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Sunday, March 30, 2008
Women's Penis Size Preference Chart
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:03 PM --- Post#5646305306371908481

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Camp in Black
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:10 PM --- Post#5124147533405449268

Its time for some reflection

NTU ADM Portfolio
To be honest, im not that interested in the ADM faculty... i have a feeling they take in students based on scores, not on ability. But i may be a sour grape lah. Its more like NAFA is nearer to my house. Just bugis..near to VR Office also. I dun want another 4 years of running here and there in MRT..squeezing like some fucking sardines, under the torment of Singapore's fucked up transport system.

My parents keep urging me to finish up the portfolio. ADM is quite special, it requires a portfolio, a short movie and a short essay other than the usual go-online-then-apply stuff. Which makes its very tedious, esp now im serving NS. Recently got lots of duty and outfield, i almost got no time to do..yet my parents force me to despite me telling them I dun feel like applying this year. Why not apply next year? After i ORDi got plenty of time to work things out.

Last yr got time, cos got the two weeks break after POP. I spent alot of effort printing photos and background but..still never got in. Haiz. Its wasting lots of time and money to do this portfolio, when knowing that almost 99% wun get in. Why my parents still insist?

To be honest, everything was a wack. I have no idea, and no time to think of ideas, to what to do for the portfolio...and the biggest problems comes from the video. Being camera shy and not knowing how to talk, filming myself is already out of the question. What more can i do? End i i did a simple slideshow in Flash on how i zombify ppl's face.

Camp in Black
The following text had been BlogLocked. Select all, copy and paste into BlogLock and decrypt with the correct password.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Air Con is the Best Invention
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:15 PM --- Post#8850907068685165685

Today off day. Why? Compensate for my loss of last saturday. My depression level is rising once again..

I go no where to go. I was thinking of staying at home to complete my NTU portfolio. It brings back the old schooling feeling of reluctance to start doing work. I just dun feel like doing my portfolio. Becos:
- I dunno how to do my portfolio
- I not tt interested to go NTU, but my parents wanted badly
- I wanna do more VRZ work
- I wanna have a good rest

Ended up playing BF2, UT04 and Flight sim at home.

My house is such a damp and warm place. So humid and warm tt u get nauseas and headaches if u dun on aircon. Dun get me wrong, i DO NOT on the aircon. More like my parents dun allow aircon in the day. I hate lights, so i kept my window shut. In the afternoon 1 to 4pm, my room was like sona. I was playing UT04 and felt damn giddy and feel like vomiting. I went to read a book instead. And then feel asleep accidentally.

During my sleep...i wasnt totally asleep. I can feel my head throbbing...lots of things ran in my head. All my worries show. Including:
- What if i cant finish my port folio
- I feel damn wasted today cos i never go out and never do anything meaningful, off days are damn precious. I felt like i just threw a bowl of hot piping noodles into the bin just cos i dun have appetite dun to illness
- Stupid special ops, whats going on? No one knows? What am i suppose to do there? Dunno.
- If my ops is xiong, next day how am i gg to survive my guard duty?
- Guard duty system had changed, and im doing it alone on friday. Can i kope?
- What will happen after my reovcation? Post back? Go somewhere else? Become a combat storeman?

All these simply come in and out of my brain as i "sleep"...I got damn scared and brewed cold sweat. It ended when wk's phone call came rudely.

Then i complained to my mom how bad the situation in my room is. How humid and warm and how its hell to work in. I told her tts why i never stayed at home during weekends, just to 避暑 (escape from hot places, some ppl in other country travel to cooler places in summer to escape from the heat). And how my living room is never a suitable place to work as well. Being:
- Inconvenience of data transfer from desktop to laptop
- Non stop irritating chattering of my mom and sis
- No privacy
- too BRIGHT! I hate bright places.
- alot of my necessary stuff in my room
- No proper working table and chair

I urge her to allow me on aircon when im at home. Which is like during my off days and on weekends. Not everyday. Since after 5pm the weather will be acceptable. Tts why i rather be nocturnal in Singapore, cos of the weather. Come out only at night, sleep damn late. Sleep more in the hot day.

My dad say "then liddat why not tell school and army to operate at night?". Actually i think its a good idea. Im sure some ppl will gladly appreciate. But thing is school got good ventilation and air con unlike my house da. So its still possible to work

Like Terry (in I Not Stupid) mother said, Air Con is the best invention so far for Singaporeans.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008
Tamron 272E
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:32 AM --- Post#2797715155645748129

Life's pretty fucked up. Apart from some top secret task which i cannot say, guard duties...im revocating soon also. I guess most of your knew it. The news is out a month ago.

Im going to resign as a army technician on April 14 2008. Im going to be a Supple Assistant (Comms). I have totally no idea what it is. My guess is a comms storeman. And im expecting things not as nice as i would want it to. My wish is of course get a vocation that
- stays out
- manageable work load
- little or no PT :)
- no overseas
- no outfield
- no complex guard duties
- near my house
- good superior and friends
- and of course, not back to my current workplace.

I cant, and its impossible to deny that i hate my current workplace. I will not place any blame, any arrows on anyone or any group. For politics had gone out of control and things had gone beyond what i can imagine. I trust no one but myself in my workplace. Arrows fly here and there...and as a revocating personnel, im shot im my boobs 10000 times. I cant even use "posting out personnel" to describe myself cos..i have a high chance to get posted back as a storeman...and double up as a turret mech. Of course...this is the least i would wish to happen.

I told myself. I no longer fear staying in. If i get a manageable workload and enuff personal time for myself, with some nights out weekly and the camp near my house, i dun mind staying in. But i guess all my wishes by far are too far fetched.

I miss my friends there at my workplace. Though im unsure if they bear ulterior motive or grudges on me, i still miss some of them. Ppl like wenze marked my army life with a big big smilie, i guess i will miss him the most. I promised him Sakura treat, for he helped me in some ways for the Club VR logo also.

Hmm...before i end, i would like to show u guys some pics i took from my new Tamron lens. The 90mm Prime, Macro 1:1.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Some shots...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Saturday, March 22, 2008
My enemy's enemy is my friend
[havoc] ranted at 6:00 PM --- Post#3965435638451380847

How true..

2 mths had past since my last update. Man, was I glad everything was over, esp Project Golden Ring(GR).

All's well tt ends well, I muz say.

I remb in my last entry, I mentioned abt this supervisor who liked to smoke his life away. Well lets juz say I found another colleague of mine who hates him as well. Due to confidentiality, I cant divulge my colleague's particulars. H/e, I can disclose the name of the supervisor whom both of us hated the most.

He is none other den CCT, otherwise known as CCB. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, I will refer to my colleague as Ah Fatt and my supervisor as CCB.

How Ah Fatt and I met was quite a coincidence. Both of us were teamed up by my boss to do a coy project, named Project GR. As we were taking a short break frm drafting e details of GR, we sudd talked abt our coy's lousy management. It was him who brought up the issue though. He told me tt CCB is a muthafucker. The reason being: Ah Fatt was wronged and severely punished by his section boss for smth CCB had overlooked.

It was Carnival Kope Tigger. Bth Ah Fatt and CCB were clearing up the mess. CCB asserted tt Ah Fatt's colleague lost a precious thing CCB had loaned them for e carnival & wanted to sue him. H/e, it turned out tt CCB didnt do a thorough search. By e time Ah Fatt found it, the dmg was done. Ah Fatt started to curse and swear bhind CCB. Apparently, CCB was tipped off abt this and he went to his section boss to complain.

CCB demanded his section boss to fire him, or he will sue Ah Fatt for defamation. Luckily, e section boss was nt so keen in firing him, but in order to appease CCB, he deducted 3 OFF frm Ah Fatt. CCB was appeased, of cos.

Poor Ah Fatt. I warned Ah Fatt to stay away frm CCB as much as possible. We were only employees in this coy. In order nt to get fired, offending the upper echelon was nt advised. H/e, since CCB wd b retiring on 050608, I told Ah Fatt a plan I had devised to exact our revenge on him.

BwahahahA! 050608 wil be a day of celebration, as it will b a day where CCB will nt get out of the office in one piece. A "bash" wd b waiting for him.


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Sunday, March 16, 2008
The Leap YEars
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:59 PM --- Post#7193988422216145905

Its a long long time since i step into civilization. I was outfield for the last 3 weeks. Coming back maybe a few days a day. Now its over liao.

Me and Yan and Desmond went to watch The Leap Years today. I was surprised the show was mainly in English, and rather well spoken english. Cos i always got the impression that local shows are mainly made up of singlish, hokkien, chinese..etc etc...rather The Leap Years seemed to have perfect English haha. And abit of perfect Guang Dong here and there. No vulgarities..haha.

Its really a touching show. I wanna cry, but my tears well was dried up long ago - numbness to strong emotions. I cant cry. But i felt it. My trained ears picked up sounds of tear drops from the seats behind me.
Talking about ears, I really do love my ears. Although damaged by high music volume, im still able to appreciate the art of sound engineering. Its not how well the vocalist sang, its not how on-time the drummer wack, its not how emotional the guitarist strum....but rather how well the sound is reproduced in this delicate instrument commonly know as a earphone. I can break a music piece apart and focus on just one instrument. I can tell how the editor wants me to listen to his music. I can hear the nuances that most ppl left out. I can translate what i hear into textile description. I enjoy hi-fi music...

I love my eyes too. Perhaps i have kinetic vision (haha i got this term from playing Apollo Justice). I can see colours well. I can tell whats wrong with the colouring of a photo. I can tell why a picture is nice and why a design is attractive. I can try to analyze what an artist wanna portray.. I can tell if my design is balanced or not.

I love my hands. My fingers are able to move to the accuracy of 1mm. I can precisely apply pressure and curvatures. From then on i can draw. I can mould. I can do lots of things. Realization from ideas of my brain using my hands.

But the SAF is destroying me. They deafen my ears sing engine noise and firing blast. The wreck my eyesight by not letting me rest enuff. They stupefy me by not giving me space of self development. They wreck my hands by forcing me to do health damaging work.
After the movie we went to NUS open house. Nothing special. Nothing chio. Feels a bit like first day of AJC. For once, i feel so relaxed and so comfortable in an organisation. Friendly ppl around me. Nice environment...No need to scared of politics or big shots around...unlike my camp..

Guess its a nice day today...i gotta go work liao..i got a new Tamron maco lens btw...got time i will review it.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:59 PM --- Post#4988883315438747005

*Post had been filtered and certain contents are bloglocked for obvious reasons*
*Post contents are purely fictional, any relevance to real life events, characters or places are coincidental*

I was inside the office, diligently doing my paperwork, i stood up for a little stretch to ease my right shoulder tendon - yea they are in a pretty bad shape now.

Jabba bursted into the office, stomping in, looking into my direction, "You are going to leave me soon!".

Astonished, i widen my eye and gave a "Err-whats-going-on" look. Then i followed up, after some hesitation, "Errr...why did u say that?"

"The orders were out! You are going to get posted out to become a supply assistant!"

"I tot im going for the course then coming back again?! Isnt it?"

"Nope! It says in the orders u are going to become a supply assistance in communication systems, which we dun have here! Hey faster go print the mini tee for him, thats our token to all those who are going to leave us!"

"Oh isit?! O.O" I exclaimed.

A lump of sausages were lying at the corner, which magically pops to life and focused on me, "WAH, eh if u leave this place u are never gonna find a better place liao!!!"

A little girl walked into the door, cute as always. Learning about my mishap, she tot for a while before asking in a serious, half suspicious tone. "Whats wrong w you? You seemed perfectly fine".

Jabba winked at me while he joked to the girl, seemingly to be humourous, "oh, maybe he is depressed! HAHAHAHA!"

Not knowing what to say, i explained that perhaps my doc tot im not suitable for my current job due to my injuries, and im totally not known at all. After which someone called for Jabba outside..and he left the office...

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