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Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Missed a simple detail in front of me...
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:10 PM --- Post#6285161180113487492

I realised smthing, ppl tend to miss small but important details in front of them.

Like we tend to talk big about stuff like upgrading your audio system. Talks like "hey man u should use this XXX headphone", or "Throw yours away, go get a YYY amp!". Ppl can talk 24 hours about what setup, what to get, what to do. They even make plans what to get and stuff. Now all these sounds fine still.

But at times there will be this situation where one party persuade the other to have his opinion and look down on him when he dun. Like, "Serious, your portables are nothing like my tower speakers, if i got this kinda money i wun spend on these kinda jokes...". From then on this guy will make fun of the portable system of the other.

Same like ipod, in fact im doing it myself! When someone ask me for an ipod, i would gladly tell them to fuck off, cos ipod sucks imho. Actually it dun really, just that im prejudicial against it, reason being the culture w my audiophile friends is the hate ipod. Anyone who likes them or use them will be viewed as "noobs". Then i will persuade my friend to get a Cowon and make him buy some Triple Fi or X3i.

Actually if I look closer at my friend. He dun really listen to music much and he wants smthing popular and he is rich. iPod fits the description well. Thus forcing him to buy those high ends will be useless cos he wun need the Sound Quality and features, ipod to him is like a socializing item more than a music player. To summarize it, he wun need anything more than an iPod. So just give it to him! Now this simple detail is what i missed. Blinded by my own perception, i recommended and wasted my breath on something not needed. A better approach would be to go find out a good pricing ipod for him, instead of forcing the idea of Cowon, iRiver, Archros down his arse, which was proven earlier on, no needed for him.

Sometimes the other party simple got no money, forcing him to get smthing more exp than his budget is just not gonna work..the better way will be to find the best [which could be one the overall worst] for his value of money he can afford.

And the strange thing is sometimes i know im doing this mistake. But i carry on :)

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