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Monday, September 03, 2007
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:08 AM --- Post#1049856754893817957

“Workshop Bersurite!”

Everyone fell out, except for me, simply cos im the Orderly for the day. I'm the key holder, and I respond to everyone’s beck and call as they anyhow anyhow phone me to open some store room and stuff. Its also my duty to lock up everything after everyone left the workshop. There I was, locking up the rooms and changing. The Workshop officer even asked if I need a lift.




So after he left, I went up to the HQ block to return the keys. Hastily, I rushed out of camp. I read the time on my watch its 7pm liao. Damn late. Boarding the MRT, I know its gonna be a long ride. I shall not describe how irritating and tiring it is to squeeze inside the train and stand there so long EVERYDAY.

I reached City Hall and lumbered my way out of the crowd. Going out from the rear exit, I reached The Adelphi in no time. The complex was quiet as usual, the tranquil environment was actually getting scary. Most of the shops were closed, behind the glasses I could see all kinds of audio equipment, from the strangest speaker to the most expensive cable. Could Jaben be closed also?

My feeling told me it was closed. But still I took the trouble to climb up four levels. As I emerge from the main corridor to the side walk way, a group of ppl came into side. Fans of jaben? Suddenly I remember kiat told me every Friday was their gathering time. The shop was opened wide open, and with ppl coming in and out.

Normally under this circumstance, my fear of crowd will tell me to turn back. But this time im in a rush to get the stuff I want – Tomato’s birthday present.
I stepped in and saw this old man looking at me. He greeted me warmly with Standard English. His English reminded me of news broadcasters. I dint know what to say to him, but to ask for the earphone.

“Can I try out Mylar 3?”

“Sure! But first, help yourself with the drinks over there. There are some food also!”

“Err..i just ate?”

“Oh come on! Everyone is doing it! Help yourself!”

I nodded reluctantly as he disappeared back to his work bench, discussing something that seemed important. I took a cup, and saw three 1.5 liters of cola there. They were all full, perhaps they weren’t open yet? So I dint bother to be the first one to open it, rather I just put the cup down and went out. I called Tomato, telling her to meet me once I reach home. She agreed.

Back to the shop, I stood there for a while as he was still on his engrossed conversation. I began to sniff out a strong punch of vinegar small. I saw on the table a bottle of vinegar was warmed in hot water, and I guess they would be poured out onto the containers on the table and dabbed with bread to eat. I tot that bottle of vinegar was wine at first.

Ouf of a sudden, he called me.

“Oh sorry, I seemed to be holding this for quite a while” he handed me a white mylar 3. “you got your player?”

“Nope sorry, I just came from ca…”

“Oh! Its ok come come!” He interrupted as he ushered me to one of his CD players.

Point to the Phono to 3.5mm jack adapter, he instructed, “come put this in here!” I hooked the Mylar to the player and began my little audio engineering.

I start to drift my attention to ppl around me. Most are gaming or comparing parts, the rest on iPods and PSP. A couple of china ppl were here also.
“In your opinion, CK7 or Mylar 3 is better?”

“Why not u try it and tell me the answer?” So I tried. He searched his box to find CK7, which I dun intend to get also.

After comparing the both, I found CK7’s bass or dynamic. While X3 is so more warmth on the vocals, mid and highs. “It must be the earbud!” The uncle replied…
“Its ok…err anyway I just want on mylar 3, your accept nets?”

“we do! $65 please!”

Leaving Adelphi, I chiong home with another agonizing bus trip. We met each other near the play gound. I wished her happy birthday and taught her some basics on maintaining the IEM. Our parents almost saw us. Back home, I think she should be quite happy to receive a earphone from me ba…good luck, have a fun time with mylar!

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