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Tuesday, January 22, 2008
Do Not Ask Me That Question!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 4:50 PM --- Post#3672896150933550225

The day started with me thinking Yan will definitely be late, thus i grabbed my lappy and gadgets along in my Targus bagpack. I slowly ate my breakfast at Mr Bean and set my way to Somerset.

Just as i was about to reach Somerset, an sms flew into my phone with a message by Yan telling me "see you there". LOL, he wasnt sleeping? I stepped out of the station, pondering wha I should do then, and before any idea came in, Yan came out from the gantry. Wow, the time is 10.11am. Our agreeded timing is 10am. He wasnt that late after all! Haha!

We wandered out of the station and walked around. To be honest me seldom go Orchard. Me sense of direction is fucked up to begin with, what more to find my way in this concrete maze. We wanted to go Cineleisure, but ended up at Shaw. We scanned for the nearest movie timing and saw this "Dan in Real Life". I tot its a bad idea but Yan told me to carry on cos he need to find someone at 1pm. Fine then.

As i tot, the movie was "not so appealing to me". Yup. Shaw give too much popcorns for two, and Yan's Ice Lemon Tea taste like wine. Worst of all its two guys sitting in an empty theater watching a fucked up Romance.

After the crappy 2 hours or so, we rushed out of the theater and search for Takashimaya. The rained started weeping and we provided cover for my lappy. The cooling aircon dried me off as we went into Taka. Down the basement to Gramaphone as Yan waited for his friend's location.

After pressing some buttons Yan told me we shld proceed to the fountain

"What fountain? What kinda fountain?" I asked

He told me to just follow him. Fine then. I was looking at Slyvester's album that i bought, previously $18.90, now only $4. Degradation. Yan waved his hand and i looked up. She was waving at us and she saw me (cos previosuly Yan told her its only him, i just joined in last minute), she gave that "ZOMG ITS ZOMBIE" look. I dint reacted much, just continue to look at my album.

Melissa asked if i still remember her. I tot "why cant u stop disturbing me". Cos i know she is going to ask one question. One irritating question she asked 3 years ago. Ok, for the moment i tot she forgotten about everything..and then something seemed to connect several loose cables in her mind and she pooped and asked,

The following text had been BlogLocked. Select all, copy and paste into BlogLock and decrypt with the correct password.

Finally Yan told mel we need go SLS. And Mel passed Yan a present to give her bf. Weird rite? Why cant she give herself? Or maybe send by Sing Post? Why must ask Yan to do it for her? Whats inside the box? I never had an answer to those questions...

Arriving at Bugis, Yan dropped the prezzie at VR's new office. Then we went to eat lunch at Kopitiam, plus walking to doby Gaut's Gramaphone and listened to Massive Attack's tracks. Then back to eat au lua and drink some fruit punch at the hawker center. Back to office to package the prezzie with an extra large carrier we got at Gramaphone and off we go to Sim Lim Tower. Yan got two other vr-zoner with him, so i was just behind listening to them talk all along. At like 6pm i left them and headed for home.

Then i dreaded the next day - going back to camp. Haiz.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008
Familiar Face
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:32 PM --- Post#8010546439868958697

The following text had been BlogLocked. Select all, copy and paste into BlogLock and decrypt with the correct password.

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Lee Hom Hen Shuai!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:16 PM --- Post#1865047188828035338

Yesterday when out w Tomato to get her clothes.. Some Khaki coloured jeans and red polo tees for her work. Haha congrats to my dear tomato for grabbing a job at some bear making outlet.

Anyway we combed the back alleys of Bugis street. OMG its so hard to find khaki jeans! And OMG those china lousy brand so exp! The red polo tee even harder to find, end up she gotta borrow it from Lee Hom. Me no money, ended up borrowing lotsa money from Tomato to buy my ice cream and sushi to feed my ever hungry tummy. Hehehehe.

Now the basement of Bugis Junction changed a lot le. Aside from that ulu Popular is Sembawang! I keep thinking its MJ but its not. Went to IP Zone to shop also...but me insisted on not getting any CNT clothes. Tomato ask me why, cos she just bought this jeans from SnK for like freaking $60 and a new Converse sling bag and some shoes... She got moola from parents then just bought everything herself. Cos for me, if i buy any clothings or accessories myself i will never get a refund. If i buy myself im expected to pay myself, which is ridiculous cos im saving up for my Triple.Fi 10 Pro. If my parents were to take me out to buy stuff, they sure hit the CK Department Store to buy those super lousy grade disposable clothes. Aiya ugly means ugly, i wun waste money on clothings or shoes one lah. Bags maybe, cos they are armour for my dear gadgets.

Haha tomato's hair freaking long da (but its still generally very short)...no school no cut. Her hair dry dry like broom (no offense!) can go gel gel spike spike. Anyway bugis street 2nd floor got a couple of these panties specialty shop, yea 3 for $10 only da! Wear liao go online sell can fetch double that price. Anyway disgusting her keep saying she will sponsor one if 8 Stars will put it on and let me see him in just panties. Erxin. yucks. hehe.

It ended when we smuggle sushi onto bus on our way home..she koped my light soya sauce hehe. Its damn lame cos we go home to go out to this dinner, and we met again 2 hours later at the dinner, pretending not to know each other and communicating via sms even me sitting 2 chairs away from her and lee hom. And YES! Lee hom is freaking handsome! Wooooo~~~

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What About A BlowJob?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 5:56 PM --- Post#6701086009510306095

Online video musical tutorial on blowjobs :)

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indulge in endless sorrow
[havoc] ranted at 1:13 PM --- Post#6039775748879897067

While others indulge themselves in happiness, I spent my time sobbing my life away. Yeah, tt was e primary reason I hadnt been here for a long time. Though I felt guilty for being away for so long, I thought tt I needed time OFF to recuperate. Thus, a long-term MC was necessary to prevent the worsening of my injury.

4 mths had past. I had started to settle dwn in my company. I slowly realised ppl in my camp r so diff frm me. Oh wad m I saying? Of cos they r diff frm me.. I cant imagine a coy wif so many naughty clements running abt.

I met these 2 colleagues of mine, who were always bickering wif each other on minor details. However, these 2 gentlemen find entertainment in insulting each other frm the start of the day to the end of it. Y did I refer to them as gentlemen, u muz be wondering? Well, lets juz say these 2 dont resort to the use of vulgarities to win an argument. Instead, frequent "excuse me" were used to bring their pt across in a more polite manner. For me, I find my entertainment in seeing them do this.

Of cos, there is always 1 black sheep in this coy. In this instance, it is an oily one. This guy tends to raise his voice in a dominance to convey his msg. However, when he noes tt he cant win, he will use brute force to clamp dwn any opposition. His pathetic strength was a laughable stock. It wont work on me. U come dwn hard on me, I wd make sure I wd do likewise. Verbally of cos. I still remb this instance when he was bombarded wif my insults and exploded into thin air. It was as follows:

"Hey, Clement. How do u find r life living in a pig-sty? Yr whole place is so dirty and messy."

"Yeah, I noe. So's how yr life living in the POL(petrol, oil and lubricant) point? Or to be exact, living in an oil drum? Yr whole face reminds me of some oil tt is always ready to be tapped. (His face is full of oily pimples)"

Upon hearing this, he grabbed my bottle and tried to empty the water on my body. My quick reflexes caught hold of his flimsy hand, and thrashed the whole bottle onto his shirt. Of cos, he left the scene in defeat. This guy was not only infamous for his oil, but also his accursed luck for speeding on public roads without getting caught on cam/TP and knocking dwn some1. So, if u c him nx time, remb to stand a safety dist away frm him.

My supervisors r such useless assholes. Despite working hard for them, I didnt get at least a reward for the hard work I had slogged for. This is y I m so upset abt. They haf PMSes weekly. They scold ppl for the sake of scolding. Talking abt rationale, both of them lack them frm the start. Nitwits. Guess I cant blame them. One noes only how to smoke his life away. The other only noes how to push his work to others. Of cos, we haf to do the job for them. The insulting part is when the job is well done, they will get all the credit. When the job is fucked up like their attitudes, they will absolve frm all responsibilities.

Gd thing is, they will b retiring in 5 mths time. They better pray to God/lucky stars tt I wont see them nx time, cos I will definitely make their life difficult, such tt they feel excruciating pain in their ass tt they cant even sit dwn in their chair..

The others I will elaborate nx time..

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Sunday, January 13, 2008
Scarred Hands
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:42 AM --- Post#8496829777939667310

For the first time here, i see ppl being more depress than me in workshop. LRI inspection coming up, and we need to 100% up all vehicles and area clean the whole workshop. Simple put, its a tough job.

The following text had been BlogLocked. Select all, copy and paste into BlogLock and decrypt with the correct password.

I look at my scars and grease marks on my hand on my way home on the MRT. I keep wondering why its me to scacrifice for pointless stuff. Waste my time, up my depression. When one day i cannot tahan all these nonsense i jump down from the tallest building in camp, then they will wake up their idea.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008
Hot tempered
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:00 AM --- Post#7991064776102975513

One gets nasty if he gets hot tempered. U get hot tempered from, desperation, frustration, stress etc. Then after u will lose your senses, logic n maybe morality. The slightest mishap will spark off the biggest anger. U will flare up at ppl around u, u my even abuse your power. U may do anything. Heated temper is hard to control, but the saddest thing is tt ppl around u will get affected for nothing.

I had seen someone getting heated up today, n spoilt an innocent guy's day w verbal arrows n swords.


After a long day of work, the most rewarding part is to get home. The feeling of walking out of camp, joining the civilian word is damn shiok. U see old parents exercising in the psrk, u see school girls walking home, u see children running around, u see HDB flats... Its like ''finally hell ended n im outta it now''...

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008
Sabo ppl?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:27 AM --- Post#4135580254746628909

No time to blog recently. Audit inspection coming, weekends all burnt, going home at timing like 10.30pm...now blogging from outside, saving my entry to .txt on my n770, then later post it up when i got internet connection.

I suck.. I really do. I keep pushing task n stuff to others. In the process i deflected many shit, but all these shit went to others.. N a lot of them are nice ppl. U can put it in a way me sabo ppl...

Since i know wat im doing..why am i still dong it??? Well.. To be honest, being moral is one thing, saving myself is another. I admit im weak, mentally n physically, i know my threshold of tough times is little, before i break down into depression. Even sometimes out of nothing i get depress for n reason. Sometimes i get depess over little minute things in life. A lot of times the pain overcame me n left me suffering in silence, there is nothing i can do. I wish i break down completely, or just.. Die. But some sequence in my os is preventing me from doing so.

I dunno... Even if my friends are willing to take all those hardship from me, i feel guilty. And becos i feel guilty i can get depress over tt. How nice...

I finish reading The Five Ppl U Will Meet In Heaven. One of the person Eddie (main character of e book) met is his Captain in war. Which taught him abt sacrifices. Ppl sacrfice for me..but what had i one for ppl? Perhaps i had but i dunno? Or perhaps none at all? It links to the first lesson by the Blue Man that all our lifes are linked n interconnected. So much i had troubled them n they had done for me, how does this affect the whole community? Me beginning to draw points n lessons learnt from the book.

And on a side note. On my side i lost, or rather i feel that i lost, 4 friends recently. Up to u to guess who. To me friends are ppl who interact (be it in person or digital means) w me often. Those tt lost contact w me... To me there is no point being friends when i cant even commucte w you, or at least try to.

There is one person im pissed with. I refuse to talk to him. Its ok for me to lose one more friend. Having few lousy friends are no much diff than having none.

I guess i shall stop here. I will post this entry when i pass by a hotspot.

I reached home at 12.45am. No bunk to stay in. Overtime till 11.30pm. No choice but to rush home. And im selected to go for 4NTM again. Stupid. Hate it. I see looms of depression clouds floating near me.

Somehow what i had blogged on the above (before the Updated section) became redundant . End up me still doing the 4NTM. Haiz. May the force be with me.

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Thursday, January 03, 2008
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:29 PM --- Post#6922211677899635033

The following text had been BlogLocked. Select all, copy and paste into BlogLock and decrypt with the correct password.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008
A new year gift to everyone!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:32 AM --- Post#4819681468602963824

Hi. Happy new year. I got a new year gift for everyone!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Click For Full View

Guess who she is!!!

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