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Saturday, March 22, 2008
My enemy's enemy is my friend
[havoc] ranted at 6:00 PM --- Post#3965435638451380847

How true..

2 mths had past since my last update. Man, was I glad everything was over, esp Project Golden Ring(GR).

All's well tt ends well, I muz say.

I remb in my last entry, I mentioned abt this supervisor who liked to smoke his life away. Well lets juz say I found another colleague of mine who hates him as well. Due to confidentiality, I cant divulge my colleague's particulars. H/e, I can disclose the name of the supervisor whom both of us hated the most.

He is none other den CCT, otherwise known as CCB. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, I will refer to my colleague as Ah Fatt and my supervisor as CCB.

How Ah Fatt and I met was quite a coincidence. Both of us were teamed up by my boss to do a coy project, named Project GR. As we were taking a short break frm drafting e details of GR, we sudd talked abt our coy's lousy management. It was him who brought up the issue though. He told me tt CCB is a muthafucker. The reason being: Ah Fatt was wronged and severely punished by his section boss for smth CCB had overlooked.

It was Carnival Kope Tigger. Bth Ah Fatt and CCB were clearing up the mess. CCB asserted tt Ah Fatt's colleague lost a precious thing CCB had loaned them for e carnival & wanted to sue him. H/e, it turned out tt CCB didnt do a thorough search. By e time Ah Fatt found it, the dmg was done. Ah Fatt started to curse and swear bhind CCB. Apparently, CCB was tipped off abt this and he went to his section boss to complain.

CCB demanded his section boss to fire him, or he will sue Ah Fatt for defamation. Luckily, e section boss was nt so keen in firing him, but in order to appease CCB, he deducted 3 OFF frm Ah Fatt. CCB was appeased, of cos.

Poor Ah Fatt. I warned Ah Fatt to stay away frm CCB as much as possible. We were only employees in this coy. In order nt to get fired, offending the upper echelon was nt advised. H/e, since CCB wd b retiring on 050608, I told Ah Fatt a plan I had devised to exact our revenge on him.

BwahahahA! 050608 wil be a day of celebration, as it will b a day where CCB will nt get out of the office in one piece. A "bash" wd b waiting for him.


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