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Thursday, December 20, 2007
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:54 AM --- Post#4637548534695186697

It has been almost a week since i really sms someone (meaning those non stop sms marathon kinda chat). The AJ feeling of loneliness is coming back. Soon i will be losing my feelings again.

Past week was quite fucked up. On standby all the way. Lots of activation rehearsal. I wanted to blog about them but was too tired.

var friendAlpha = a friend who helped me do duty on Christmas eve;
var friendBeta = another person who is suppose to do this standby

What happened is friendBeta suppose to do standby. But he overseas leave. So friendAlpha cover for him. But later realised friendAlpha also on overseas leave, which overlaps the standby perion by few days. So im called to come in to cover for friendAlpha for that few days. Last minute i was informed if im to cover for him, i have to cover for the whole two weeks cannot just few days. So i said fine its ok.

But by then the guard duty already planned, so my standby and guard duty clashes. The rest of the standby personnel dint have this problem cos they informed the duty planner much earlier on, so given duty outside the standby period.

I see a problem in these and called some higher authority since i see that i cant really get an answer. I admit im kan chiong, but the last minute insert my name in for the full two weeks of standby, i myself also dunno how react. Later on im said to "jump the gun" or "skip chain of command" by directly reporting to that higher authority. That higher authority did came down and everyone was unhappy. Things blew a bit but damage was controlled. In the end some compromises was made to all these problems. I got a personal sotre cos i got no bunk yet to keep all my stuff, else later get stolen again. My helmet and torch was stolen liao, till now haven recover. I dint really argued back, as i normally would. I said sorry. Case close.

The standby was made even more jialat for the fact i was grouped with the wrong ppl. Everyone else in the standby team was not of my batch. I not really gum with some of them. I dun have a good friend there. I got into some arguments and treats frequently. Adding fuel to fire, i stays out, and alot of times i need to rush to camp early in the morning like 5am to attend some standby related event. It makes things much more inconvenient for me. To worsen it more, i live in the east. From home to camp takes 30 mins on my dad's car, and 1.5 hours on public transport. Upon activation we need to reach back in camp within an hour, which is not very possible. The fastest I can get is by an hour reach the camp gate, but they require u to sign the nominal roll which is stationed all the way deep in camp (10 to 15 mins walk) by one hour, not just reaching the camp gate.

Now Im feeling guilty for asking friendAlpha to do my guard duty on the 24th. Why?

- Cos i helping friendAlpha do his standby
I was suppose to only do few days for him but end up the full two weeks. Summore i got into lotsa trouble within this period. At first he was willing to do my duty, so i take it as he will do it for me, but now when the 24th is approaching he seems sian sian cos he is a Christian. Then again, I will never be on standby due to some admin matter, so its like not asking much from me to help out in one of them. Also friendBeta is suppose to be on standby, not friendAlpha... but i dun want to contact him for some reasons.

- Cos i need 24th to clear my leave
My mistake for not planning my leave early. They say i can convert the leave to off, but i dun want. I already got some offs and a whole new set of leave next year. I dun want to carry forward anymore cos im afraid i cannot clear (just like this year). Looking at the schedule, i only got 24th and 31st to clear my leave. Both dates are not to my advantage cos both are half day. And the directive says if u want to take leave of Chirstmas or New Year eve, u gotta take a full day leave despite its only half a working day.

I dunno lah. I try stay happy. Its festive season leh.

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