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Sunday, September 09, 2007
AFS life
[havoc] ranted at 6:40 PM --- Post#7664289441798549958

AFS life is so unpredictable. It is quite ironic tt a simple routine army life can haf its own upsets here and there.

Oh well, on wif my story.. To achieve a balance in the force of nature, the Chinese has always believed in the equal proportion of yin and yang energies. In fairytale terms, there is always a villian to portray the kind-heartedness of the fairy godmother (if it exists). Of cos, my story is no exception.

I still remb on last Fri, I juz met up wif one of my oct friends, whom I noe I can confide in and vice-versa. So, I was lamenting abt the poor attitude his fellow air force ada octs had shown to ptes like me. Ironically, he was also having similar problems, juz tt he was often bullied by a storeman who was only a mere pte.

These ada octs, are like pains in my ass. They nv cease to make our lives in AFS a cozy and comfortable one. Talking abt their motto: To lead, overcome, excel.. Well, these octs r not capable leaders. When it comes to area cleaning of our living quarters, instead of being led, I was surprisingly bossed ard by them. Since I was in charge of the cleaniness of the toilet, the oct who was in charge juz gave us strict instructions on wad to b observed, while he slacked ard and occasionally giving his opinionated views on how things shd b done. Shdnt the qn of "wad things shd b done" comes precedence of "how things shd b done". OCTs nowadays..

Of cos, this was not the end of their tyranny. I heard tt one of the octs came knocking at my friend's bunk one fine evening, "asking" them to wake up at 6am for the flag raising ceremony. He also mentioned abt severe punishments wd b given by the duty officer if we did not adhere to this rule. I was like thinking: O RLY? I remb my beloved MSG telling us tt we live a diff life frm the octs. The octs had to wake up at 0530 for their 5bx. We, however, nid not. We can wake up by 0620 and finish our area cleaning and breakfast b4 0700 hrs. Bcos 0715 is the arrival and departure time for our hired coach.

So wad's up wif this oct? Did he think it was unfair practice tt we wake up later den them? Not my prob. Go sort out wif my MSG, tt oct squeak.

Talking abt ranks, ptes r higher ranking den octs. However, we do more sai gang den them. Their motto shd b changed to To boss, to overpower, to extradicate.

To boss us bcos they think they r big fucks. To overpower us b4 we climb on top of their heads and start to make a mess of their hair. To extradicate all those who defy all their commands.

To lead, to overcome, to excel VS To boss, to overpower, to extradicate.

Wad a great contrast.

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