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Monday, August 27, 2007
wtfccb, knnbccb
[havoc] ranted at 8:34 PM --- Post#3592814836230848462

Sry for the dramatic title, but it cd haf gone more vulgar den tt. I tried to restrain myself frm getting emotional.

Spking of which, this is the 1st time I had ever gotten so emotional, after my return to AFS. The event that had occured juz today, in a way, had spurred me on to write this entry. Fuckers..

Seriously spking, we were told by 1 Sgt last Fri tt our course is a stay-in one. So I already prepared myself for a 5-wk AFS stay-in, which IMO, was better than staying out. 1stly, I was elated tt I wont haf to burn my salary on transport fee, juz to get to AFS everyday. If it is stay out, each trip costs abt $3, a trip to and fro will amt to $6.. 5 days work wk and my course is a 5 wk course.. So if u still haf the brains to work out how much it wd totally cost for my 5 wk stay out.. ROUGHLY 1/3 of yr salary is spent on transport ALONE!

2ndly, I haf to wake up damn bloody early juz to travel frm CCK to AFS(paya lebar). FUCK! Spking of care for soldiers.. Where's the care in the 1st place if I had less den 6 hrs of slp everyday.


Anyway, back to my story and the unfateful event tt took place. So today, much to everyone's surprise, we had our COURSE BRIEFING. Oh wow. A course briefing after the course had commenced. It cant get any better. Our course commander, a major by rank, came in and gave us a pep talk. Of course, the common issue of staying in for the bloody course was raised. There were verbal discussions. Here and there. Finally, a consensus was made.

"Those who wanna cont stay in bcos u think u cannot get to AFS in time can cont to do so. Those who think they can manage their time well, of cos u haf the freedom to choose."

Up to this pt, I think the thing tt made much sense were the holy words "freedom to choose". All embraced the idea. Finally, Fairy Godmother came by and granted the wishes of those who wanna stay out, and those who wanna stay in frm the start. Of cos, in every fairy tale story, likewise in my story, there is always a villian to pave the entrance of the godmother. The villian in my case, IS my course sgt by the name of MSG CHONG!

IF anyone is suffering of deprived childhood and doesnt noe anything abt fairy tales, I will use a more recent illustration to demonstrate wad I mean. Take for eg star wars, the Jedi prophecy of this chosen one who will bring balance to the force. Eventually, MSG CHONG assumed the role of Anakin Skywalker, later Darth Vader, and the major assumed the role of LUKE Skywalker.

After the godmother has made his leave, MSG Chong cast a death spell on those who wanna stay in. He wants everyone of us to either stay in or stay out. There IS NO CHOICE. Wow, so much for inviting the devil to yr doorsteps.

Fine, since most of us were against the idea of staying in, I haf to suck my thumb hard and complied to staying out, which awfully means I haf to burn my money on transport fee and wake up damn early.

The Chinese always believed in gd things come in pair. Well for me, gd things come in pair. Bad things come in a dozen. Yep! Another stupid theory of mine was proven true by my beloved MSG. I haf to bk in early tmr and Weds at 0715 to consume breakfast due to inadvanced notice given. SO I had to wake up at 0530, instead of the usual 0600.

FUCK! KNNB! I gave up. Conceded defeat b4 the war has even started. This is army. Yeah! When being asked whether we can report straight to Sungei Gedong for Xctry nx wk since we r staying out, the ans was a straight two letter word. BCOS coaches r hired to transport us frm AFS to Gedong. Wow! Splendid. So basically, I had to wake up early, take public transport dwn to AFS, take hired coach to Gedong, den back to AFS for the fucking indented dinner, den back home. Wow. The master nv ceased to amaze me. THE BLOODY GEDONG is JUZ AT THE FOOTSTEP OF MY HSE! BLOODY HELL. CCK AND LCK R SO CLOSE TO EACH OTHER, seperated by 30 mins bus trip. Bloody hell. TO think I had to travel dwn to AFS by 0730, juz to take their bloody hired bus service to fetch me to Gedong which wd take us 50 mins to reach there.. I can juz simply wake up at 0730 at my hse and take a 30 min trip dwn to GEDONG, reaching b4 the coach does.


AND, A BIG FUCK to Balvinder and his gang of smokers. Laughing at my friend's qn to tt.. Its not funny to stay out and not funny to travel frm one end of Spore to another end and back again. Poly grads nowadays lack the brains to discern stuff..

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