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Sunday, January 20, 2008
indulge in endless sorrow
[havoc] ranted at 1:13 PM --- Post#6039775748879897067

While others indulge themselves in happiness, I spent my time sobbing my life away. Yeah, tt was e primary reason I hadnt been here for a long time. Though I felt guilty for being away for so long, I thought tt I needed time OFF to recuperate. Thus, a long-term MC was necessary to prevent the worsening of my injury.

4 mths had past. I had started to settle dwn in my company. I slowly realised ppl in my camp r so diff frm me. Oh wad m I saying? Of cos they r diff frm me.. I cant imagine a coy wif so many naughty clements running abt.

I met these 2 colleagues of mine, who were always bickering wif each other on minor details. However, these 2 gentlemen find entertainment in insulting each other frm the start of the day to the end of it. Y did I refer to them as gentlemen, u muz be wondering? Well, lets juz say these 2 dont resort to the use of vulgarities to win an argument. Instead, frequent "excuse me" were used to bring their pt across in a more polite manner. For me, I find my entertainment in seeing them do this.

Of cos, there is always 1 black sheep in this coy. In this instance, it is an oily one. This guy tends to raise his voice in a dominance to convey his msg. However, when he noes tt he cant win, he will use brute force to clamp dwn any opposition. His pathetic strength was a laughable stock. It wont work on me. U come dwn hard on me, I wd make sure I wd do likewise. Verbally of cos. I still remb this instance when he was bombarded wif my insults and exploded into thin air. It was as follows:

"Hey, Clement. How do u find r life living in a pig-sty? Yr whole place is so dirty and messy."

"Yeah, I noe. So's how yr life living in the POL(petrol, oil and lubricant) point? Or to be exact, living in an oil drum? Yr whole face reminds me of some oil tt is always ready to be tapped. (His face is full of oily pimples)"

Upon hearing this, he grabbed my bottle and tried to empty the water on my body. My quick reflexes caught hold of his flimsy hand, and thrashed the whole bottle onto his shirt. Of cos, he left the scene in defeat. This guy was not only infamous for his oil, but also his accursed luck for speeding on public roads without getting caught on cam/TP and knocking dwn some1. So, if u c him nx time, remb to stand a safety dist away frm him.

My supervisors r such useless assholes. Despite working hard for them, I didnt get at least a reward for the hard work I had slogged for. This is y I m so upset abt. They haf PMSes weekly. They scold ppl for the sake of scolding. Talking abt rationale, both of them lack them frm the start. Nitwits. Guess I cant blame them. One noes only how to smoke his life away. The other only noes how to push his work to others. Of cos, we haf to do the job for them. The insulting part is when the job is well done, they will get all the credit. When the job is fucked up like their attitudes, they will absolve frm all responsibilities.

Gd thing is, they will b retiring in 5 mths time. They better pray to God/lucky stars tt I wont see them nx time, cos I will definitely make their life difficult, such tt they feel excruciating pain in their ass tt they cant even sit dwn in their chair..

The others I will elaborate nx time..

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