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Saturday, October 27, 2007
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:53 PM --- Post#1102161941288907505

All these are driving me crazy...combatant sergeants coming after me for vehicle status, parents ranting at me for stupid things like y i playing game, y i listen music so loud, y i eat unhealthy food.. they themselves quarrel among each other about wat to cook for dnr, where to go, why mom watch so much tv, why dad not patient enuff...making me so fustrated w my own family, these days i try to eat ot w my friends instead of gg home to eat. Not to mention ppl pressing for my medical status cos got ippt, also the never ending guard duty next month, where lot of times i doing alone...what abt ppl from base telling me my turrets not up to standard asking me to up them within 2 days.

All these plaque my mental health tremendously.. making me mad... i almost called the Samaritians of Singapore but pulled out due to lack of courage. I want to tell them if no one is gonna help me in gonna kill myself. The tot of how to kill myself lingures in my mind like a shadow. I really sucks t handling stress... esp when i often see ppl around me so happy. Its not tt they got less stress or less xiong, but tt they can enjoy watever they doing n put up w the stress, wile i can help but plunge ino depression.

The idea of the ppl in wrkshp being GLaDOS came to my mind... All the lies n lies, and the workshop itself is the test chamber, a place of dnger n helplessness. U are being watched by lots of ppl... Nothing much u can do but to follow the instrucions, failure to comply means ultimte danger.. Here and there u see scars made by agony of past n present technicians, wat to do? I think best is to leave tis place. Where is my portal gun??? Perhaps SAF is the Aperture Science Lab. I will remembe the cake is a lie. Believe in no one. In the case of torture, destory urelf..

How m i gg to make it through?? Shld i call the SOS?? I no longer believes in SAF hotline after asking in forums. If someone reding this post got any idea... Pls help m... Help me... Help me...

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