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Saturday, February 02, 2008
龙须唐 and 唐葱薄饼
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:44 PM --- Post#8846027368802650502

Haha even when tomato is waiting at the bottom of her block i still can be late. But contrastingly im never late when i comes to going to school or camp. Its irritating cos initially i was early, but everyone else late. So i took for granted my partner gonna be late for sure, so i will delay for like 5 ot 10 mins. This habit grew..and became 10 or 20 min. Well guess now the thing to do is take note who will be late and who wun be. Then i adjust my timing accordingly. Haha thats call dynamics!

We went to Bras Basha look for some second hand book, was hoping to find A Spot of Brother by Mark Haddon, so i no need to buy a new book for $17. But when i enter all the second hand book store inside all messy and smelly like fuck. No much new books..all ancient titles. I dint bring my mom's Popular card, so no discount for me. Bought 戏剧25 Collector's Edition album by MediaCorp instead. inside all the theme songs for Channel 8 drama series. Wanted to find notebook cover but not avail.

Taking the MRT, we went to Clarke Quay. This new shopping center call Central. There is this werid sign saying "Level One at Level 3". Sounds like some shop by the name of Level One is located on the third floor. Anyway i wanna buy socks, i tot got Royal Sporting House buy no have leh. So we went to Giodarno, Baleno...bah bah to look for socks...but all quite exp and thick. I want super thin one, cos Singapore super hot. Wanna give up but tried my luck at Hush Puppies. Bingo...yeah Quarter socks 3 pairs for only $10.50..the mater thin until can see thru. Haha, i dun want ankle socks cos without the height my area above my heel always ekna abrasion one. So i prefer Quarter socks, if want i can fold down.

My old socks by then already soaking wet liao.. thanks to the unforgiving rain lor. So ya i buy liao just changei immediately. Quite an awkward experience to change socks in public. Haha showing off my in grown toe nail also! Hehe.

Anyway Central is really structured very weirdly. U can get lost on just one single level, so many wings, platforms, diversions..blah...tomato agreed this is plain weird. There was a stretch of shops, all selling clothes, then in the middle popped out one shop selling XBOX..

We went out and take a peep of what we call the Singapore River. IMO, its just a fucking long kang! Just a damn drain nia! Got a lot of couples sitting there touching each other. As we walk past can eavesdrop on what they mumbling to each other sia.

As we crossed the bridge, we arrived at this Turkish Ice Cream stall. I ate before lah, $3 a cone, made of goat milk one. Then when u purchase one cone, tt Turkish uncle will play with u, sing some dunno what tune, while using a long spatula to dig the ice cream from its metallic cooling container. Then he will pass a cone to you and when u grab he will pull it away. Sometimes he will give u a double cone, so u grab the cone he pull the acutal cone with ice cream away. Other times when u grab the cone he will invert the whole ice cream so u grab air. For kids this kinda performance is ok lah, but for me and tomato..errr..like quite lame and waste time leh.. We sat above the MRT station to finish our ice cream before entering the station. Talked abit on our parents and stuffs happening recently at home.

Next stop is China town. Lol, like Orchard me got problems navigating the area. Im confused by 珍珠坊 and 珍珠大厦 and actually there were just right next to each other. I wanted to goto this CD shop and eat 龙须唐, but apparently they are on different buildings. Haha Tomato was complaining we go sooo far to get my 龙须唐 and 唐葱薄饼 and she say one day i will become bankrupt for eating too much..hehehe. We wanna take 63 home but..according to IRIS its freaking 17 minutes! Taking MRT will be much faster..

Ended the day with my tummy filled with 龙须唐 and 唐葱薄饼 taking bus home from MRT station..

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