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Saturday, September 15, 2007
Days in 41FMP
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:33 PM --- Post#3000957528350689455

Workshop Politics
There has been more and more politics going on in the workshop. At first i tot its because my 人缘不好 then caused a lot of problems, things like interest/ideology clash with the major lot is never uncommon on me. But as i talk to ppl around...i overheard a lot of instances of this guy hating tt guy and not willing to work with some guy or dislike those guys and etc etc.

Also got some rumours of seniors trying to grab attention or trying boss around. Or some junior trying act big and control situation in wkshop.

Haiz. I hate politics. Why must have got politics everwhere?

Below is a list of hate list from and to diff ppl in workshop.

The following text had been BlogLocked. Select all, copy and paste into BlogLock and decrypt with the correct password.

11FMD Dinner
We were FORCED to pay $25 for a stupid dinner. It sorts of reminds me of AJC forcing ppl to buy that fuck $3000 clock which is IMHO kena chopped carrot head liao. Me, wenze, neevan and Prabu went to Jaben first...i wanna let the guys try out the poisions! Hehehe. Uncle Wilson looked at Wenze and asked if he is on his way to poverty...which i think YES! Me too. Im on my way to poverty liao. Sometimes poverty brings happiness, at least for a while.

SuperFi 5 sounds fucking great, gonna be my next upgrade. Its $380. Gotta save up.

The dinner was quite light hearted. Suddenly like all the politics gone liao. I only see Alan and his pile of bones and shell in front. At first i pai seh dun want eat the chilli crab, cos i know the way i eat crab and shell fishes damn crude, eat until all face also got..then spit out the shells anyway. But looking at the way Alan eat...and that bloody pile of mountain of shells...i shall help myself with the delicacy! Yummy!

I swear i ate more than $25 worth of food. Things like me one person are the whole plate of sea cucumber (and explaining what sea cucumber is to Neevan) was quite shiok. Then the aunties keep mixing up our orders...cos its an ala cart buffet, they kepy giving us food that we never order, summore sume are repeated. We ended up with like dunno 5 or 6 plates of prawns. Good for sperms.

Lots of headphone testing and geek talks on the way as well. The dinner was quite ok lah. No alcohol! yeah cos i hate the taste or almost all alcoholic drinks. For now.

I think pokpok gonna leave me very very soon. Recently she is like damn pale, not moving, not eating, not drinking, not shitting. Whole day sit one corner of the cage and sleep...her face like ghost liddat...can see her eye sockets liao. Her crown wrinkled into a pale pink instead of ruby red. So coincidental with the Qiang Qian EP... Haiz, she been with me for 7 years le, more or less met the life span of a jungle fowl, she dies now i also got nothing to say. Perhaps its time for her to leave me and look for a better life ba?

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