his house gimme lectures on how to use the apps and configure router summore. I got $100 out of it. $60+ buy RAM, meaning I earn $30+ only. I took $30 and gave dad the remaining few bucks. Dad was complaining, ya I know he get damn little, I would had expected him (the customer) to pay more, but then its more like he pay whatever money he think worth my service, cos he and my dad old friends liao. If my dad was to service for him personally, he wun charge anything, but now it's me mah, I dunno him, then must take time off go his house and no sleep for nights help him settle these, I think for all these lots of trouble $30 is bu guo fen lor.

Thinking its still quite fun doing PC repair work, im not some pro in Windows or hardware, but I think im enough to help ppl solve general PC problems. At least I know how to search for solutions online, though its cheating, but I can always reformat. Some ppl dun even noe how to reformat windows, that's the problem. Can generate some extra income also.

Hope to Stay out. Hope comes!

I was using Master's ISAC card to log in and emailed the OC about why I want to stay out. I will not repeat the reasons, for I had blogged many times about it before. I took like half a hour to compose my 500 word master piece and he took only 5 minutes to read and called me on my hand phone. I was damn shocked. He told me meet him Tuesday 8am, to discuss. I seriously hope to stay out. Serious. Wish me all the best, wish me good luck!

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