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Sunday, March 16, 2008
The Leap YEars
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:59 PM --- Post#7193988422216145905

Its a long long time since i step into civilization. I was outfield for the last 3 weeks. Coming back maybe a few days a day. Now its over liao.

Me and Yan and Desmond went to watch The Leap Years today. I was surprised the show was mainly in English, and rather well spoken english. Cos i always got the impression that local shows are mainly made up of singlish, hokkien, chinese..etc etc...rather The Leap Years seemed to have perfect English haha. And abit of perfect Guang Dong here and there. No vulgarities..haha.

Its really a touching show. I wanna cry, but my tears well was dried up long ago - numbness to strong emotions. I cant cry. But i felt it. My trained ears picked up sounds of tear drops from the seats behind me.
Talking about ears, I really do love my ears. Although damaged by high music volume, im still able to appreciate the art of sound engineering. Its not how well the vocalist sang, its not how on-time the drummer wack, its not how emotional the guitarist strum....but rather how well the sound is reproduced in this delicate instrument commonly know as a earphone. I can break a music piece apart and focus on just one instrument. I can tell how the editor wants me to listen to his music. I can hear the nuances that most ppl left out. I can translate what i hear into textile description. I enjoy hi-fi music...

I love my eyes too. Perhaps i have kinetic vision (haha i got this term from playing Apollo Justice). I can see colours well. I can tell whats wrong with the colouring of a photo. I can tell why a picture is nice and why a design is attractive. I can try to analyze what an artist wanna portray.. I can tell if my design is balanced or not.

I love my hands. My fingers are able to move to the accuracy of 1mm. I can precisely apply pressure and curvatures. From then on i can draw. I can mould. I can do lots of things. Realization from ideas of my brain using my hands.

But the SAF is destroying me. They deafen my ears sing engine noise and firing blast. The wreck my eyesight by not letting me rest enuff. They stupefy me by not giving me space of self development. They wreck my hands by forcing me to do health damaging work.
After the movie we went to NUS open house. Nothing special. Nothing chio. Feels a bit like first day of AJC. For once, i feel so relaxed and so comfortable in an organisation. Friendly ppl around me. Nice environment...No need to scared of politics or big shots around...unlike my camp..

Guess its a nice day today...i gotta go work liao..i got a new Tamron maco lens btw...got time i will review it.

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