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Friday, February 29, 2008
Survival Gedong
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:22 PM --- Post#4636021290660348390

Early morning when i came to camp..i was told to change and prepare to go outfield. I tot last night they say no going anymore? Now going again? Well let me account for this outfield. Certain contents will be bloglocked for obvious reasons.

Day One
Fine, i changed into my long four and got ready to move out. Its then the horror begans..

Me and my team tot its all gone...then a phone call arrived. Its from dear Puppet. He asked where we are, so i told him what i knew.

Five minutes later Puppet called again. Asking the same questions. I told him we are at the same freaking place...we dint move about. He claimed tt he was there and cant see us. I told him its impossible cos the place we are is so small and all of us are looking our for anyone nearing, but no one is there.

I managed to get some food from some kind ppl nearby...All four of us ate like hungry pigs.

Then after he kept calling and calling and asked the same questions. He even insisted on talking to someone else, which in the end told him the same thing. HE never came until about 5pm.

We waited and waited, what he said never came to us. Finally i made a call to the driver, "Hey tot Puppet say u coming to fetch us?"

"No leh he say he will fetch your to me!"

Disappointed, i told driver to confirm with him again...Our transport with supplies finally came at 6.30pm.

How will u feel? Stranded in no man's land from 10am till 6.30pm. No food, nothing.

The rest of the days were nothing much.

Day Two

Day Three
We sleep till noon..and by 3.30pm we all board the bus back to camp. We bathed and had our dinner. I went down to the office and saw Puppet there.

"This field camp i see that u very worried about food hor"

"No food leh! so long! Of course lah, ppl around us dun want give. We have to beg!"

"So no face? Beg ppl just for food?" Puppet replied in chinese.

In my mind i was like..wtf? No breakfast, no lunch and almost no dinner. No water throughout the day under the scorching sun. Im no strong man with iron gastric of course im worried for me and my pals for not having food and water for more than half a day. And he dint even show any concern for us!

"U scared i dun bring food for your meh" Puppet added.

Of course im scared. Did he bring any in the end?

"Why your never draw ration from the store?" He continued.

"We did a day ago! But no have stock for us! Then last night u said no need go liao so no one bothered anymore" I replied

"Well u never inform me! And i just say no need draw arms at 5am, i never say no need go!"

But then the info passed down to me has the impression that we not going. Perhaps tts my fault to assume, but i also got a feeling they not letting us off so easily, surely they will make us go outfield. So i prepared everything even upon receiving the message that no need to go outfield liao.

Anyway its not my job to inform him we no food. Its the VC's job. And i think he did informed Puppet, just that he forgot..which he shows a history of high tendency of forgetting things told to him and tend to be shifting responsibilities.

Im really irritated by this kinda ppl. Luckily upon realising we got no food, our VC collected money from us to buy can food. And when i told this to my mom, she was furious tt why should Puppet be paying? Since he failed to ensure we got rations through the days? Whether we want to supplement with can food thats another problem, he has to ensure we got the basic rations to survive..

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