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Sunday, September 30, 2007
Artwork: Rocking Together For Life
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:26 PM --- Post#1476566375338653960

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
[Click for full size image]

A group of five good friends together - blissful. This shows that friendship is a simple pleasure in life, but not everyone got this chance to be by a friend all the time. So treasure your times with friends.

This piece started off with Kyro asking me how to convert hand drawing to digital image. She drew some chibi like cartoons in pencil and wanted to scan into computer for further editing, like relining, colouring...etc. I thought of the Live Trace feature in Adobe Illustrator, but soon gave up on the idea as it dun work out as nice. So i suggested re drawing the whole picture in vector form in Illustrator instead.

She passed me a sample, and i did a demo for her:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

Its suppose to be a drawing of The Gazette, a jRock band, which Kyro is a fan of. She took the weekend to complete the hand drawing of all five band members:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Except for the 4B peepz in VS, i dint meet any one in my life who can draw, (what i mean by "can draw" means at least produce a decent simple sketch of stuffs which in one look ppl know what u drawing). So i tot Kyro was quite talented, and help vectorised and put everything into a poster for her. Yup, and this artwork is of course dedicated to Kyro!

I myself know nuts about jRock (cos i prefer mRock more), so after illustrating the five members, i put them up in a nice background and added a tagline of my own - Rocking Together For Life, Cos We Are Lucky To Have Us. I conveyed the idea to Yue Ting, she was the one who tot of the whole tagline. Thanks Yue Ting! Not forgetting its suppose to be a chibi version of The Gazette, i added their names on the design.

Why "Rocking Together For Life"? Cos its smthing i want to have. I want my good friends to be with me... But a lot of times either they got other commitment or they dun treat me as a good friend. Thats why i so lonely...Every weekend got to cry at home myself. I hope one day i will be happy like the five ppl inside the pic.. Hope hope, but it will never come true. Depress...

Technical Details
Software - Adobe Photoshop CS 3, Adobe Illustrator CS 3
Time taken - About three weeks
Canvas Size - 4000x3000px

Hand Drawing Artist - Kyro
Graphic Designer - ZOMBiE CYGiG
Tagline - Yue Ting

Special Thanks: Wenze, Tsun Lam, Mom...and all those who helped me along.

Basically the picture is place in Illustrator, then draw over in Pen tool. Later on proportion is edited, some elements are improved and colour and shading added.

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The Final Countdown
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:53 AM --- Post#8036165056614005905

Do u believe thats me on stage?

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Saturday, September 29, 2007
Mr Lonely
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:09 PM --- Post#4816072252974443743

The following text had been BlogLocked. Select all, copy and paste into BlogLock and decrypt with the correct password.

The following text had been BlogLocked. Select all, copy and paste into BlogLock and decrypt with the correct password.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007
More Problems
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:12 PM --- Post#3751804616720364669

Seriously depressed. Once again i dun talk much in camp. Fuck the geek talks with wenze, i totally have no mood to talk about anything. Problems problems and problems. No end to it. Im damn frustrated le, no one here to help me. At times i really feel like calling the SAF hotline, or just walk into BWO's office and tell him how stressed up and fucked up i am. I want to slam the whole receiver on the floor and see it shatter into pieces. I want to cross the road in front of my camp blindly so i need not face tml. Only means of fustration is drawing...drawing..dunno why i drew my own hand..and its slitted on the wrist with blood. I drew my finger, and suddenly though of Saw II and mutate my own finger into a rotting rod. Help me.

Medical Problem
Chao Keng, Chao Keng, Chao Keng.. Thats all ppl know how to say.

"Its flat foot only what, so common!" This is so unfair to me. Mine is extreme flat foot. Not only i dun have the arch and its totally flat on the ground, the sides are protruding out also. Its easy to say "Flat foot only mah" when u dun have one. Normal ppl stand in CO parade or sentry will be shagged out easily. Imagine me with the intuiting pain.

"He also excuse heavy load, still can carry!". Everyone got their limit. I never say i cannot carry, but those feeders and receivers weight 30-50kg, easily worsen my situation. I was reprimanded by my physiotherapist that if im going to carrying these loads...its confirm to be painful and no chance of recovery. Field pack? Worst, direct pressing on my shoulder. School bag last time can make my shoulder stiff and rock hard liao, now its just getting worst. And no one believes me. Good lor. One day i cannot tahan, collapse or my shoulder blade get dislocated, then i shall see how everyone got to do their explanation and statements.

I also very paiseh go so many medical appointment. I dun deny that im happy when i get one, simply cos its like a mini rest morning for me to wake up late and go hospital for treatment. But then still its necessary, else how i going to recover? Cannot stand cannot carry bag for the rest of my life just cos of army? No way. I rather die.

I already sounded out these problems in CMPB, but i dint noe i need to produce letters, i tot go there there wil be specialist to check me up and do a throughout inspection and gimme a cure. I was wrong, nothing was done except telling i going PES B, which i then dunno what it meant.

It got worst when i went to Mohawk, shoulder getting shearing pain till cannot change clothes and feet swollen to the point of explosion. Then i dare to rise my discomfort to my sergeant despite their poor attitude and raging reprimands, cos i really CANNOT TAHAN ANYMORE. Things dint end there, my specialist letter went missing and during OETI i re-appointment again..thats why drag until now.

Adaptation Problem
9 months le. I still not able to adapt to military life. I dun want to force myself into depression like in AJC. I dun want to hang that penknife to my phone again so i can cut my wrist when i feel like. Depression not fun, esp when i dun have any medical support. Im lucky im still alive.

I do know that im very lucky to be in service vocation, but to be honest, one of the worst service vocation - technicians.

Now and then, the only thing i look forward to is to go home. I wun even bother o out after camp. I just want to go home and cool down. Whatever shit that happens in the day is over, at home i get to enter my private world of IT, games, gfx design, music... The time fall out till book in is entirely mine. The next day i will try my best to give what i have to camp, as long as they promise my private time after work.

But now going to stay in, summore i heard they going very strict on it, with the use of stay out card and stuff, making sure only stay out personnel (which is not us)can leave or enter the camp. How more devastating can it be?

Everyday i got to face my superior, my medical problem, adaptation problem...all the problem i need to tell them so they can help me, and i starting to feel guilty for asking too much from them. They are nice ppl. But i dun speak up... i going to die for good. There are alot of things i yet to tell them. I doubt they understand my medical situation fully yet..what about my history of depression?

People Relation Problem
The following text had been BlogLocked. Select all, copy and paste into BlogLock and decrypt with the correct password.

With so many problem, i dunno how i gg survive in army for the next one year two months. ever since im posted in, time slows down. Please...someone help me. Im damn depressed and stres...please...

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Sunday, September 16, 2007
Good Bye Pok Pok
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:44 PM --- Post#2953794734265669352

Death is something im used to.
I hurried to my corridor, only to find the poor thing on the floor of the cage. The head bowed towards the grids, as if it had surrendered to Death. Bald patches could be seen on her body, as those once silky brown feathers now departed from the body. I could see her eye sockets, sunken into her skull as a sign of starvation. Her legs no longer stand on the cage but was twisted in an awkward angle out, resting among her wing and body.

"Pokpok..." i called out. Her ears picked up my call and tried to lift her head, but it seemed like her muscles had shrunken to the point that even looking up is impossible. Her eyeball rolled but her eyes remained shut. What is she trying to tell me?

I wun post any pictures, as i dun think its a nice thing to capture such an awful sight. No one will want to see it. No one.

Somehow the feeling was similar to then when i knew i was sent to 41FMP and need to stay in. Its like i feel no sadness, but instead a heavy load, maybe a bomb, in my heart. Simply, dunno how to react to the sudden situation. Sometime later the bomb will blow and i will sink into Darkness once again, plague by Depression, seal myself in my abstract world on my own.

For now, i tried by very best not to look for a reaction, as i know the reaction i will have wun be nice. I chose to escape the feeling for now.

I dun want to cry. The scene of attending Jun Rong's cremation flashed into my mind. Just that this time its my very own family member. I believed she had gone to a better place. Released from hell on earth. She may go to heaven, perhaps watching over me. She may degrade into carbon and hydrogen compounds, the essentials of starting a new life... But at least from now on she wun be kept in a cage, and see me everyday trying to poke fun in her, pull her crown and pet her little head. I think she dun like me doing that all along. Maybe im really a bad owner.

Pokpok had been with me since sec 1 or 2. Lets take it as 7 years. 7 years is quite a long life for a chicken, well at least she need not worry for food, drink and shelter for 7 years. Still remember all the Avain Flu saga i used to take her out to play, tying a string to her feet to make sure she wun anyhow run away. Still remembered her first centipede. Still remembered when she tried to fly away when she was young and i got to go down stairs to standby to receive her from downstairs, fearing her wings cannot take flight for long. Still remembered when she had her first egg. Still remembered when she hatched her chicks...lots of memories and experience that most of the city dwellers will never have. I miss her.
Went out with ying...and throughout i tried not to think about it...
When i came back her cage was no longer there. Left there was a Converse shoe box. There my lady lies peacefully inside. I went down and dug a hole, feels like digging a shell scrape, skin got torn off from my palm as i dug the earth with this little spade without handle. This is the last thing i could do for her. I buried her.

Today, 16 september 2007 @ 3.30pm, Pokpok left this world, ended her misery on earth. I dunno if its a good thing, but i wish her all the best. Now i noe how Ella felt when Qiang Qiang went...

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True Application of Math
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:38 AM --- Post#2687233842595313678

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Saturday, September 15, 2007
Days in 41FMP
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:33 PM --- Post#3000957528350689455

Workshop Politics
There has been more and more politics going on in the workshop. At first i tot its because my 人缘不好 then caused a lot of problems, things like interest/ideology clash with the major lot is never uncommon on me. But as i talk to ppl around...i overheard a lot of instances of this guy hating tt guy and not willing to work with some guy or dislike those guys and etc etc.

Also got some rumours of seniors trying to grab attention or trying boss around. Or some junior trying act big and control situation in wkshop.

Haiz. I hate politics. Why must have got politics everwhere?

Below is a list of hate list from and to diff ppl in workshop.

The following text had been BlogLocked. Select all, copy and paste into BlogLock and decrypt with the correct password.

11FMD Dinner
We were FORCED to pay $25 for a stupid dinner. It sorts of reminds me of AJC forcing ppl to buy that fuck $3000 clock which is IMHO kena chopped carrot head liao. Me, wenze, neevan and Prabu went to Jaben first...i wanna let the guys try out the poisions! Hehehe. Uncle Wilson looked at Wenze and asked if he is on his way to poverty...which i think YES! Me too. Im on my way to poverty liao. Sometimes poverty brings happiness, at least for a while.

SuperFi 5 sounds fucking great, gonna be my next upgrade. Its $380. Gotta save up.

The dinner was quite light hearted. Suddenly like all the politics gone liao. I only see Alan and his pile of bones and shell in front. At first i pai seh dun want eat the chilli crab, cos i know the way i eat crab and shell fishes damn crude, eat until all face also got..then spit out the shells anyway. But looking at the way Alan eat...and that bloody pile of mountain of shells...i shall help myself with the delicacy! Yummy!

I swear i ate more than $25 worth of food. Things like me one person are the whole plate of sea cucumber (and explaining what sea cucumber is to Neevan) was quite shiok. Then the aunties keep mixing up our orders...cos its an ala cart buffet, they kepy giving us food that we never order, summore sume are repeated. We ended up with like dunno 5 or 6 plates of prawns. Good for sperms.

Lots of headphone testing and geek talks on the way as well. The dinner was quite ok lah. No alcohol! yeah cos i hate the taste or almost all alcoholic drinks. For now.

I think pokpok gonna leave me very very soon. Recently she is like damn pale, not moving, not eating, not drinking, not shitting. Whole day sit one corner of the cage and sleep...her face like ghost liddat...can see her eye sockets liao. Her crown wrinkled into a pale pink instead of ruby red. So coincidental with the Qiang Qian EP... Haiz, she been with me for 7 years le, more or less met the life span of a jungle fowl, she dies now i also got nothing to say. Perhaps its time for her to leave me and look for a better life ba?

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Sunday, September 09, 2007
iGrado, CK7 Foam bud and CK7 Storage Box reviewed!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:36 PM --- Post#7202379875755571320

iGrado - The Story
Me and Wenze stepped into the shop. I had been here twice. I recognise the bike that was always parked outside when the shop is open. The Jaben.

Its as crowded as always, as me and Wenze inched our way to find Uncle Wilson.

"Hey there! I brought my friend to try out the Mylar 3!"

"Sure!" He looked at me. "You have your player with you today?" He seemed to remember that i dint had my player with me last time when i came to pick up Mylar 3 for Tomato.

"Yup the D2. iAudio D2"

"Oh Good Stuff..."

I did the usual routine to demonstrate the new cans to Wenze. Plugged in to my D2, power on, played lossless FLAC tracks from Superband, turned off all the enhancements and flatten my EQ. I let him listened to the track for a minute or so, then i swiped my fingers across the touchscreen to the jeteffect button. Since he was testing an IEM, obviously he cant hear me, so i raise the player, screen direction towards him and toggled BBE on and off, letting him hear the difference. Enhancement by enhance i demostrated how the IEM will respond to the ehancement, then i did a quick on the spot V-shape equalizing to show how sensitive the earphone is to D2's equalizer and what possible variation can be achieved.

Wenze nodded in agreement on the Mylar. After that we chatted with uncle wilson for a while before a random question popped out from my itchy mouth. "Just wondering if there are any backbone headphone worth recommending?"

"What do you mean by backbone?"

"Err..those kinda that the headband goes around your neck...errr its not full size headphone but some sort like the PX100". Honestly i dunno what i talking also.

His face lighted up with a smile and disappeared behind us and reappeared with exactly what i meant - a backbone street style headphone.

I hooked it up and was surprised by the sound. My face was virtually frozen in an astonished smile as Wenze was staring at my weird expression. I pulled the headphone off and forced it into his ears. His facial expression was similar to mine.

"Nice right?" I exclaimed excitedly. Wenze dint say a think but repeatedly nodding his head. Uncle wilson was laughing and stuck his two thumbs up. I was wondering what brand it was, as i noticed a sliver lined word at the back - "iGrado". Grado? No wonder.

"This is from Grado?" I double confirmed.

"Of course!"

"What model is it?"


"No other model number? Just 'iGrado'?"


At the moment my heart fell. Surely anything from Grado would be exp. I feel like returning the cans to Uncle Wilson immediately and come back when SAF decides to pay me $1000 a month.

"Ermmm how much is this?"

"Hahah seventy five, young man!"

"You serious!?"

He seemed to think for a while and then replied with confidence, "Of course!"

Wow i think $75 is a great price for smthing liddat! I whispered to Wenze "Shit lah i kena poisoned liao! Eh it sound damn nice rite!". He said yes.

After walking out of the shop and phoning my friend and ask about their opinion...i decided to WACK! I surrendered my NETS card and punched in my PIN. Before i knew anything im the owner of the iGrado. Oh my i just spent $75 liddat!!!! But this make ZOMBiE a very happy guy for this weekend...

iGrado - The Review

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

-Physical Built-
This headphone is a Street Style Backbone, meaning the headband goes behind your neck instead of the traditional over your head. The neckband is built from flexible polished plastic and the driver unit has got this hole-punched metal piece on the outside which sort of look cool.There is a silver bot connecting the neck band to the driver units, which on first sight seemed like an adjustable nob, but its not, the whole headphone is non-adjustable. But it fits on my ear perfectly and comfortably. It appears that the neckband will take the width of your head after wearing for some time. At first it felt too tight, but after about half an hour of wearing the tightness seemed to be gone. You leave it for some times without wearing and the tightness will be back again. Comfort is guaranteed, but being a backbone, the neckband will obstruct the way if u try to rest your head on the back of your chair or something. U cannot sleep with this headphone as well.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Nice punchy and clear deep bass but not to the extreme like KSC75 (Lots of muddy bass). I love the vocals, the mids are very warm and bright, brings out everything in the vocalist's voice. The highs are a bit lacking with no sibilance, actually the highs are okay with me as im not a fan of screeching reproductions. Overall the sounding is good enough to go without EQ or enhancements at all. Due to its slightly emphasized bass, bright vocal and so-so highs, it shows that this can is not very neutral or balance or flat, but its not to the extreme as well. It still sounds natural yet dynamic and lovely. Perfect for pop, rock and techno songs.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Its hard to drive, i need to up the volume to 40/50 on my D2. I tried using EQ and BBE enhancements, the nice bright vocal with almost zero sibilance is easily distorted or destroyed in the process if not done carefully. Thus i would just prefer it in flat from D2.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

If u compare iGrado to the other Grado models, this is tip of an ice mountain. But if you compare this to other street style models like the PX100, Porta Pro or ATH-ES5, this headphone is definitely one of the leaders. Its price (SGD75) is the cheapest among the three other cans i mentioned as well.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

CK7 Foam Buds

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I got a pair of foam buds for CK7 for SGD4. It seals up your ear canal and now the isolation is damn good. The bass from CK7 is now significantly deeper and punchier. I feel the foams are more comfortable than the original silicon stock buds, though u will have the feeling or smthing pressing on your ear canal, it feels very secure as if it wun drop easily (the original stock buds drop off easily)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Above shows the new foam bud and the old silicon bud.

IMPACT CK7 Storage box

I finally finished my box of IMPACT mints. The below pics will show that i used it as a storage box for my CK7.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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AFS life
[havoc] ranted at 6:40 PM --- Post#7664289441798549958

AFS life is so unpredictable. It is quite ironic tt a simple routine army life can haf its own upsets here and there.

Oh well, on wif my story.. To achieve a balance in the force of nature, the Chinese has always believed in the equal proportion of yin and yang energies. In fairytale terms, there is always a villian to portray the kind-heartedness of the fairy godmother (if it exists). Of cos, my story is no exception.

I still remb on last Fri, I juz met up wif one of my oct friends, whom I noe I can confide in and vice-versa. So, I was lamenting abt the poor attitude his fellow air force ada octs had shown to ptes like me. Ironically, he was also having similar problems, juz tt he was often bullied by a storeman who was only a mere pte.

These ada octs, are like pains in my ass. They nv cease to make our lives in AFS a cozy and comfortable one. Talking abt their motto: To lead, overcome, excel.. Well, these octs r not capable leaders. When it comes to area cleaning of our living quarters, instead of being led, I was surprisingly bossed ard by them. Since I was in charge of the cleaniness of the toilet, the oct who was in charge juz gave us strict instructions on wad to b observed, while he slacked ard and occasionally giving his opinionated views on how things shd b done. Shdnt the qn of "wad things shd b done" comes precedence of "how things shd b done". OCTs nowadays..

Of cos, this was not the end of their tyranny. I heard tt one of the octs came knocking at my friend's bunk one fine evening, "asking" them to wake up at 6am for the flag raising ceremony. He also mentioned abt severe punishments wd b given by the duty officer if we did not adhere to this rule. I was like thinking: O RLY? I remb my beloved MSG telling us tt we live a diff life frm the octs. The octs had to wake up at 0530 for their 5bx. We, however, nid not. We can wake up by 0620 and finish our area cleaning and breakfast b4 0700 hrs. Bcos 0715 is the arrival and departure time for our hired coach.

So wad's up wif this oct? Did he think it was unfair practice tt we wake up later den them? Not my prob. Go sort out wif my MSG, tt oct squeak.

Talking abt ranks, ptes r higher ranking den octs. However, we do more sai gang den them. Their motto shd b changed to To boss, to overpower, to extradicate.

To boss us bcos they think they r big fucks. To overpower us b4 we climb on top of their heads and start to make a mess of their hair. To extradicate all those who defy all their commands.

To lead, to overcome, to excel VS To boss, to overpower, to extradicate.

Wad a great contrast.

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Saturday, September 08, 2007
I am Rest Room Key IC
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:54 AM --- Post#5950020947483585988

This week is I think one of the most enjoyable week in 41. Everything is quiet. The warrant is not there, a lot of A-mech attached to 4SAB for their LRI. The three other turret mech in my batch went to tekong. Basically there are few ppl in the workshop as compared to other days. Like today, only got less than 15 ppl in workshop, as a lot of them clearing leave liao.

I mentioned lots of times. I love tranquility. I love being alone. Most of the time this week I work independently alone, I can choose to call ppl help me, I can choose not to. I can choose to remain quiet for the day, I can choose to talk to ppl, unlike usual time I dun get much choice.

Not much ppl around simply means I dun have to spend time thinking the right thing to do and say so that I dun put others into trouble. I dun have to deal with politics since a lot of the workshop “politicians” are not around. I dun need to socialize much either. Some ppl who i dun fancy not there. On the other hand, ppl who dun like me wun see me either.

I own the rest room. Im the rest room IC. Me, mr slaxxor lubs dumping myself into the dark corner of the rest room and sleep and sleep and sleep or maybe play NDS. Someone said “this will make Alan the rest room 2IC then!”. Agreed. I always see him sitting on the chair at the other end, when he talks to you his eyes seldom look into yours, but focused on somewhere far away. He will reply your question in short segments…slowly…patiently, as if he is formulating the best answer for you. Somehow when he sees an Indian, that smirk on his face will appear, ready to gun him down with this racist bullets. Nice guy lah.
This week is quite slack. Actually nothing much to do everyday, but to talk cock with wenze and perhaps sleep.

I went to physio on Wednesday. A pretty young lady attended to me in CGH, not only she is warm and friendly, she damn pro also. She ask me take off my top and do some stretching and movement with my arm, then press press…can tell the fault liao. She say there is this horizontal bone on my spinal cord which is linked to my shoulder blade through a muscle. That muscle had been over exerted and now weaken, so not able to hold my shoulder blade in place when my arm moves. On top of that, a tendon inside inflamed… she taught me some simple exercises (which I lazy to do at all) and used ultra sound to heal my tendons and muscles. I was scheduled another psysio next wed…I wonder if the workshop officer allow me to go a not…cos I got quite a lot of Medical Appointment. 21st got see foot specialist, 24th see my ortho, 26th see ENT at SGH.

BTW, the piece of earwax causing so much problem in my ear had been taken out…I dig dig dig and forced it out of my ear. This is a dangerous act…never attempt to dig your ear with burte force at home. Now the piece of wax is gone…everything sound so nice.

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Monday, September 03, 2007
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:08 AM --- Post#1049856754893817957

“Workshop Bersurite!”

Everyone fell out, except for me, simply cos im the Orderly for the day. I'm the key holder, and I respond to everyone’s beck and call as they anyhow anyhow phone me to open some store room and stuff. Its also my duty to lock up everything after everyone left the workshop. There I was, locking up the rooms and changing. The Workshop officer even asked if I need a lift.




So after he left, I went up to the HQ block to return the keys. Hastily, I rushed out of camp. I read the time on my watch its 7pm liao. Damn late. Boarding the MRT, I know its gonna be a long ride. I shall not describe how irritating and tiring it is to squeeze inside the train and stand there so long EVERYDAY.

I reached City Hall and lumbered my way out of the crowd. Going out from the rear exit, I reached The Adelphi in no time. The complex was quiet as usual, the tranquil environment was actually getting scary. Most of the shops were closed, behind the glasses I could see all kinds of audio equipment, from the strangest speaker to the most expensive cable. Could Jaben be closed also?

My feeling told me it was closed. But still I took the trouble to climb up four levels. As I emerge from the main corridor to the side walk way, a group of ppl came into side. Fans of jaben? Suddenly I remember kiat told me every Friday was their gathering time. The shop was opened wide open, and with ppl coming in and out.

Normally under this circumstance, my fear of crowd will tell me to turn back. But this time im in a rush to get the stuff I want – Tomato’s birthday present.
I stepped in and saw this old man looking at me. He greeted me warmly with Standard English. His English reminded me of news broadcasters. I dint know what to say to him, but to ask for the earphone.

“Can I try out Mylar 3?”

“Sure! But first, help yourself with the drinks over there. There are some food also!”

“Err..i just ate?”

“Oh come on! Everyone is doing it! Help yourself!”

I nodded reluctantly as he disappeared back to his work bench, discussing something that seemed important. I took a cup, and saw three 1.5 liters of cola there. They were all full, perhaps they weren’t open yet? So I dint bother to be the first one to open it, rather I just put the cup down and went out. I called Tomato, telling her to meet me once I reach home. She agreed.

Back to the shop, I stood there for a while as he was still on his engrossed conversation. I began to sniff out a strong punch of vinegar small. I saw on the table a bottle of vinegar was warmed in hot water, and I guess they would be poured out onto the containers on the table and dabbed with bread to eat. I tot that bottle of vinegar was wine at first.

Ouf of a sudden, he called me.

“Oh sorry, I seemed to be holding this for quite a while” he handed me a white mylar 3. “you got your player?”

“Nope sorry, I just came from ca…”

“Oh! Its ok come come!” He interrupted as he ushered me to one of his CD players.

Point to the Phono to 3.5mm jack adapter, he instructed, “come put this in here!” I hooked the Mylar to the player and began my little audio engineering.

I start to drift my attention to ppl around me. Most are gaming or comparing parts, the rest on iPods and PSP. A couple of china ppl were here also.
“In your opinion, CK7 or Mylar 3 is better?”

“Why not u try it and tell me the answer?” So I tried. He searched his box to find CK7, which I dun intend to get also.

After comparing the both, I found CK7’s bass or dynamic. While X3 is so more warmth on the vocals, mid and highs. “It must be the earbud!” The uncle replied…
“Its ok…err anyway I just want on mylar 3, your accept nets?”

“we do! $65 please!”

Leaving Adelphi, I chiong home with another agonizing bus trip. We met each other near the play gound. I wished her happy birthday and taught her some basics on maintaining the IEM. Our parents almost saw us. Back home, I think she should be quite happy to receive a earphone from me ba…good luck, have a fun time with mylar!

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Sunday, September 02, 2007
COMEX 2007
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:35 PM --- Post#8839150646720125434

Just some stuff i bought at Comex 2007.

- 9 double sided CD jewelry casing
I bought these cases cos a lot of times the double sided casing of the music album i bought from Cash Converter are really cui. Got them at 3 for $1, so next time i bought a 2nd hand album with broken casing i just swap with one of these

- 3M Scotch Brite
Actually i saw it in Comex, but dint buy it, bought it in SLS instead. $5 (original $6). I used it before, but the previous one is lost. This cloth is really damn good at picking up dust and perfect for lens and screens. It comes with a translucent handy pouch.

- IMPACT mints
Not bought in COMEX but on my way home. Not cos i got sweet tooth, but i tot it will make a nice container for my CK7 after i finish the candies.

- SanDisk Cruzer Micro
Simple 1GB thumbdrive for $19. My idea is to get Windows to run Live from it. Meaning to say boot a Preinstalled Environment of Windows from thumb drive. Same idea as my usual Linux Live boot from CD trick to recover files and stuff, just that now i attempting to do it on a thumbdrive and using Windows instead of Linux. Reason being USB 2.0 speed is faster than CD, also can read and write to it, and free the DVD drive so i can burn disc from the Live OS. I got some tutorials:

BartPE Homepage
Bart's PE Builder helps you build a "BartPE" (Bart Preinstalled Environment) bootable Windows CD-Rom or DVD from the original Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 installation/setup CD, very suitable for PC maintenance tasks.

WeetHet - Boot from USB Flash drive
How to boot an ISO file (your Windows PE image file or image file from BartPE)from thumb drive instead of burning from CD.

HP Drive Key Boot Utility
A utility from HP to make your thumbdrive bootable.

Langa Letter: XP On Your Thumb Drive
Fred Langa offers a step-by-step and illustrated guide on how to boot XP from an ordinary USB drive.

But i damn tired now...no time to yan jiu yan jiu...Wost come to worst i use MySlax builder to build Slax again on thumbdrive. Then this thumbdrive i will also put in Rusty's PC maintenance toolkit and will go with me whenever when it comes to Windows Troubleshooting. A great tool to earn money. :)

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