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Sunday, December 23, 2007
Rather Happy
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:09 AM --- Post#1148078762700703405

Been rather happy these few days. Dunno why also. Perhaps cos

- 4NTM ending lor!
- Christmas and New Year coming, festive season
- Feb 19 got relative gathering, sure got uber nice food
- Workplace politics seemed to settled down for now
- My windpipe infection and in grown toe nail is getting better
- Nice DS games recently (Phoenix Wright 3, Geometry Wars, COD4, Zelda, Warhammer 40K, Dementium The Ward)
- Rainy weather! No sun! yea!
- Some counseling from friends
- Bonded certain grp of ppl in wksp due to recent politics
- New Gunz Claymor Clan member: Wei Long!

I read this book, The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time. It had been years since i read any story book. This book was recommended by Lam in Bugis Kino.

Nice book, nice in a way the narrator shared certain similar character traits like me. He tends to be highly analytical, everything is logic first, without considering other human relation factors. He dun like crowds, he dun like to talk to strangers. He uses diagrams to aid in his explanation. He uses simple english to convey and break down complicated situations. He likes to use lists and tables. Hmmm, i tend to be liddat at times. After reading, as usual, i went to the net and check out some xtra info. Actually the narrator suffers from Asperger syndrome. I tot..wow.. at last im better than him ba, maybe im suffering from Asperger syndrome, who knows?

I was surprised at a point of the book, where Christopher (the narrator), described how he remember things. He says his mind is like a DVD, where there are SEARCH, FORWARD, REWIND, PLAY and PAUSE functions. He can virtually command his brain to search from a particular scene in his memory and play back to review. He can pause and he can tell the details in that frozen moment. Unlike tape, he can do a random seek on a DVD, meaning to say he need not bother about other un-related memories when "rewinding".

The way i tot human brain work is similar to his concept. Perhaps my brain is like Windows or Mac or Linux or another other OS. From what u see and hear and interact (the input signals like those from keyboard or mouse or webcam) everyday, u form libraries in your brain. From each event that happened, the analysis and details will be extracted and stored in this database. And when a similar incident happen your brain will search this database for the most relevant record and from there the brain will take reference on how to react. This is what ppl call Experience. The more record in the database, the more complete and comprehend the database will be. The more experience u got and u will know how to react fast and accurately.

And as time passes, you will be able to upgrade your OS by yourself. By editing certain behavior of yourself or changing certain variables. U may even adopt different thinking algorithm or change the way u analysis what u see and hear.

In real time, You can toggle on and off certain functions. Like u can lower your vigilance when you are at home cos you know you are safe. When u are in a place u dun like, u can disable environment analysis so u dun care whats happening around you, whereas when u out for a photog trip u must enable it so u can take nice shots by interpreting the environment and looking for nice spots to shoot.

Anyway i gtg now for lunch. Do read the book! I willing to lend anyone if u ask from me. Bye.

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