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Friday, February 29, 2008
Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi. 10 Pro Review
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:18 PM --- Post#7888187915322810407

I guess its time to review my Triple.Fi. 10. I bought it from Jaben Networks for $555 with a free Go-Vibe Petite amp about a month ago. I had burnt in for roughly 100 hours.

Physical Outlook and Built
These cans are BIG. They protrude out from your ears for roughly 2cm in length, and 1.5cm in height and 0.9cm thick. The body is metallic blue, sort of like alien blue, where the wire connecting part is plastic black. Though they stick out, they do look sort of cool and flashy when worn. The metallic blue body shines under sunlight with a humble "UE" written in the center. The plastic seemed to be tough enough to withstand drops and knocks. When worn, its not as comfortable as most other IEMs, the memory cables irritate my ears as well. It takes some time to get used to it.

Small, Mid, Big, bi-flanged and foam earbuds came with the unit itself, as well as a cleaner, attenuator, extension and a 7.5mm adaptor. The cables are replaceable as well. A common mod is to use to Westone ES2 cables, but this will not be reviewed here.

Score: 6.5/10

The Signature
If u are an X3i lover, u will definitely like the TF10. They got similar signature, where the TF10 feels like a super upgrade to your x3i by crossroads. The sound is rather balanced, yet brightly coloured. The highs, mid and low dun over power each other, yet i dun think they are flat sounding, rather very dynamic. Sort the the sound u get from KSC75 where u will start dancing upon listening.

Those having a love for flat accuray sound may not love TF10's signature, but those pop and rock lovers confirm will! Haha. It even makes Classical sound so lively!

Score: 9/10

Sound Staging and Imaging
One word: Excellent! U can where where each instrument is coming from. U can even tell a specific direction. U can tell how far the instruments are from you. For an IEM the sound stage is superb.

Score: 10/10

Resolution & Clarity
Another straight excellent here. U heard EVERYTHING, small bell, slight dragging echo from a piano, nuances from pulling the violin, bird fluttering as ambiance sound, swallowing of saliva of the vocalist..

And of course noises and distortion from poorly ripped music.

Score: 10/10

The Highs
Highs are exceptionally well in the Triple Fi, though some may find it a bit too harsh. Cymbals and high hats are very vividly reproduces as if u are standing right next to a drum set. U can feel the penetrating crisp into your ear drums on cymbals as well as astonishingly bright high hats.

Electric guitars are well represented as well, which sort of reminds me of that of CK7. Acoustics guitars sounds even nicer on TF10, as all the details and reverberating could be detected.

Score: 10/10

The Mids and Vocals
Nothing special about male and female vocal out there, rather accurate reproduction. Its also hard to tell the voice of which gender sounds better. But its balanced out with the other frequencies such that vocals are never muffled out by the bass or the instruments, unless intended to. Articulation are superbly clear, u will hear every word and pronunciation even in fast raps.

Score: 8/10

The Bass
No muddy bass, the TF10 produced a rather punchy and clear bass. Perhaps not for techno lovers but sound good for rock and pop. Mid bass reproduction is there, but missing the deep deep impactful bass that i love. At some point u can even feel the IEM vibrating in your ear, esp when doing bass test. Surprisingly, given this amount of bass, no clarity of the vocals and highs are masked out, perhaps its due to TF10's triple drivers.

Bass extends to as low as i guess less than 20Hz.

Score: 8/10

Pros: Balanced sound, excellent sound imaging and resolution, Crisp highs
Cons: Uncomfortable, Bass isnt near-perfection yet
Value for money: 8/10 (considering my free Go-Vibe amp, suppose to cost $190)
Most Suited type of Music: Pop and Rock

Overall Score: 9/10

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A Random Off Day
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 3:24 PM --- Post#6249651145753620202

The aroma of food seemed to conquer my tummy as i stared deeply at the old oil-stained menu board. What should I eat neh? Hmmm.

The weary uncle gave me that "faster-order-your-food" look, as i gave him back that "I-cannot-decide-so-fast" look. OK! I made my mind!

"Uncle black pepper chicken chop!" I yelled into his face.

He stared at me half doubting my decision, but still acknowledged my orders, "Ok..go sit go sit.."

I walked through the busy crowd of my kopitiam. Aunties with children gossiping about the JI dude that just escaped. Uncles sitting on red plastic chairs with leg open big big talking about cars and fishes and past army life. Businessman and women in suit and ties seemed to mismatch with the scene of a kopitiam, but still, due to economical downturn, gotta shrink their budget on food. Kopitiam food can be as nice as high class spots after all, at least for me lah.

I pulled a chair next to mom, and rested my butt on the plastic. An aunty with waist pouch came to me, and having the Singaporean instinct, i recognize her as the ah soh selling drinks.

"Teh-O bing zhi buay!"

She turned around and yelled my orders to another aunty at the drink stall. My mom got herself a kopi-o.

There i sat, looking at the scenery around me, appreciating the tranquility of everything around me. Its not everyday i get to sit here and talk cock with mom. Other days im a slave of the army. But today i get to enjoy everything that a civilian gets to enjoy, the feel of being a heartlander, the love from my mom, the smell of nice tasting food (VS fucked up cook house)... Everything was nice.

I was chatting with mom about some other ah soh's son being C9L9 and guessing what school they went to and which daughter is more chio etc etc.. daily gossips. Things that made be forget about army.

My chicken chop came to me, as the uncle limped step by step to my seat. I said thank you and my mom paid up. She ordered another set of chicken chop, but to be taken away, for my sis who cant be bothered to left my house.

I took the angry knife and slashed my chicken without mercy as all its juices and gravy ooze out from within. More aroma came out and feed my nose with joy. My fork pierced deep into the meat and held my victim securely to the plate while my knife worked its way to disassembled it. Muahaha, I un-poke my fork and stabbed it into a piece of chicken Mr. Knife just severed from the main chop. Gravy was dripping and a piece of bumpy chicken skin was hanging by the side. I opened my dragon mouth and stuffed tt wicked piece of delicacy inside. My molars worked their way to mashed it up while my tongued got orgasmed by the heavenly taste of grill chicken.

I let of a loud "HMMMMM" and swallowed it.

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Survival Gedong
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:22 PM --- Post#4636021290660348390

Early morning when i came to camp..i was told to change and prepare to go outfield. I tot last night they say no going anymore? Now going again? Well let me account for this outfield. Certain contents will be bloglocked for obvious reasons.

Day One
Fine, i changed into my long four and got ready to move out. Its then the horror begans..

Me and my team tot its all gone...then a phone call arrived. Its from dear Puppet. He asked where we are, so i told him what i knew.

Five minutes later Puppet called again. Asking the same questions. I told him we are at the same freaking place...we dint move about. He claimed tt he was there and cant see us. I told him its impossible cos the place we are is so small and all of us are looking our for anyone nearing, but no one is there.

I managed to get some food from some kind ppl nearby...All four of us ate like hungry pigs.

Then after he kept calling and calling and asked the same questions. He even insisted on talking to someone else, which in the end told him the same thing. HE never came until about 5pm.

We waited and waited, what he said never came to us. Finally i made a call to the driver, "Hey tot Puppet say u coming to fetch us?"

"No leh he say he will fetch your to me!"

Disappointed, i told driver to confirm with him again...Our transport with supplies finally came at 6.30pm.

How will u feel? Stranded in no man's land from 10am till 6.30pm. No food, nothing.

The rest of the days were nothing much.

Day Two

Day Three
We sleep till noon..and by 3.30pm we all board the bus back to camp. We bathed and had our dinner. I went down to the office and saw Puppet there.

"This field camp i see that u very worried about food hor"

"No food leh! so long! Of course lah, ppl around us dun want give. We have to beg!"

"So no face? Beg ppl just for food?" Puppet replied in chinese.

In my mind i was like..wtf? No breakfast, no lunch and almost no dinner. No water throughout the day under the scorching sun. Im no strong man with iron gastric of course im worried for me and my pals for not having food and water for more than half a day. And he dint even show any concern for us!

"U scared i dun bring food for your meh" Puppet added.

Of course im scared. Did he bring any in the end?

"Why your never draw ration from the store?" He continued.

"We did a day ago! But no have stock for us! Then last night u said no need go liao so no one bothered anymore" I replied

"Well u never inform me! And i just say no need draw arms at 5am, i never say no need go!"

But then the info passed down to me has the impression that we not going. Perhaps tts my fault to assume, but i also got a feeling they not letting us off so easily, surely they will make us go outfield. So i prepared everything even upon receiving the message that no need to go outfield liao.

Anyway its not my job to inform him we no food. Its the VC's job. And i think he did informed Puppet, just that he forgot..which he shows a history of high tendency of forgetting things told to him and tend to be shifting responsibilities.

Im really irritated by this kinda ppl. Luckily upon realising we got no food, our VC collected money from us to buy can food. And when i told this to my mom, she was furious tt why should Puppet be paying? Since he failed to ensure we got rations through the days? Whether we want to supplement with can food thats another problem, he has to ensure we got the basic rations to survive..

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Monday, February 25, 2008
Awake Me
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:54 PM --- Post#7398038045025577076

Nothing much to blog about these days. Im still outta depression zone. At least for now. Its like one of the longest period me out of depression. Its either im out of it or im used to it.

In exchange, i get tired so damn easily. No matter how much i sleep, i never fail to yawn and dooze off here and then. Even play DS, listen music half way also can sleep.

Someone make me awake ba..yawn..

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Outfield Cancelled!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:26 PM --- Post#2561467134037033993

The following text had been BlogLocked. Select all, copy and paste into BlogLock and decrypt with the correct password.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:38 PM --- Post#7588526505858408335

Its like ten years since i blogged. No time nia. Bloody wkshop whole day OTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOT. Add on all the politics and stuff..haiz.

To be honest its nothing special to blog about lor. Army life..everyday the same. Fix MCA, fix firing panel, fix DNTSS... scold here politics there...haiz haiz haiz.

Also been working on a project for VR-Zone, its a long time since someone hired me for graphical projects. This time is a whole new experience, cos its a logo that will be used permanently, so need swee swee, need make the upper management happy happy also..hehe.

Soon i will review my Triple Fi since its more or less burnt in liao.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008
I sense Danger...
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:46 AM --- Post#7149095870723734692

I sense danger. Something that will cause a sudden rise in Depression Level. Someone in camp is going to cause me lots of trouble. Im damn depress now. Damn upset...

The following text had been BlogLocked. Select all, copy and paste into BlogLock and decrypt with the correct password.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Missed a simple detail in front of me...
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:10 PM --- Post#6285161180113487492

I realised smthing, ppl tend to miss small but important details in front of them.

Like we tend to talk big about stuff like upgrading your audio system. Talks like "hey man u should use this XXX headphone", or "Throw yours away, go get a YYY amp!". Ppl can talk 24 hours about what setup, what to get, what to do. They even make plans what to get and stuff. Now all these sounds fine still.

But at times there will be this situation where one party persuade the other to have his opinion and look down on him when he dun. Like, "Serious, your portables are nothing like my tower speakers, if i got this kinda money i wun spend on these kinda jokes...". From then on this guy will make fun of the portable system of the other.

Same like ipod, in fact im doing it myself! When someone ask me for an ipod, i would gladly tell them to fuck off, cos ipod sucks imho. Actually it dun really, just that im prejudicial against it, reason being the culture w my audiophile friends is the hate ipod. Anyone who likes them or use them will be viewed as "noobs". Then i will persuade my friend to get a Cowon and make him buy some Triple Fi or X3i.

Actually if I look closer at my friend. He dun really listen to music much and he wants smthing popular and he is rich. iPod fits the description well. Thus forcing him to buy those high ends will be useless cos he wun need the Sound Quality and features, ipod to him is like a socializing item more than a music player. To summarize it, he wun need anything more than an iPod. So just give it to him! Now this simple detail is what i missed. Blinded by my own perception, i recommended and wasted my breath on something not needed. A better approach would be to go find out a good pricing ipod for him, instead of forcing the idea of Cowon, iRiver, Archros down his arse, which was proven earlier on, no needed for him.

Sometimes the other party simple got no money, forcing him to get smthing more exp than his budget is just not gonna work..the better way will be to find the best [which could be one the overall worst] for his value of money he can afford.

And the strange thing is sometimes i know im doing this mistake. But i carry on :)

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Sunday, February 10, 2008
Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi. 10 Pro
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:49 PM --- Post#8387680365129955153


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Ahem. Introducing....*drum rolls* the Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi. 10 Pro! Haha just got it from uncle wilson fresh. The promo comes with a Go Vibe amp as well! Cool! Hehe! This darling of mine is powered by three drivers. In layman terms, normal earphones got one speaker on each side (left and right), while Triple Fi got three speakers on each side, making a total of 6 speakers on a pair of earphones. Wicked ah!

Here is the Go Vibe Petite Amp that comes with it:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Im still waiting for my Triple Fi to burn in for now. For the first impression, its terrifically clear, bass is like good for some techno wacking, the mids are brite as well. The only complains i have is that its hard to wear, freaking big lah. X3i is tuned to to the Super/Triple Fi family, thus the Triple Fi sounds like an upgraded version of X3i. To be honest, the jump from x3i to Triple Fi isnt as high as from CK7 to x3i. Prolly cos of the similarity of sound signature, and also cos x3i was already on the high end.

Well off me do enjoying my music. After it burns in i will give more review! Gong Xi Wo Ba!

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Saturday, February 02, 2008
龙须唐 and 唐葱薄饼
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:44 PM --- Post#8846027368802650502

Haha even when tomato is waiting at the bottom of her block i still can be late. But contrastingly im never late when i comes to going to school or camp. Its irritating cos initially i was early, but everyone else late. So i took for granted my partner gonna be late for sure, so i will delay for like 5 ot 10 mins. This habit grew..and became 10 or 20 min. Well guess now the thing to do is take note who will be late and who wun be. Then i adjust my timing accordingly. Haha thats call dynamics!

We went to Bras Basha look for some second hand book, was hoping to find A Spot of Brother by Mark Haddon, so i no need to buy a new book for $17. But when i enter all the second hand book store inside all messy and smelly like fuck. No much new books..all ancient titles. I dint bring my mom's Popular card, so no discount for me. Bought 戏剧25 Collector's Edition album by MediaCorp instead. inside all the theme songs for Channel 8 drama series. Wanted to find notebook cover but not avail.

Taking the MRT, we went to Clarke Quay. This new shopping center call Central. There is this werid sign saying "Level One at Level 3". Sounds like some shop by the name of Level One is located on the third floor. Anyway i wanna buy socks, i tot got Royal Sporting House buy no have leh. So we went to Giodarno, Baleno...bah bah to look for socks...but all quite exp and thick. I want super thin one, cos Singapore super hot. Wanna give up but tried my luck at Hush Puppies. Bingo...yeah Quarter socks 3 pairs for only $10.50..the mater thin until can see thru. Haha, i dun want ankle socks cos without the height my area above my heel always ekna abrasion one. So i prefer Quarter socks, if want i can fold down.

My old socks by then already soaking wet liao.. thanks to the unforgiving rain lor. So ya i buy liao just changei immediately. Quite an awkward experience to change socks in public. Haha showing off my in grown toe nail also! Hehe.

Anyway Central is really structured very weirdly. U can get lost on just one single level, so many wings, platforms, diversions..blah...tomato agreed this is plain weird. There was a stretch of shops, all selling clothes, then in the middle popped out one shop selling XBOX..

We went out and take a peep of what we call the Singapore River. IMO, its just a fucking long kang! Just a damn drain nia! Got a lot of couples sitting there touching each other. As we walk past can eavesdrop on what they mumbling to each other sia.

As we crossed the bridge, we arrived at this Turkish Ice Cream stall. I ate before lah, $3 a cone, made of goat milk one. Then when u purchase one cone, tt Turkish uncle will play with u, sing some dunno what tune, while using a long spatula to dig the ice cream from its metallic cooling container. Then he will pass a cone to you and when u grab he will pull it away. Sometimes he will give u a double cone, so u grab the cone he pull the acutal cone with ice cream away. Other times when u grab the cone he will invert the whole ice cream so u grab air. For kids this kinda performance is ok lah, but for me and tomato..errr..like quite lame and waste time leh.. We sat above the MRT station to finish our ice cream before entering the station. Talked abit on our parents and stuffs happening recently at home.

Next stop is China town. Lol, like Orchard me got problems navigating the area. Im confused by 珍珠坊 and 珍珠大厦 and actually there were just right next to each other. I wanted to goto this CD shop and eat 龙须唐, but apparently they are on different buildings. Haha Tomato was complaining we go sooo far to get my 龙须唐 and 唐葱薄饼 and she say one day i will become bankrupt for eating too much..hehehe. We wanna take 63 home but..according to IRIS its freaking 17 minutes! Taking MRT will be much faster..

Ended the day with my tummy filled with 龙须唐 and 唐葱薄饼 taking bus home from MRT station..

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