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Sunday, October 21, 2007
How be happy?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:15 PM --- Post#6092477410843717137

Music pumped into my eardrums as i waited at Bugis MRT. I really dun mind if she was late, but i just wanted a little rest area to salvage my poor extreme flat foot. So i leaned my body against the marble wall...resting comfortably on it like a sloth on the tree.

"Oh hii..so sorry im late!" She appeared in front of me out of a sudden, almost scaring me to near-death.

"Haha its ok lah" i replied, staring into blank spaces. My though process ran through my mind to find a suitable emotion to display on my face, but the search returned zero result.

Its a long time since i had seen her, honestly i cannot remember how she looked like, cos my memory is simply brick when it comes to ppl's face. Strange enough, that was one of the rare times when i went out with a female that wore skirt. Dun ask why.

"Eh where u want to eat?"

"Dunno leh, the problem is Bugis nothing to eat one..."

"Got lah.."

I dunno, cos everything food in bugis was more or less Bugis Teenage Cafe to me, its quite quiet and peaceful, plus stable strong Wifi for purchase over $10. Their Banana Fritters were like "Goreng Pisang Premium Edition 2007", some kinda high class version of the tradition Malay fried banana. Yup they were nice but recently they adjusted the pricing to match the, perhaps gain in fertiliser pricing or lowered sexual production of the bees that gave the honey on the fritters.

The escalator carried us up into Bugis Junction, where we squeezed with others' fat and oil as usual, to get out of the building. Presented in front of us is Mos Burger, and there is this road with says "North Bridge Road". I dint ask anything, i trust she knew this place well. She never disappoint me, cos after we cross the road i can see lots of food stalls there. Honestly i was expecting that she would bring me to some restaurant or cafe... but she told me that she felt that coffee shops de food taste better. Im fine with anything, you know me de, got food can liao le...

We staggered right into this wanton mee shop.

"I like the yun tun mian here!"

I had no comments, still i cannot find a suitable emotion to put on my face. Only one word described then - Sian. I ordered this wanton hor fun $4, she got her wanton mee $3. I got my teh-o-bing, she got her teh-bing. She wanted to treat me, but i declined her offer.

As we ate we talk...more than often she would ask me to lower my volume, haha nothing new since my voice always too amplified. Topics like her tour guide job, uni life, army life, our other friends, computers... surrounded us. Then i start to notice a big contrast. Sitting there is a slim girl in uni who is quite happy and cheerful, eating wanton mee + teh bing. Opposite her is a fat guy in army who is damn depress and sian, eating wanton hor fun + teh-o bing.

How she manage to be so happy? Through the lunch she was talking on dual phone, one is hers, another her bro's. Why she having her bro's phone tt one i dunno. Actually i know but i lazy to type. She told me Uni is siao de, got tons and tons of projects to do, but not as tough as JC. I told her lucky i dint go uni, cos i going NAFA or La Selle, else this kinda mugging environment will kill me like fuck.

We finished our food, then she suggested the National Library beside. Im said im fine. On the way i questioned what she going to do after she grad from her faculty of Social Sciences, studying English Literature. She shrugged.

"Aiya, i never think so much lah, never worry about those, today happy can le lor. I dun even know if im still alive tml..."

Hmmm...ya i guess a lot of times i think too much, worrying about things months or years in advance, causing undue worry. Ppl say planning for the future is good, but looking at her, i doubt she noes what her future is like, but instead take one step at a time, and see how fate and destiny bring her along in life. Maybe thats why she can remain so happy ba.

I never enter the main branch of NLB b4, stepping in, i feel that the building is not as big as it looked from outside. But i liked the design, damn swee. We wanted to go to the social science section but dunno how go, so we approached the aunty at the counter (they call her the receptionist, but i think "aunty" suits her more). She talk talk talk talk talk more than Google Talk on the phone then never seem to care about us... Well, guess its time to look around for signs. Next to the lift i found this Board that instructed me to goto the seventh floor.

The view inside the lift was nice, upon the lift door opening we stepped out into this setup that look like airport custom. Scanners, security guard, cameras... As expected we were stopped by the security guard, demanding us to put our bags into the lockers. The lockers were free, u can take the key away and never return... but i decided to be my USUAL good boy. Rite...

I assisted her with the books..cos got lots and lots. The ppl there few and few. Contrast..

"I never know why ppl want to come to the library" she told me...as we scan our way through the sea of books. We strafe right right right through each columns until we reach a section with all books about Joseph Conrad and other's criticisms on his work. Lol, she gre excited and started to jump around w the books in her hands...

"I love this place! Come gimme a five!"

Huh? Tot she just said she wonder who will go library? With my blank face i gave her a five. Things quieten down as she read the content with interest... As she read, i asked her, "why u like always so happy de?".

"Haha, be like me lor, then u will also be happy...I dun get sian easily leh, dunno why some ppl a bit sian liao. I can lie on my bed whole day and feel contented de..."

Hmmm...hahaha somehow i got influenced with her happiness, somehow i began to enjoy the tranquil and bliss in the library. For some moments i forgot wtf SAF is. I forgot about sm1 bx m113...
It working again, my cure to depression...having someone to accompany me and talk to me. I think thats the best counselling i can ever get... For the moment, poor zombie felt happy...hahaha...

She keep apologizing for dragging me to the library, i say its ok but i noe i dun sound convincing enough, prolly due to the sian face on my head. As we walked to back to Bugis MRT, the place felt much much different...like more vibrant liddat...

She waved at me and bid me good bye as she proceed to Yishun with her project discussion, as i stay back in Bugis to help my friend get some hardware and get my N770 in late afternoon...

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