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Sunday, December 02, 2007
Never wear bra
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:42 PM --- Post#7270658273078351908

Today was quite..well spent. Early morning i got this stupid message from wk saying he not coming for movies. What a last minute thingy... Tt guy see his Heroes and Anime until he addicted and handicapped liao.

I still got to meet ah lam, who rushed right after guard duty to meet me at Marina Square. We watched HERO. To cut short, thats film sucks. I was about to play my DS when finally the ending titles came out. Only got a total of 4 ppl in the theater.

Yea, wk was late! Make us walk round Marina Square like idiots and go round criticizing how bad Creative's speakers and cans are. He arrived at last...and when we board the MRT...he cant squeeze in! End up me and lam on the first train, and he got to take the second one.

Arriving at EXPO, the first surprise is WK forget to zip his pants. I swear i see bird flying out from inside. Honestly SITEX was quite horror...lots of ppl...but no have things to see. The Asus E-E-E... PC was sold out! No new interesting gadgets also. Same old Nikon, Sony, HP, Microsoft, Apple, Creative, Asus, Palm, Nokia, Sepom, Cannon, Acer.....

I left at 3.30pm to Doby Gaut to meet Carely. Sorry..but the trip was long..made u waited an hour. I was famished and had dnr at Yoshi, along we tok cock and gossiped about ppl in VR. A lot of mindless talks but well..it seemed to make me feel good.

On the way up, me was toking about MK's Friendster, and Carely was like "eh she never wear bra.."
"How you know?"
"Can see de mah!"
I was shocked...until i asked.
"Every photo also never wear bra meh?"
"Huh? I was toking about tt girl walking pass us?"
"Not MK meh?"
She bursted into laughter and shook her head. I wack her arms ask why never ask me see see.
"Aiya later i tell u, u go stare.."

Anyway...Its quite a nice evening...and today was made fruitful by all my friends...haha.

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