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Tuesday, January 22, 2008
Do Not Ask Me That Question!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 4:50 PM --- Post#3672896150933550225

The day started with me thinking Yan will definitely be late, thus i grabbed my lappy and gadgets along in my Targus bagpack. I slowly ate my breakfast at Mr Bean and set my way to Somerset.

Just as i was about to reach Somerset, an sms flew into my phone with a message by Yan telling me "see you there". LOL, he wasnt sleeping? I stepped out of the station, pondering wha I should do then, and before any idea came in, Yan came out from the gantry. Wow, the time is 10.11am. Our agreeded timing is 10am. He wasnt that late after all! Haha!

We wandered out of the station and walked around. To be honest me seldom go Orchard. Me sense of direction is fucked up to begin with, what more to find my way in this concrete maze. We wanted to go Cineleisure, but ended up at Shaw. We scanned for the nearest movie timing and saw this "Dan in Real Life". I tot its a bad idea but Yan told me to carry on cos he need to find someone at 1pm. Fine then.

As i tot, the movie was "not so appealing to me". Yup. Shaw give too much popcorns for two, and Yan's Ice Lemon Tea taste like wine. Worst of all its two guys sitting in an empty theater watching a fucked up Romance.

After the crappy 2 hours or so, we rushed out of the theater and search for Takashimaya. The rained started weeping and we provided cover for my lappy. The cooling aircon dried me off as we went into Taka. Down the basement to Gramaphone as Yan waited for his friend's location.

After pressing some buttons Yan told me we shld proceed to the fountain

"What fountain? What kinda fountain?" I asked

He told me to just follow him. Fine then. I was looking at Slyvester's album that i bought, previously $18.90, now only $4. Degradation. Yan waved his hand and i looked up. She was waving at us and she saw me (cos previosuly Yan told her its only him, i just joined in last minute), she gave that "ZOMG ITS ZOMBIE" look. I dint reacted much, just continue to look at my album.

Melissa asked if i still remember her. I tot "why cant u stop disturbing me". Cos i know she is going to ask one question. One irritating question she asked 3 years ago. Ok, for the moment i tot she forgotten about everything..and then something seemed to connect several loose cables in her mind and she pooped and asked,

The following text had been BlogLocked. Select all, copy and paste into BlogLock and decrypt with the correct password.

Finally Yan told mel we need go SLS. And Mel passed Yan a present to give her bf. Weird rite? Why cant she give herself? Or maybe send by Sing Post? Why must ask Yan to do it for her? Whats inside the box? I never had an answer to those questions...

Arriving at Bugis, Yan dropped the prezzie at VR's new office. Then we went to eat lunch at Kopitiam, plus walking to doby Gaut's Gramaphone and listened to Massive Attack's tracks. Then back to eat au lua and drink some fruit punch at the hawker center. Back to office to package the prezzie with an extra large carrier we got at Gramaphone and off we go to Sim Lim Tower. Yan got two other vr-zoner with him, so i was just behind listening to them talk all along. At like 6pm i left them and headed for home.

Then i dreaded the next day - going back to camp. Haiz.

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