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Tuesday, March 04, 2008
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:59 PM --- Post#4988883315438747005

*Post had been filtered and certain contents are bloglocked for obvious reasons*
*Post contents are purely fictional, any relevance to real life events, characters or places are coincidental*

I was inside the office, diligently doing my paperwork, i stood up for a little stretch to ease my right shoulder tendon - yea they are in a pretty bad shape now.

Jabba bursted into the office, stomping in, looking into my direction, "You are going to leave me soon!".

Astonished, i widen my eye and gave a "Err-whats-going-on" look. Then i followed up, after some hesitation, "Errr...why did u say that?"

"The orders were out! You are going to get posted out to become a supply assistant!"

"I tot im going for the course then coming back again?! Isnt it?"

"Nope! It says in the orders u are going to become a supply assistance in communication systems, which we dun have here! Hey faster go print the mini tee for him, thats our token to all those who are going to leave us!"

"Oh isit?! O.O" I exclaimed.

A lump of sausages were lying at the corner, which magically pops to life and focused on me, "WAH, eh if u leave this place u are never gonna find a better place liao!!!"

A little girl walked into the door, cute as always. Learning about my mishap, she tot for a while before asking in a serious, half suspicious tone. "Whats wrong w you? You seemed perfectly fine".

Jabba winked at me while he joked to the girl, seemingly to be humourous, "oh, maybe he is depressed! HAHAHAHA!"

Not knowing what to say, i explained that perhaps my doc tot im not suitable for my current job due to my injuries, and im totally not known at all. After which someone called for Jabba outside..and he left the office...

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