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Saturday, September 08, 2007
I am Rest Room Key IC
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:54 AM --- Post#5950020947483585988

This week is I think one of the most enjoyable week in 41. Everything is quiet. The warrant is not there, a lot of A-mech attached to 4SAB for their LRI. The three other turret mech in my batch went to tekong. Basically there are few ppl in the workshop as compared to other days. Like today, only got less than 15 ppl in workshop, as a lot of them clearing leave liao.

I mentioned lots of times. I love tranquility. I love being alone. Most of the time this week I work independently alone, I can choose to call ppl help me, I can choose not to. I can choose to remain quiet for the day, I can choose to talk to ppl, unlike usual time I dun get much choice.

Not much ppl around simply means I dun have to spend time thinking the right thing to do and say so that I dun put others into trouble. I dun have to deal with politics since a lot of the workshop “politicians” are not around. I dun need to socialize much either. Some ppl who i dun fancy not there. On the other hand, ppl who dun like me wun see me either.

I own the rest room. Im the rest room IC. Me, mr slaxxor lubs dumping myself into the dark corner of the rest room and sleep and sleep and sleep or maybe play NDS. Someone said “this will make Alan the rest room 2IC then!”. Agreed. I always see him sitting on the chair at the other end, when he talks to you his eyes seldom look into yours, but focused on somewhere far away. He will reply your question in short segments…slowly…patiently, as if he is formulating the best answer for you. Somehow when he sees an Indian, that smirk on his face will appear, ready to gun him down with this racist bullets. Nice guy lah.
This week is quite slack. Actually nothing much to do everyday, but to talk cock with wenze and perhaps sleep.

I went to physio on Wednesday. A pretty young lady attended to me in CGH, not only she is warm and friendly, she damn pro also. She ask me take off my top and do some stretching and movement with my arm, then press press…can tell the fault liao. She say there is this horizontal bone on my spinal cord which is linked to my shoulder blade through a muscle. That muscle had been over exerted and now weaken, so not able to hold my shoulder blade in place when my arm moves. On top of that, a tendon inside inflamed… she taught me some simple exercises (which I lazy to do at all) and used ultra sound to heal my tendons and muscles. I was scheduled another psysio next wed…I wonder if the workshop officer allow me to go a not…cos I got quite a lot of Medical Appointment. 21st got see foot specialist, 24th see my ortho, 26th see ENT at SGH.

BTW, the piece of earwax causing so much problem in my ear had been taken out…I dig dig dig and forced it out of my ear. This is a dangerous act…never attempt to dig your ear with burte force at home. Now the piece of wax is gone…everything sound so nice.

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