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Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Air Con is the Best Invention
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:15 PM --- Post#8850907068685165685

Today off day. Why? Compensate for my loss of last saturday. My depression level is rising once again..

I go no where to go. I was thinking of staying at home to complete my NTU portfolio. It brings back the old schooling feeling of reluctance to start doing work. I just dun feel like doing my portfolio. Becos:
- I dunno how to do my portfolio
- I not tt interested to go NTU, but my parents wanted badly
- I wanna do more VRZ work
- I wanna have a good rest

Ended up playing BF2, UT04 and Flight sim at home.

My house is such a damp and warm place. So humid and warm tt u get nauseas and headaches if u dun on aircon. Dun get me wrong, i DO NOT on the aircon. More like my parents dun allow aircon in the day. I hate lights, so i kept my window shut. In the afternoon 1 to 4pm, my room was like sona. I was playing UT04 and felt damn giddy and feel like vomiting. I went to read a book instead. And then feel asleep accidentally.

During my sleep...i wasnt totally asleep. I can feel my head throbbing...lots of things ran in my head. All my worries show. Including:
- What if i cant finish my port folio
- I feel damn wasted today cos i never go out and never do anything meaningful, off days are damn precious. I felt like i just threw a bowl of hot piping noodles into the bin just cos i dun have appetite dun to illness
- Stupid special ops, whats going on? No one knows? What am i suppose to do there? Dunno.
- If my ops is xiong, next day how am i gg to survive my guard duty?
- Guard duty system had changed, and im doing it alone on friday. Can i kope?
- What will happen after my reovcation? Post back? Go somewhere else? Become a combat storeman?

All these simply come in and out of my brain as i "sleep"...I got damn scared and brewed cold sweat. It ended when wk's phone call came rudely.

Then i complained to my mom how bad the situation in my room is. How humid and warm and how its hell to work in. I told her tts why i never stayed at home during weekends, just to 避暑 (escape from hot places, some ppl in other country travel to cooler places in summer to escape from the heat). And how my living room is never a suitable place to work as well. Being:
- Inconvenience of data transfer from desktop to laptop
- Non stop irritating chattering of my mom and sis
- No privacy
- too BRIGHT! I hate bright places.
- alot of my necessary stuff in my room
- No proper working table and chair

I urge her to allow me on aircon when im at home. Which is like during my off days and on weekends. Not everyday. Since after 5pm the weather will be acceptable. Tts why i rather be nocturnal in Singapore, cos of the weather. Come out only at night, sleep damn late. Sleep more in the hot day.

My dad say "then liddat why not tell school and army to operate at night?". Actually i think its a good idea. Im sure some ppl will gladly appreciate. But thing is school got good ventilation and air con unlike my house da. So its still possible to work

Like Terry (in I Not Stupid) mother said, Air Con is the best invention so far for Singaporeans.

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