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Friday, November 23, 2007
Trust No One
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:59 PM --- Post#2770094736867776180

This society is damn dark.
Ppl nowadays cannot keep their promises.
And when they break their promises, they never think of how the other part feels.
They never attempt to make up for it.
To them its a small thing to me is big.
Alot of ppl like to shatter my dreams.


Your good friend comes to you,
take an M16 and shoot you to hell.
Just before you die u ask why.

He tell you he got no choice,
He did not feel happy to kill you either,
He feels sad for killing you,
He says he kill you so that you will not obstruct him do his stuff.

Actually he wanted to play w me that day,
Just happened timing cocked up,
And i end up standing in his way.

Strange cos he was the one who ask me out to play,
And he cock his timing up.
Poor time management?
End up i sacrifice for him.

The shot he gave me was swift and bold.
Your good friend never even give you any chance.
He never even try to help you.

I remember he told me to trust ppl around myself.
I took his words.
And now i died,
In his hands.


There is this other good friend.
He promised me a choco bar.
I was excited.
I was about to pick up my choco bar,
When he tell me he got two choco bars.
I said i only want one,
Cos having two is not healthy,
Im scared of seeing two choco bars,
I only want one to satisfy my emotional need.

He insisted me having two,
He say it must be liddat,
It comes in a bundle.

I told him then liddat i cannot take,
Cos i said im afraid of too much choco bars.
He say cannot help it.
But i tot he promised me just one?

I end up getting nothing.
I ended up eating grass alone.
All that he say is "what to do?"


I trusted my good friends,
But all of them disappoint me.
Not once,
Not twice.
Lots of times.
All i need is someone to accompany me.
So that i will not feel lonely.
So simple.

But my good friends cannot even fulfill that.
Yet on my part i try my best to help them.
This is what i get.
Ppl ask me put myself in other's shoe.
But they got put me in their shoe?
Do they know what is loneliness?

I starting to think,
"good friends" is what i call them.
"annoying ass" is what they call me.
Need help call me.
No need throw me.
No one appreciate my sincerity.

I dun trust friends anymore.
Trusting them makes me more depress.


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