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Sunday, October 14, 2007
Thailand Tour Day 1
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:37 PM --- Post#8814856123340678410

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Fist day in thailand, after some damn long flight and searching high and low for power outlet for my laptop, finally

reached thailand. To my surprised the tour group only got 7 ppl. 4 from my family and 3 malaysians. Later learnt

that this tour agency from Thailand take tourist from lotsa different tour agencies and countries. Anything thats

good, i dun really like tour group with lots of ppl. Kinda zhi bi ba. But then thnking of it. No one around means no

gossips and look see interesting ppl.

Lucky enuff, hotel got free wifi, but the signal strength is like damn low, connected at like 1mbps only sia. But

still better than nothing. I guess Gunz will be impossible, but surf forum, blog, IM and skype still can ba. Now

trying to download google Earth to help in navigation in thailand. My laptop had proved to be one of the most useful

tool to bring with me all the time. Haha,if u noe how to use a computer, it can be really put into damn lotsa use.

Jsut that mine Compaq Presario V3000 is damn heavy, perhaps 3kg, making my shoulder ache more.

I will remember what to buy for everyone de. Tomato wants green thin specs frame, wk wants elephant and ah gua, lily

wants wallet, selina wants food.

But somehow dunno why i just cant put my troubles behind. So idecided to list them out:

1. Medical Board had yet to review me, and my excuse is ending soon, and i noe how troublesome it is to pester them

to look into this

2. Physio had stopped, somehow i tot i shld attend more session, cos its really quite useful, at home or in camp i

will be too lazy to do the exercises

3. Manning, i dun have all the field pack items. My field pack is at home, LBV and helmet is in camp. If called for

manning, i dunno what to do...

4. 29th October's Medical Appoint clash with my guard duty, dunno how to go about it

5. Things to do after they leave for Exercise Wallby, i wil be one of the very few left...meaning i will have to

deal with lots of stuff myself, without any guidance from seniors. Dunnno how the camp runs without just few of us here...

6. Staying in, i really hate to stay in. lucky enough, i making plans to get my Nokia N770 so i will still roam in

the digital world when i got nights out

7. Going to India next year, i really dun wanna go India. Total shit, but rumours saying all must go. Now i envy WK,

being an offical clerk he need not go much of these shit. Me is just said to be "doing more of paper work". Haiz.

8. Depression and loneliness. No one pei wo these days, becoming more zhi bi and depress..it had became a stressful things to jio ppl out on weekends...so i got some human interaction and wun be so stress...

9. Money, as i slide deeper into zhi bi...gadgets become more ofmy good friends. Lots of things i wanna buy but no money. Eg, new machine, SuperFi 5, new laptop, macro lens...

10. I need help. Dunno how long i can tahan with all the stress...i need counsellor or whatetver whoever can help in in any way. Almost no one in camp can be trusted...

I force myself to be happy...but im not. Every now and then i thinking this thinking that.. Ahiz.

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