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Friday, February 29, 2008
A Random Off Day
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 3:24 PM --- Post#6249651145753620202

The aroma of food seemed to conquer my tummy as i stared deeply at the old oil-stained menu board. What should I eat neh? Hmmm.

The weary uncle gave me that "faster-order-your-food" look, as i gave him back that "I-cannot-decide-so-fast" look. OK! I made my mind!

"Uncle black pepper chicken chop!" I yelled into his face.

He stared at me half doubting my decision, but still acknowledged my orders, "Ok..go sit go sit.."

I walked through the busy crowd of my kopitiam. Aunties with children gossiping about the JI dude that just escaped. Uncles sitting on red plastic chairs with leg open big big talking about cars and fishes and past army life. Businessman and women in suit and ties seemed to mismatch with the scene of a kopitiam, but still, due to economical downturn, gotta shrink their budget on food. Kopitiam food can be as nice as high class spots after all, at least for me lah.

I pulled a chair next to mom, and rested my butt on the plastic. An aunty with waist pouch came to me, and having the Singaporean instinct, i recognize her as the ah soh selling drinks.

"Teh-O bing zhi buay!"

She turned around and yelled my orders to another aunty at the drink stall. My mom got herself a kopi-o.

There i sat, looking at the scenery around me, appreciating the tranquility of everything around me. Its not everyday i get to sit here and talk cock with mom. Other days im a slave of the army. But today i get to enjoy everything that a civilian gets to enjoy, the feel of being a heartlander, the love from my mom, the smell of nice tasting food (VS fucked up cook house)... Everything was nice.

I was chatting with mom about some other ah soh's son being C9L9 and guessing what school they went to and which daughter is more chio etc etc.. daily gossips. Things that made be forget about army.

My chicken chop came to me, as the uncle limped step by step to my seat. I said thank you and my mom paid up. She ordered another set of chicken chop, but to be taken away, for my sis who cant be bothered to left my house.

I took the angry knife and slashed my chicken without mercy as all its juices and gravy ooze out from within. More aroma came out and feed my nose with joy. My fork pierced deep into the meat and held my victim securely to the plate while my knife worked its way to disassembled it. Muahaha, I un-poke my fork and stabbed it into a piece of chicken Mr. Knife just severed from the main chop. Gravy was dripping and a piece of bumpy chicken skin was hanging by the side. I opened my dragon mouth and stuffed tt wicked piece of delicacy inside. My molars worked their way to mashed it up while my tongued got orgasmed by the heavenly taste of grill chicken.

I let of a loud "HMMMMM" and swallowed it.

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